Unjabbed Students To Be Banned From Attending Lectures

Boris Johnson wants to make being fully jabbed a condition of entry to lectures in UK’s universities. Students who refuse to be jabbed would be confined to their halls of residence.

According to The Times this morning:

The Prime Minister is said to have been “raging” about the relatively low vaccine uptake among young people and is determined to apply pressure.

During video meetings with colleagues while in isolation at Chequers last week, he suggested that students in higher and further education settings should face compulsory vaccination, subject to certain medical exemptions.

However, The Times has been told that the Department for Education has reservations about the legality and practicability of the plans given that universities are independent and offers to study are legally binding.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph is reporting that as many as one third of UK firms are considering vaccine passports in the workplace. The British Chambers of Commerce conducted a survey of 1,000 businesses. The Telegraph reports:

31 per cent of firms with more than 50 employees suggested they were considering introducing so-called vaccine passports.

Nine per cent said they already required staff to provide proof of vaccination, while eight per cent said they were “likely” to introduce it in the future. Others said they were gathering more information before making a final decision.

A separate poll of 1,000 business leaders conducted by Owl Labs, a video conferencing company, found that 23 per cent of firms in the UK were planning to introduce the requirement.

Overall though, 78 per cent of companies said that they had no intention to ask workers to prove their covid status. However, 76 per cent said they would keep social distancing in place and more than half (54 per cent) said they would require staff to continue wearing masks.


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Anwen Appleby

Keep in mind that university lecturers are losing their jobs. 40 of them gone from Liverpool University etc. Complete dept in Sheffield, with lecturers, all closed. So this “take the jab or don’t turn up” message to students, might be part of the complete re-structuring of the university system, onto an online-service.


We have to protect the 80 year old lecturers.


What kind of future do the students think awaits them if this is one of the conditions of being allowed to attend their lectures? Who would want to be anything in that f-d up world? Just learn an old skill that prepares you for living off-grid, collect books full of real information, and train yourself to deal with the things life brings. You can be a professor of anything you want basically, a healer, a builder or whatever, you don´t need school.


People who got a placebo are counted as being vaccinated. How about if we just get our own placebo? Then we can be just like those who got a state administered placebo. It’s the same damn thing right?


Crazy isn’t it, when a Jabbed Bojo, whom already twice had Covid (in order to give impression natural immunity doesn’t work, after the first sympathy building occasion, to match the London 2012 Olympics Boris in a bed puppet), is sheltering again (Pingdemic together), clearly proving the fecking things don’t work, and he wants young people with ZERO covid risk to JAB up or stay in their dorms, after last years Prison Uni experiences these poor students already went through! Meanwhile a ton of businesses are still scared of their insurers enough to mask, distance and now break Nuremburg code to MANDATE medical procedures to keep your job! Grrrrrr!

This is something folk need to seriously get behind, so enough numbers globally means this VAXX CONTROL GROUP carries solid weight to say FECK YOU to the JABS! *** VAXX CONTROL GROUP ***** see here https://www.vaxcontrolgroup.com/


Placebo group (the lucky ones) also qualify for the passport, so patently all about controlling the people, not any viral spread!!


in fairness going to uni is a waste of time as it seems the students do not learn much of use anyway, perhaps more students would be able to learn something better if banned for uni.

also – The Prime Minister is said to have been “raging” about the relatively low vaccine uptake among young people and is determined to apply pressure.

Nothing sinister to see here, move along. yikes, and to think they called people conspiracy theorists a while ago.

one of the definitions of blackmail – force someone to do something by using threats or manipulating their feelings.

Last edited 11 months ago by Patrice

It’s sad to see the way unis have turned into Fraggle Factories. The important biproduct of Uni, for me and many other students (over 30 years ago), was to find life partners from a larger gene pool and broaden the friend network. It sounds bleak when said like that but this has been attacked for years with the encroachment of Marxist subjects and lecturers and now confining the students to sparse boxes


the critical race theory twaddle is also a joke that unis are bent on implementing.


Receive a better education from the outside looking in!!


The only accurate description of our Government (all globally in fact), is found under T in the Dictionary for “The use of FEAR, THREAT & VIOLENCE (via police, so far), for the purpose of coercion of a population for political aims! “TERRORISM” and as they used a so called “bat/lab/SPIKE” of man made origin, it’s “BIO-TERRORISM”! Its time to round these plotters up and throw away the key! Or save the jailing and send em direct to the tower for a short swift visit! Then display their heads on every spike of Parliaments railings!


Of all ironies – the same coercive control recently addressed in personal relationships through legislation!!

