United Airlines To Sack Staff Who Refuse Covid Jab

593 United Airlines staff face the sack for failing to comply with the company’s covid-19 policy. The carrier, which employs around 67,000 staff in the US, has made vaccination against covid a condition of employment.

To date, 593 employees have indicated that they have no plans to be jabbed. According to the BBC:

“This was an incredibly difficult decision,” its bosses said in a memo to employees.

The Chicago-based airline set out its Covid requirements for staff in August. Its US employees had to upload proof of vaccination, or the first of two jabs, by the deadline on Monday.

The 593 workers who have refused a coronavirus vaccine and have not applied for an exemption on religious or medical grounds now face losing their jobs.

“Our rationale for requiring the vaccine for all United’s US-based employees was simple – to keep our people safe – and the truth is this: everyone is safer when everyone is vaccinated, and vaccine requirements work,” its chief executive Scott Kirby and president Brett Hart said on Tuesday. “This was an incredibly difficult decision but keeping our team safe has always been our first priority,” he said.

And the beat goes on…



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Steven James

Morning Richie lad,how goes it?.
Tuned in late today,better late than never as my old grannie used to say after she got back from a 6 mile jog in her Nike carpet slippers 👍.


Latest episode of False Flag Weekly News with Dr Kevin Barrett.
FFWN: “Accidental lab leak” DEBUNKED—deliberate bio-attack CONFIRMED.

Last edited 25 days ago by Jake

Seen someone online saying they knew someone that went for a interview with this airline for a cabin crew job, during the interview said person was asked if they would be interested in being a pilot as they were really short of numbers in the flying department, they said they never had a pilots licence, they were then asked if they had any kind of licence, they replied they had a forklift licence, two days later they were flying a plane from New York to L.A, don’t worry though they were wearing a mask and had passed the pcr test. Get the bus.


You have just single handedly solved the mystery of 911. It was not terrorists but trainee pilots for UA being given the control of an airplane after a single flight lesson.


Correct my friend. Showed Mohammed Atta how to drive a forklift truck, have to say was surprised he became a pilot, but he ho we all want to fly eh ?, have to say he never had a sense of direction, which became clear for all to see, have to say not a bad lad, life and soul of the party some would say.


We are dealing with evil.
Congressional Report: Baby Food Industry Knowingly Sold Products Contaminated With Heavy Metals
A congressional report released Wednesday revealing the baby food industry has failed to keep products with heavy metals off the shelves spurred calls for federal authorities to enact swift action and tough limits on toxin levels….

Urban Fox

I just wanted to share this video from one of my favorite films. It kept coming to mind, when i was thinking about all the children now growing up under tyranny. And also whenever i think about Australia where it was filmed. The words to the song i think are so poignant at this time.

Mad Max 3 – Beyond Thunderdome /1985/ (Music video) – Bing video

In the story , mad max rescues a tribe of children who are living in the outback. And the Thunderdome Tina turner sings about in the song. Is meant to be symbolic of fear and death.

‘ And i wonder if, we ever gonna change things, living under the fear till nothing else remains…… All we want is life beyond the Thunderdome.’


great song.

Urban Fox

Thanks certainly is.

Urban Fox

In David’s latest broadcast filmed from his new studio, he talks about the upcoming energy crisis, and how this is being deliberately brought about. He also discuses what’s coming next in the global cults plans, to tighten the screws on humanity if we allow them. Including how pushing a reliance on electricity will lead to disaster and the likelihood of a deliberate internet crash.

The Big Squeeze And The Big Switch – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – David Icke

Urban Fox

Excellent article,covering all aspects of the C19 scam.

30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet – OffGuardian (


This evil madness continues….
As Reports of Deaths After COVID Vaccines Near 16,000, CDC Urges Pregnant Women to Get the Vaccine.

VAERS data released Friday by the CDC included a total of 752,803 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 15,937 deaths and 105,758 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 24, 2021.


Yep and they still line up to take the poison in their thousands or more to the point millions.

