Dear Chief Superintendent Rob Jones,

I sincerely hope this finds you well. My name is Richie Allen and I am a journalist based in Manchester. I was wondering if you were aware (you may not be) that as a matter of international law, the use or threat of force against the territorial integrity or political sovereignty of another State is illegal? International law dictates that force may only be used for the purposes of self defence and within the confines of necessity and proportionality. This prohibition on use of force is one of the norms that lawyers call 'jus cogens' (peremptory norms) and has been codified in Article 2(4) of the UN Charter. International law also prohibits States from acquiring territory through aggression or recognising such acquisitions made by other States. Please don't take my word for it Superintendent, ask any professor of law or international law for help. You are after all surrounded by universities there.

I'm writing to you as a matter of urgency sir, because shortly before 9.30 AM this morning a woman appeared on my television screen. Incredibly, she admitted to an assembly of national and international journalists that she had in fact broken the very laws I outlined above. This staggered me as I am not used to seeing those who perpetrate crimes openly admitting them, let alone in front of a TV audience of millions! In short sir, I would like to report this crime and  hope that you treat the matter with some urgency because amazingly, having just admitted her crime, she intimated that she intended to do it again! I am referring of course to the Prime Minister Theresa May who admitted this morning that she instructed the RAF to launch airstrikes against the sovereign state of Syria, a country which has neither attacked, nor threatened to attack the UK. Superintendent, I hardly need to emphasise the seriousness of this flagrant violation of international law and the implications of it for domestic security. I request that you open an immediate investigation, note my allegation that a crime has been committed and furnish me with a crime number as soon as possible.

Sincere Regards,

Richie Allen

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