Unjabbed Tennis Players WILL Be Allowed Play Australian Open

Tennis players who have declined a covid jab will be allowed to play in next year’s Australian Open, but they face a nightmare of two weeks quarantine and round the clock testing.

According to the BBC:

Australian ministers had said players without jabs would not be able to enter the country for the tournament. But the WTA players’ council says it has been told all competitors will be able to go to Melbourne in January.

It said Tennis Australia thought entry rules would “improve significantly.” Last week, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said he did not think an unvaccinated tennis player would be given a visa to enter Australia.

A significant number of tennis players – including 35% of those on the men’s ATP Tour – remain unvaccinated. Novak Djokovic, the men’s world number one and nine-time Australian Open champion, said last week he did not want to reveal his vaccination status.

Djokovic had said that he was in the dark as to whether or not he would be allowed to participate.

The letter issued to the players says that fully vaccinated players would need a test within 24 hours of arrival. 

Vaccinated players will have:

  • no requirement to quarantine or stay in a bubble
  • no ongoing restrictions imposed on them
  • complete freedom of movement

Unvaccinated players will be required to:

  • go through mandatory hotel quarantine for 14 days on arrival
  • take part in regular testing

I think they’ve bottled it…kind of. Djokovic isn’t just any athlete. He has a global profile and is currently the world’s best player. I think they really wanted to make having a jab as a condition of playing, but denying Novak entry would have caused some stink.

If the unjabbed players were outside the top 32, I think they’d have mandated it.

Who knows? Maybe Djokovic won’t travel anyway. Who’d want to be locked in a hotel for 2 weeks upon arrival? Not me.

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Marty Hopkirk

“A significant number of tennis players – including 35% of those on the men’s ATP Tour – remain unvaccinated.”

With such a considerable proportion of sportspeople such as tennis players and footballers still unvaccinated, it does make you wonder information they themselves know about the jab, it’s contents and consequences that the rest of us mere mortals aren’t being told by the powers that be.

Highly fit, healthy and successful athletes such as Djokovic are not going to turn their noses up at a vaccine without good reason.


Fair point mate, but if the numbers are correct it means 65% of male tennis players have took the poison, I think the un-vaxxed number is far higher, they can and do lie and fix the data, why would they not lie about the tennis players taking their poison.


The real joke of course being that nobody in the world is vaccinated against Covid-19.


One cannot have a party without the guest of honour; that guest is Novak Djokovic; TRUST me he won’t be intimidated into locking down for 14 days even in Melbournes finest hotel. This guy like; Kobe Bryant, Muhammad Ali (RIP) Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and the like have profiles that need to be taken into consideration, partly the reason why the evil bags od excrement perpetrating this scam need to co-opt the likes of Springsteen, Elton John, Dave Grohl and many others.


None of those musicians were co-opted mate, they made a choice, and it is their right too choose, but the buck as they say stops with them.


Neither of us know whether they ‘went willingly’ or not, but they certainly do seem weak.


They might believe it, the deadly virus, not surprised at elton john and gruel to be honest, thought Bruce was wiser than that, but as said they might think they are doing the right thing.


Fair play to Novak Djokovic. From the very beginning he spoke out and was then vilified when the world’s media demonised him for going ahead with his own event. They then attempted to shame him by using the PCR scam to propagate the idea that he was a ‘super spreader’ last of some new virus that was going to kill us all. But he’s stuck to his guns even though he hasn’t been able to speak openly & honestly which is understandable in his situation as he’s surely contracted to certain sponsors and companies. He has obviously remained vigilant though and for that he has my total respect. Novak Djokovic has been the only superstar/icon that has stood up to this – even if he hasn’t been able to completely speak out.
So well done Djokovic. I always enjoyed watching him but will support him even more so now. First major he played after speaking out the U.S disqualified him for accidentally hitting a ball boy. A witch hunt. Everything will be against him again, but if he manages to win his 21st Major then that will be a victory for all of us. Go down to that a state of Victoria and do the business..