Urban Fox

Hi Martin. Seems they let me back again. Rocky 111 is on shortly, may have a little look. Just thought would have a quick catchup on here.


Alright mate, sent you a private message. As much as I loved the rocky movies, no 3 being my favourite, eye of the tiger mate great track, enjoyed no4 big ivan drago and bridgit not the midget nielson. Lost track now, but fair play to old stallone he is still milking it for what it is worth, cannot be money does he think he is rocky ? he’s no spring chicken, feck knows. Have you seen the film fargo fox ? great film mate, not met many people that liked it to be honest, a masterpiece in my opinion, oh by the way raging bull is the best boxing themed film ever made, though more a life story, again a masterpiece of cinematography.

Urban Fox

Got ya message will reply in minute. All Rocky’s were good. Just seen 3. much better than remembered. No interest boxing. Only briefly as a teenager. But big film fan. Fargo yes, good film and series.


Fargo is a very good film but my goodness it’s gruesome especially as it’s based on a true story. It’s on my list of excellent films I could never watch again which also includes Apocalypse Now.


I thought there was a lot of black, well very black humour in it Jennie, the acting was top class, probably a combination of a great script and great actors.


I agree, it was very well done.


Not the BCfm Politics Show.
Now on live 17.00.


The Mrs just saw a medical specialist, who sadly is fully indoctrinated. According to him the only way out of this deadly pandemic is when everyone is vaxxed. Even after the old girl gave him a few readily available facts regarding actual fatality rates and vax side effects, he still asserted that all vax side effects were preferable to the deadly risk that covid poses. “Your life in their hands”.


“yeah sorry doc, I had to punch you in the nose as thats more preferable than you breathing to flog me the jabs, hope you understand, there nose in your hands” 😆

Words and Comments

Which means that you would have to be an idiot to fly with that airline; no? How do you know that the pilot (together with all of the cockpit crew) are not in line for a cardiac arrest just as you are in mid-flight?


EU Corruption? How did Ursula von der Leyen lose her vaccine text messages with Pfizer?


Text msg : “Cheers Albert… Oh and don’t forget that little dropsie into my Cayman Island account … Ref: “New Villa”.
(I closed that other account in Ireland, the weather and returns suck!!!)

Reply : No worries Ursula!!

All sorted!




Karen Heisler croaked.
The former Notre Dam Professor who said “Damn the unvaccinated” has died 12 days after her THIRD dose of the Death Serum Jab Clot-Shot.
She left this planet suffering from severe cognitive dissonance.


Gave up her life for ‘the cause!

Such a tragedy.

Immortalised now though as a Pfizer martyr!

And a shining example of true devotion for all guinea pigs the world over!




We should all follow suit not!
Sadly another Covidiot is lost to big pharma.


Trust the science Jake!!

Gotta trust the science!!



Trust the science, trust the science, trust the science….


Or you might croak it!


I know they say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead but this woman sounded like a right bitch. Typical to blame the unvaxxed for her illness and not her own stupidity in not enquiring more. I always felt it would be this way because the vaxxed can’t accept that they’ve given their body away and been duped. Feck ‘em!


Why can’t people connect the dots?

Last edited 28 days ago by Jennifer

This is a sermon from Pastor Keith Malcolmson; a caller last week recommended that Richie have him on to discuss the biblical view of the times we live in. This one is about Transhumanism. he pulls no punches.


I shared this on a comment below; Watch from 28 minutes if you don’t want the biblical prelog.

Tom M

Haven’t flown on an aircraft for over 16 years and have no intention of doing so for the foreseeable, as long as we have airlines such as United and Qantas enforcing this tyranny on their staff and passengers.

Hope those 593 employees seriously consider seeking legal advice and take United to the cleaners.


Increasingly dangerous times. I recommend this new book to help try and fight the full spectrum propaganda campaign: SARS-CoV-2: Unveiling the COVID-19 Leviathan by Sophie Ostvedt. Badly shadow banned at the moment –

Steven James

Post tonight’s show up,I’ll put it out as usual 👍

Steven James

I use only PodOmatic to repost your shows after listening live regularly.

