Union: Schools Will Close AGAIN If Kids Refuse To Wear Masks

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) warned this morning that schools may have to close again, if not enough pupils wear a face covering. Millions of children are returning to classrooms today.

The union, which represents secondary school head teachers, has written to parents who have objected to their children wearing a mask in class. The government has recommended that secondary school kids wear a mask, but it is not the law.

The union is warning parents, that if too many kids refuse to comply, schools may have to close for insurance reasons. Education ministers have said that schools must not exclude children who show up at school without a mask.

Secondary school pupils returning this morning, will be offered a rapid lateral flow test. Again, while schools are strongly advising that children take the tests, there is no legal requirement they do so. 

The government has recommended that once a child is tested at school today, he/she is then tested twice weekly at home.

I’ve been watching SKY and BBC coverage of children returning to secondary schools this morning. It’s terribly disheartening to see boys and girls holding a vanity mirror while sticking a swab up their noses and down the back of their throats. It’s chilling.

It’s also depressing to see them finish the test and then don a facemask. Wearing a mask for eight hours a day can seriously damage a child’s health. Please show this video to the parents of any child returning to high school today.

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People keep pointing out that the masks in school are not compulsory so don’t send your child in one. They seem to forget peer pressure and outright bullying. My granddaughter doesn’t want to wear a mask but insists that she will because she dreads being made to sit on her own in a corner next to an open window during lessons and then isolated from friends at break times. Kids can be incredibly cruel and government ministers and heads know this and will be comforted that worried teenagers will urge their parents to comply.


As a parent myself, this whole horrendous situation is sickening beyond belief, my kids have never worn masks and never will, and they will not be taking those tests either, but what kind of place is the Schools going to be now, parents need to fight against this or it will just get worse. It is just so sinister, you have to be bat shit crazy to make your kids go along with this dangerous nonsense.


Is’nt it enough that schools do their best to crush imagination and individuality?Now they want to cripple their confidence with fear.Build back better?Build back broken!Truly sick.

Ronald Templeman

One has to wonder, why do people go along with this, it’s as if they still believe we are in the middle of the worst ever death threat to mankind and a mask will keep them safe.
I today went in the bank and both tellers behind counter were wearing a mask, I asked one serving me how long they have to wear them and she said all day. I ask her if she and the company realised the damage it is doing them, she then said I should have one on, I soon straitened her on that remark.
I told her the sort of damage it could do her health and there is a book I could put her onto. At that point she said that was my opinion and appeared most disinterested. Before leaving I pointed out not my opinion but facts.
Comes across to me that these people are seriously lacking in brains which includes head masters and teachers and union leaders who feel their pupils should wear masks, what a state this country is.


I get exactly the same response when I try to tell people about the dangers of mask wearing. I’ve spent the last year trying to wake people up to all aspects of this and to be honest I’ve more or less given up. I’ve actually started avoiding people as much as possible which I know is a sad state of affairs.

fab nocivelli

Any excuse to find a way to Vax kids


Oh yes I agree, It’s so obvious that is where it is leading too, it won’t stop at masks and tests, they are now offering vaccinations to 16-65 year old carers in Scotland, it’s all about the ‘vaccine’


A school in Leicestershire has asked parents/carers who drop off and pick up their kids at the school gates to arrive ten minutes later than other parents/carers if they refuse to or can’t wear a mask! And this is outside! Obviously the head could not give a shit about stigmatising the poor kids who will always arrive ten minutes later than their peers and will be held back when their pals leave in the afternoon. A dad who spoke against this madness on something called Spotted Barwell was ripped to pieces by mask fanatics.


If anyone has any doubt that the people behind all this are psychopaths they only have to look at what is being done to children.


That action of pushing a cotton bud up the nose I have heard from doctors is such a dangerous action even done by medical professionals isn’t safe
Kids are been told to stick it up their nose unbelievable

Emma Longstaff

I discovered yesterday that the LFT swabs are sterilised using ethylene oxide, a highly toxic chemical. Long term exposure is known to cause cancer and these swabs are being rammed up children’s noses and the back of the throat 2-3 times a week. The evil is never-ending, we are being attacked from every angle.

Emma Longstaff

From the manufacturers


The blood brain barrier can easily get damaged with this test (and I gather it has happened to people). Then exhaled bacteria builds up inside the mask. Plenty of moisture and warm temperature speeds up the grows of colonies. Once colonies settled inside, bacteria produces its own toxins and these toxins are inhaled back into the system and do damage to it, especially if brain blood barrier was damaged. In Germany a mask of some kid was tested for bacteria colonies after 8 hrs of wearing and there were around 80 plus various bacteria colonies and 4 or something types of mould found in it. Bacteria itself is harmless and actually beneficial to all living organisms but its toxins are poison.
Just my 2 cents …


Insurance reasons? Don’t make me laugh. The adults (teachers, in this case) are running scared of the Boogeyman (just like children) and projecting that fear onto the real children. Fear creates anxiety; and anxiety lowers the efficacy of the immune system.
Additionally, the teachers don’t seem to understand that, because of their surrender to the fear, they are striking the death knell of their profession. If a (rigged) system shows that it is simply not safe for children to return to the traditional classroom, home learning becomes the new normal – and that education can be provided by training modules created by private companies (no need for teachers).

Web Ferrett

If it is insurance reasons, then please produce the risk assessment supporting that decision – or are they making it up!?
To my knowledge no risk assessment has ever been carried out for the general public(including children) in prolonged wearing of masks (8hrs/day) – the government certainly has not.
Therefore these ‘stories’ pushed constantly with the word “could”, “may” ect are totally meaningless propergander and conditional programming, nothing more.


This has never been about the children’s safety, it has always been about a subgroup of petrified teachers… not all teachers, there are some diamonds out there too. I’ve heard them with my own ears wetting themselves over going back to do their job which they’re paid handsomely for. Some of my family members work in care homes for a fraction of teachers income, absolutely bricking it every day as they actually care for the sick and dying, and they’ve turned up for every single shift.


Well said Moo!

The designer bug and subsequent machinations from the globalist ‘handlers’ have done one serious number on many aspects of the once stable social construct.

The ‘weat from the chaff’ has most definitely been separated now and will most likely stay this way for aeons to come.

Though, if enough of us rally and band together to “DRUM” the message into what’s left of the zombified ‘ninnies’ skulls, that it’s all over now, take off the masks, stop with the injection insanity and get on with your life…

Then maybe, just maybe there’s a chance they’ll hear it!!


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