Last edited 11 months ago by Brenda

Still pinching myself on a daily basis. How on earth can anybody believe that governments around the world care about the health or wellbeing of their citizens? They never have and never will. Or that the licensed drug pushers in Big Pharma are serving out best interests? Never have, never will. All of a sudden, having neglected, nay abused us for centuries, the authorities care about nothing but out collective health? Nothing is less believable.


Some people have always been susceptible to verbal and written platitudes and false promises. Just like some bad romance – misplaced eternal optimism!!


Tell your employer the facts about the damage being done to people by these jabs. Show them the official data. List the adverse events that have occurred. Then if they force you to have it get them to sign a document confirming that you have been ordered to take it by them and that they will take full legal liability for the costs of any damages arising from the treatment.
Fascism, when private companies make the laws.

Last edited 11 months ago by Stubini

They need to just stop going to university, a lot of what they teach them these days is garbage anyway.

Went to the Dublin March on Saturday, the only paper that even mentioned it, the Irish Independent, massively underestimated the numbers, as usual. It’s so boringly predicatable, they do it every time and not just for this fake pandemic but whenever a march or protest goes against the establishment narrative.

In London I saw that they had a Pride parade on Saturday as well as the Freedom march. One got covered extensively by the BBC online, one wasn’t mentioned at all. I’ll leave you to guess which one was which. No prizes for getting it right I’m afraid.


It all ended up being merged together anyway into one big happy Covid Pride event which was marshalled into Hyde Park🌈🌈🌈🌈
Sadly I didn’t see David Icke or Piers Corbyn in the Blue Oyster bar. Must have missed them 🤣🤣🤣🤣


They usually get ushered off in some semi staged arrest, just prior to TSG turning up to crack a few heads, of those dumb enough to get kettled off, or remain a straggler, or hang out with the Cameras and Undercover Provs, or hired Crisis Aktours!

I admit the Icke Piers Oyster Bar dance would be something worth seeing though! I’m sure Grey Bleeder and the usual suspect cameras would catch it well 🙂


Cunningly the police corralled the two groups until they merged. Result – Freedom March participants subsumed and boosted the reported numbers of the Pride marchers!!


This really is getting pathetic now, and people call the ‘conspiracy theory’ card out if you even question this stuff, yet France, Germany, UK etc all seem to be trying to do some of the same sort of things. Its basically a one world government, or at least a one western world government then!

Luckily loads of us either at the protests visually, or pushing back online or in our local communities in real life are around who want some kind of freedom but the governments and MP’s are basically, in the main telling you via the papers that they want to stop you going in places you’ve always gone, like concerts or footie matches and now want to stop students going to lecure theatres that they pay heavy course fee’s for. Where’s the pushback and challenge AKA journalism from the media? Corruption in plane sight.

Its annoying, its upsetting every headline you see, but I still find time to laugh and say I’m not doing it. Hold me down and make me, show me UK the country you really are deep down!

Charlie Burton

BoJo is just a puppet really. People need to understand this fact. Look at the Committee of 300 and who is really in charge.


Spot on with that comment. According to James Delingpole Boris has admitted this to many of the senior Fleet Street editors.


Agree mate, Borris will go just like Blair, Brown, Cameron, May went, but still this stuff still keeps coming. When you have quotes from the past of Borris saying if ID cards even come in or papers please type stuff he’d eat it but then gets in power and helps bring it in, then you know he’s got in power and realised he’s not actually in charge. Macron worked for the french arm of that famous British familys bank. He worked for their bank, now ‘runs’ France, as if he would ever go against them. Passports is all about the chip IMO. There was an article floated on BBC quietly about ministers talking about chipping cats, a step up from dogs who are more of a free roam animal/pet.

The real problem is the trap of the monetry system, if it was not the case people could just say bollocks to the locdown, face mask, vaccine, passports and future micropchips because they’d have enough money to have their own land, food and not be in the trap of metophorical balls in a vice that the uni students, working people or those with mortgages face. Its coercion masked as “encouraging”. Yet how can the MSM papers say its encouraging people to take a vax or do this or that, you would never encourage your kids to do a puzzle, task or sport etc by saying “if you don’t get it done by today and I’ll remove your every day access to things. Its basically a punishment for not doing a free choice what the governments are doing and yet the sleepy, eyes wide shut, wooly back saps drone straight into it like the walking dead, at beast muttering “we’ll its not going to hurt to do this to get into a pub is it” madness!!


What is the Committee of 300 please? That’s the first time I’ve heard of it.

Tim in Brazil

Me too. Wikipedia describes it as a conspiracy theory so it is probably mostly true.


Good one.


🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣


This comment is currently unavailable


Thank you for the info.


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