Steven James

You’re a a sharp clever open operator Richie,you don’t deserve to be shut down or restricted.


Employees sue United Airlines over COVID vaccine mandate.
United Airlines is facing two separate lawsuits over its COVID-19 vaccine mandate. One of the two lawsuits was filed in the U.S. District Court in Fort Worth, Texas. In that suit, the employee alleges that their religious exemption was not accommodated.

Last week, before the mandate went into effect, six employees asked a federal judge to block the vaccination requirement.

Last edited 28 days ago by Jake

And it’s illegal clearly so the airline will lose and become a precedent

Steven James

The restriction of listening to your show is being implemented Richie.
It’s an option or even precursor to the Stasi authorities raiding your residence and confiscating your broadcasting equipment in the future .
Extreme comment I know.But it occurs now.


discrimination – its a bluff

Steven James

Why are they putting 5G masts close to schools and children is the key macabre question Richie ?

Rob Phillips

Just remember when they start this with a vengeance here , if you walk out of your job you get no benefits , if they sack you , you do . Wouldn’t surprise me if they change those laws whilst everybody gets excited about petrol stations though 👍

Last edited 28 days ago by Rob Phillips

No jab no benefits?


I can see that happening actually. This will hit the members of the population who receive benefits but refuse the jab due to their religion of peace. Can’t see a good outcome there.

Steven James

Disturbing indeed!.

Rob Phillips

I would class that as assault in my opinion , and like the clip Richie played of Julia Hartley the other day they should have sent an email to the school stating that they will hold them personally responsible for any injuries .


I’d call police for assault maybe mention attempted manslaughter – its an experimental medical procedure

Last edited 28 days ago by ScienceisforSale
Robert Klinck

It is discouraging that people assume they can trust that officials’ statements can be trusted. In order to disguise their conspiratorial purpose, Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt trained his multitude of acolytes in the practice of “speaking first one way and then another” before the French Revolution. In a direct line of descent, Karl Marx and his followers inculcated the same dialectical methods in selected students via teachers and professors implanted in educational institutions; the work, which Marx described as “old Mole”, has gone on uninterrupted ever since these innovators initiated it. The result is the society we live in today, where the common complaint by ordinary people is that nothing makes any sense. It does, though, to the agents of subversion trained in societal deconstruction in order to create wholly New Order (Great Rest, Year Zero, etc.).


When I signed in to my computer a few minutes ago a message flashed up to expect electric outages in Ireland for the next 5 winters. I think now that they have a large percentage jabbed they are going to be moving on to other phases of their plan. I know that the Irish government are planning to ban coal and wood fires in rural areas as they want everyone reliant on the grid which they control.

Steven James

I hope no one raises the issue of women with willies on my door step

Steven James

Political minion’s and academics are mentally ill.

Steven James

Lovely Ashton gob on legs

Steven James

I got suspended off Twatter for criticism and ridiculing Angela Rayner Richie 🙄


All the airlines seem to be right on board with the jabbing, doubt it would have anything to do with the bailout money they received and will probably receive in the future. When this ceo talks of safety what he really means is keeping his obscene salary, bonus and pension safe, administrating tyranny is just another part of the job for these cowards now.


They’ve probably been told to do this if they want to keep their licence to operate. Just as doctors are being told that if they prescribe alternatives to the jab for flu symptoms they could lose their medical licence.


Agree with that Jennie. They are in a sense being blackmailed but it is still their choice to go along with the agenda.


So here’s the simple question.

Where’s the irrefutable proof that their so called vaccination provides any treatment or immunity or onward transmission of any virus?

No proof provided, no case for firing anyone from anywhere.. (or any similar restrictions!)

I hope they and their likes get sued into oblivion!

Them and any other snake oil drug pushers!

Shameful cowardly 🤬R’S …. The lot of them!!