Patricia Braunschweiler

“If the unjabbed players were outside the top 32, I think they’d have mandated it.” That says it all. It’s never been about health. It’s always been about money. Djokovic, and the rest, should tell Australia to F off. Either we come to play tennis with no restrictions, or you can take your Tournament and shove it. Oh, I’m sorry, is that too harsh?


So Djokovic, Federer and Nadal are all tied on twenty grand slams…

Which, assuming they don’t change their totalitarian fascist nazi minds means, that come January 2022, an unjabbed (aka the unwashed!!) potential Covid “19”[🤔] carrier/super spreader could become the most decorated player in history!!!

All hail Novak Djokovic!!

Go baby GO!!


Djokovic wont become champion if the Victorian Police thugs break both of his legs for not wearing a mask or infringing some other petty Covid regulation. Gauleiter Dan Andrews will be watching.


He has a bag full of racquets and one of the fastest serves (and reaction times!) on the planet…

He just needs to put these skills to good use!!


Robert Klinck

The fact that probably most of his opponents will be handicapped by blood clots should work to his advantage.




Gerry about two years ago I found myself on a tennis thread during the U.S. open, have no fecking idea how I ended up on it but was glad I did, the talk was centered around Nadal and Roger fed and how they were still winning grand slams, more so the fed at his age. This guy had done his research and to my eye made a very compelling case that the fed is a cheat using, in his opinion certain drugs to prolong his career. Roger feds career tracked like a normal tennis player when they get to a certain age, in short they become less competitive and win a lot less, this guy showed the feds career and the way it was going, then he showed Roger took a year out of the game, many thought he was going to retire, but he came back when he was 34/35 or around that age and started winning again, the guys point was even taking into account his talent, sports science this was abnormal if you looked into the history of mens tennis, must say the guy made a great case on Roger. On Nadal he said everyone knew he was a cheat for years, don’t think anyone disagreed with the Nadal claim.


Good points Martin.. and who could ever forget the biggest blood doping scammer of them all.. The seven times Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong ..(now stripped of those titles)

But what of all the cash earned??

The 🤬r’s still worth a fortune.


Watched a great documentary with Armstrong which he is in. Very interesting, to be honest do not think he is or was a nice guy, which in my opinion is why he got the treatment he did and fully deserved, but as he points out there are plenty who done what he did and never got the same treatment, by the way it was an Irish cycling journalist that done for him, so fair play to him, get him on the covid scam. Gerry, Armstrong lost the vast amount of his money through lawsuits and other things, for sure he would have put some out of reach, but trust me mate he lost or had to pay millions back. According to Armstrong the only reason he was not skint was because he invested a good sum in uber the taxi service way back in the day, to be honest he is a lying bastard so you cannot really believe anything he has said.


I think one of the ultimate all time lying 🤬 that ever walked the face of the earth Martin..

What a con man..

But it highlights the fact that they are out there and are hiding in plain sight!!

Never more obvious than today mate..

Never more obvious!!

Speaking of obvious…

I’m hearing that the girl Baldwin shot “knew things” about let’s say “paedophile rings and the Clintons”..

Are you hearing this??


I hope he sticks to his principles. I didnt used to like the guy but I’ve grown to respect him over the past couple of years both as a tennis player and a man. He’s done the quarantine a few times and he’s still managed to win or do well.


Two weeks locked in a hotel (or similar environment) will negatively affect a sports person’s fitness. They will not be able to play at their best and they will be more prone to injuries.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out (though it might take a room full of mainstream journalists).

There still remains a chance that the unvaccinated players won’t be allowed to play (just like the unvaccinated paying public won’t be allowed in to watch – there’s equality in action).
That said, the Australian Open is one of the few non-team sports that generates lots of revenue; and, like Wimbledon, attracts lots of influencers. So, we will have to wait and see.


Not if his mind set is that I will beat the bastards that locked me down by winning.

Aldo Bennedetti

Stinks of the rules are for thee and not for me.

2 weeks is still very off putting to a professional.

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