You’re right Gerry, the constant manipulation of what is true and the words expressed by qualified professors and scientists who are honest and care deeply about what they see is being inforced on the public are being silenced by the msm and governments as telling untruths about the ongoing developments when all they are expressing is undeniable proof and evidence to back up what they are trying to express.
In time this will be exposed to the masses but will it be to late by then, I hope not.
All we can do is stand firm together and not buckle under pressure.


I agree Darren… But the signs are becoming more omnious with each passing day.

The masses are beyond salvation now…

They’re done for.

Tim in Brazil

There is no proof it is safe

VAERS deaths reports.jpg

Not safe, not tested, not necessary.


That says it all right there Tim.


sacking staff for not wanting a jab leads down a very slippery slope, what happens when someone has had two jabs but does not want a booster? by this token your stuck with as many jabs as possible in order to keep your job.

Last edited 29 days ago by Patrice
Jeananne Crowley

It’s coming…slowly and with increasing pressure. Too much for most is what me and a couple of well informed friends think. Not easy even in Connemara to avoid or challenge the narrative because and I truly believe this now ..they are too Far GONE to ever even begin to countenance that the ‘powers that be’ could be working against Humanity and that’s the problem. Couldn’t even go into local charity shop today ’cause I refuse to wear a face nappy whatever the circs. That I was once ‘famous’ in their eyes (ie they saw me in various TV progs) makes my refusal very obvious in this small town.


It’s only a matter of time before I can no longer continue as an ICU nurse in the NHS. 25 years up in smoke but, as it gets nearer, my resolve gets stronger.
I’ve never done masks outside ICU and I’ll never get jabbed. My colleagues are lovely people but not one feels as I do or, I believe, will stand up in support when I’m sacked.


So very true, I simply stick to what feels right to myself and what my own instinct tells me and stand up and live my life around the constant barage of tyranny being inforced at any time. I’m polite and mild mannered to those who are too far gone but will engage with those who are awake or simply questioning what is going on. I choose my words very carefully but then again I won’t bow down to those who want to break our humanity to each other. Humanity needs to reconnect to stand up when necessary, but sadly too many can’t cope with the realities it is destroying.

Tim in Brazil

Keep our people safe blah blah blah the truth is blah blah blah everyone is safer w en everyone is vaccinated blah blah blah. Proof please!

Alex Romero

The new global governance system, fascist dictators masquerading as corporate business.


Listening to John O’Looney has left me feeling so deflated. Knowing the people who have had this jab and thinking they’ve done the right thing, it’s impossible for them to think any differently. They will not accept they’ve been lied to. My husband and many good friends are in this camp. If they get sick or friends and family die, no way will they accept it’s because they’ve been jabbed. It’s literally like banging your head against the wall. My main concern now is truly what’s in store for us. I know I won’t ever take the jab as the thought of it scares me even more.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

I can relate to your dilemma entirely, Kafla; my partner, my dad – pretty much my entire family – all have gone down the same route. I spoke to my dad today, and asked him if he’d heard anything about the ‘booster’ as yet. He said no, but no doubt he’ll hear soon. When asked if he was considering whether to go ahead in light of all that has transpired, he said, quite strongly, “Of course!”. There’s clearly no point in my arguing at this stage…….


I feel for you, I really do.

Urban Fox

Hi, Kafla, In similar situation myself, so fully relate to what your saying. Hope you get this, once again trying to see if my account is working. If not will try and contact admin yet again. Just getting ready to listen to the show. Speak soon


Message received 😆. Xx


Foxy, I’ve just sent you a private message but at the top of the page it says deleted account. I’m not sure you can see the messages now. Can you let me know if you can see it. 😘


I will get my hard hat on, this will go down like a knackered lift but fuck it, not sure I trust that guy, not sure at all, probably wrong but it’s the way I feel.


I know what you mean there Martin.


Martin, I don’t think that any of us. no matter how much we know of this evil agenda, Richie included, can even imagine the scope of death we are about to witness in the near future. Deaths from this injection already and the truth about hospitalisations and life changing adverse events are being hidden from the majority. People don’t want to believe it because it is all so incredulous. If they saw the deaths and the reactions for themselves, there wouldn’t be many going down the injection route so compliantly- because they cannot believe that ‘the government wants to kill us’. This is what the boosters are for-
You can’t turn away from the ‘camps’ or quarantine resorts’ being built around the world- and the possibility of the injections weeding out the ‘fittest genes’. -natural selection turned on its head to ‘prove’ evolution which was the base of the eugenics movement- do a search on the Huxley family, of which Aldous was one (Brave New World author- where did he get his ideas from? His grandfather was Darwin’s ‘bulldog’- pushing for the publication of Origin of the Species’/ Darwin knew it was flawed, and wrote the last chapter, which was deleted from all publications after 1946. it is the evolution theory taught as fact that will drive transhumanism- because like Climate change being taught as fact in schools globally since 2000, entire generations have been brainwashed to see ourselves as global elites see us-
I am going to add a video I think may be useful for you- watch til the end. There are many more if you want to go back to last year. watch from 28 minutes if you are not interested in the biblical introduction- JD has to go on to own site from here as he is being censored on YT


Thanks for the video Jennifer. Born catholic despise what the church has become at the top levels, satanic and they do not even try and hide it, believe in the words of Jesus, do not believe I have to attend any church or any place at a certain time to be a good Christian. I respect all people who have faith whatever religion they follow, and they try and live their lives in a good way. How can we deny any muslim or any other people with a different viewpoint to us. In short I believe in a creator or creators I have no clue what that entails, or what becomes of us when we leave this world, if I am being honest our time here is a test in some way, good against evil ? who knows, where do we go ? again who knows, what I do know is the satanic ones go nowhere after this realm. Would you be honest enough to admit even though you have faith you do not know what this world is all about or where we are going, like all the fake Darwinism people have bought, and the alien garbage, my point is NO ONE KNOWS why we are here, but we will all find out at some point, it’s called dying. Take care and thanks for the video.


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there Kafla. For a person to admit that they’ve been duped, is impossible. They will attack those who suggest it.


People are now in 3 camps- those who know what is going on; those who don’t WANT to know what is going on, ; those who don’t know what is going on. The last group are dwindling and it is this point that they go into either of the first two. I think this has gone on for so long now and the panic is getting harder to keep the fire on to’ the only place where this pandemic exists is in the media and on TV


From my knowledge of the professional middle classes, who have been comfortable for so long and who never live with the consequences of their own politics, …the will take the jab and the boosters.
And they will be keen for their children and grandchildren to take the jab and the boosters.
It is not in their nature to admit that they are wrong about anything.
They will be the last to go into dwindling followed by realization, because they simply can’t believe that they were wrong.
These are the people who were so angry about Brexit, that they demanded a second vote. The have the tag “Still European”


They are spineless cowards mate, and part of me thinks they fucking deserve what is coming for them and their kin, call it what it is cowardice for many reasons, but that it is what it is.


Don’t know what it is about this guy, but I don’t like him.


Do you mean O’Looney?


Yes. By the way, my medical centre have texted everyone to say that they won’t be involved in the booster situation.


Wow, I wonder why they’re not doing the booster. Very interesting. Curious about the O’Looney fella. Martin said something similar.


He’s a fecking looney Kaff ha ha. Seen him doing a interview with a couple do not know who they are on odysee, I think he is looking for a bit of publicity, he gave the impression he just could not stay quiet any longer and I took the guy at his word. Lets just say in that interview he was talking about all sorts, it just did not sit right with me, I think he likes the limelight as much as that sounds absurd. Might be wrong, but you said you felt really down listening to him ? that’s what they want ” there is no hope ” just not sure about the guy or his agenda.


Small point and slightly off topic Martin.
I just looked at the amount of views that the Max Igan interview received on Bitchute…

It’s at 1.1 million now.
(On Odysee, it’s at 117k!)

So, regardless of what your instincts might be telling you about his (O’ Looney’s) sincerity, those figures suggest that Bitchute and Odysee are seriously starting to compete with the censoring gestapo tube (etc) and that these are good options for the alternative media to continue to get information out to the masses.

Richie mentioned his various podcast sites are being targeted by gestapo censorship…

So, these platforms might be a good solution to consider now..?


I’m on odysee as much if not more than y,t. Gerry. Concerning O’looney it was a interview he gave to a couple, don’t know who they are, anyway listening to him, well lets just say I came to the conclusion he never really gave his full story when I first heard him. He made out he was just a guy doing his job and could not keep quite any longer which was fine, but listening to him in this interview he was talking about things only someone who had been looking into this stuff for years would know, in no way am I saying he was talking rubbish or telling lies he wasn’t but it was obvious he had been looking into it for years, and he never gave that impression when Richie interviewed him, look it is probably nothing but something just never sat right with me listening to him. The interview wit Max was posted up on the I only watched about ten minutes of it I had to go somewhere, later on I flicked through the comments on that video and a few people were saying they thought he was making some really dodgy hand gestures and spoke as if he was reading from a script, to be fair it is possible he was just checking his notes which a lot of people do when being interviewed, pretty sure one guy said he contacted max about the hand gestures O’looney was making, Max told the guy he did not think there was anything in it which is probably true. Maybe the guy is enjoying the attention? who knows. By the way odysee is the best platform outside y.t. I think and will only get better if they win their case with the U.S. government, if they loose they are fooked. If they come for Richies show, and like Richie I think they will he should defo look at odysee, d-live and other platforms, Grand Torino the Irish boy live streams on a few platforms at the same time, do you put videos up on odysee Gerry ? I put a few up, not my content just stuff I think is relevant, put a lot of Vernons videos up, anyhoo better go.


I saw the hand gestures too Martin. Very strange indeed.
Could be innocence on his part… But the jury’s out.

I don’t do any postings to video sites, just research.

Grand Torino puts out some good stuff along with Dave Cullen and they are all using the alternatives..

I prefer Odysee myself, but Bitchute seems to be getting the most hits at the moment.

The more platforms that opposes/challenges the monopolies of these mass media/mind controlling outlets the better.

I hope u tube, fakeb, twit etc etc get slaughtered when all of this is said and done.

Though, we might have a little while to wait yet.

Last edited 26 days ago by Gerry

Never watched the whole video Max done with the guy Gerry as I said, never influenced my thoughts in any way concerning O’looney, the red flag had been raised in my mind when I watched the interview he done with the couple, as I said I do not know who they are. A question for you Gerry being Irish, is O’looney a common Irish surname, do many people go by this surname ?. I got into a discussion last year with a Scottish guy or girl it turned into a bit of a argument, his or her point was they are taking the pish and laughing at us with our previous leader being alex salmond( a fish) and the present leader being of the surname sturgeon( a fish) my point was yep I know they could both technically be named after a type of fish, but could you elaborate on your thinking, the guy or girl replied if i have to spell it out for you, you are beyond help or something along those lines so that was that. Earlier tonight was listening to unity news network when a guy phoned in and made the point they are taking the piss out of us, he said look at the head of the met police force is a lesbien with the surname dick, and the crime minister has the surname johnson, is that not an American reference to you know what, probably nothing but you never know.


Before this guy, I’d never heard the surname, so upon seeing it, I was thinking the same thing as you.
It does appear to be a genuine surname alright, but it’s not common. Seemingly Lunney is the same, only more anglicised and I’ve seen that one before (In Ireland!)

When he made the gestures, he was simply reinforcing a statement to highlight the insanity of it (can’t remember exactly what it was about), so in his mind he may have been simply applying quotation marks, without realising anything else.. (so this might be why Max found in his favour?).

But the jury’s out…

All told the interview seemed genuine enough and the guy may be telling the truth..
(I’ve seen two with him so far and as of yet I’ve no reason to doubt him, but, like you, I’m exercising caution!)

If he’s controlled opposition, no doubts that will surface eventually.

Last edited 26 days ago by Gerry
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