URGENT: Scientists Find Toxic Chemicals In Some Facemasks

Scientists have discovered that some facemasks currently on sale and being used by the public, contain traces of toxic chemicals including formaldehyde. According to The Mail Online:

Preliminary tests have revealed traces of a variety of compounds which are heavily restricted for both health and environmental reasons. 

This includes formaldehyde, a chemical known to cause watery eyes; a burning sensations in the eyes, nose, and throat; coughing; wheezing; and nausea. 

Experts are concerned that the presence of these chemicals in masks which are being worn for prolonged periods of time could cause unintended health issues.

The evidence was gathered by Ecotextile News and share with The Mail.

Professor Michael Braungart, director at the Hamburg Environmental Institute, carried out tests on masks which had caused people to break out in rashes. He said;

“What we are breathing through our mouth and nose is actually hazardous waste. We found formaldehyde and even aniline and noticed that unknown artificial fragrances were being applied to cover any unpleasant chemical smells from the mask. In the case of the blue-coloured surgical masks, we found cobalt – which can be used as a blue dye. All in all, we have a chemical cocktail in front of our nose and mouth that has never been tested for either toxicity or any long-term effects on health.”

Dr Dieter Sedlak, managing director and co-founder of Modern Testing Services, found other chemicals as a result of his own tests. He also detected formaldehyde and found evidence of hazardous fluorocarbons, which are heavily restricted.

Fluorocarbons are toxic to human health and scientists have called for them to be banned.

This news won’t come as any surprise to author and former GP Dr. Vernon Coleman who published “Proof That Facemasks Do More Harm Than Good” last year.

It can be downloaded for free via his website http://www.vernoncoleman.com

Share this information far and wide. This government wants to standardise the wearing of face masks. UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty is on the record as saying that wearing them might become the norm every Winter.

Secondary school children have been told to wear them at all times in classes, although they can opt out. Few are opting out though. Wearing a face mask does not prevent you spreading a virus or contracting one. Your face mask could kill you. Wise up.

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Only ever wore one a couple of times when all this agro began,now have an exempt card with lanyard that i wear ,you can buy them in Asian shops near too where i live or get one off Government website,go into shops etc and people stare at you in a strange way and approach you too have a closer look at you too see what is wrong with you but you do get used too the idiots in time.


Exactly Richie, these parents who mask their kids up need to wise up. They don’t have to tell their kids to wear masks, the School will not enforce it, I have two kids at different Schools, they have never worn masks, never will (well maybe scary masks at Halloween lol) but never these dangerous toxic bad for your health useless, pointless masks, it’s bloody nuts!!!!! Children should not be wearing masks, they don’t need too, in fact no one should, humans need to breathe without restrictions and not cover their faces in dangerous materials, its common sense surely.


I can’t understand why parents haven’t got together and gone to court over this. I just don’t get it.

Ronald Templeman

My wife Jean and myself have never warn one for any reason and never will, just can not get my head around so many that do when in supermarkets etc. All one has to do is say exempt as it damages my health, lack of oxygen in blood for a start.

Wes Baker

As mad as people are nowadays, they’ll probably double up the masks.

Oh, wait, they’ve already done that. Btw, where did that fad go? The two or three masks?


dont you worry, it’s alive and well here in Vancouver. Especially with the younguns.


I saw a woman with two 😷 😷 yesterday. Gawd help us!


Seeing is believing I guess.. but I always get a momentary sense of accomplishment when seeing the ‘spark of life’ return to the consciousness of a bespectacled mask wearing zombie, after I explain why their glasses have just fogged up!

It’s like they’ve just suddenly ‘seen the light’..

Then of course, it’s back to denial and eternal darkness less than ten seconds later!!





There is a mass of evidence that masks don’t work but are harmful and governments know this but as long as people comply it will just carry on.


Agreed Jennie!

It’s the symbol of Covid compliance and subservience to the slave handlers..
(And a comfort blanket to the zombified mummies!!)

Nothing more.


Yes, the government wants to standardise face masks, and this new study will help them do just that. Masks of the future will only be available through government authorised outlets.


All of their interventions designed to preserve our health and sustain our well being do exactly the opposite. Masks, social distancing, lockdown and all that entails, vaccines, saving the NHS (ie do not use it). And everything they offer us to regain our freedom enslaves us. Satanic, inverted world we live in, and those that don’t see it must be under some form of hypnosis. How else can you explain it?


Exactly, whilst every useful measure was outlawed or suppressed, or subject to medical fraud to convince people they don’t work.

Fresh air, sunlight, mixing with people, Vit D, C, Zinc, HCQ, Ivermectin, Budesonide, Plasma Antibody therapy (in favour of synthetic human mice derived ABs), Quercetin or EGCG (as HCQ alternatives), etc etc.

All to push GENEjabs and make people sick in as many ways before that as possible, by reduced immunity from lack of interaction, stress, no fresh air, light, stripping acid mantle with toxic sanitisers (blindness, fecundity + fertility issues), masks (petri dish, PE particles, Silicon, Ti O2, fibres, PTFE, now Cobalt and formaldehyde!!

Its easy to spot that so called health experts are taking every move possible to KILL as many as possible and create more and more alibis and cover stories for the bizarre ailments that will soon afflict billions!!

They are ALL SCUM and must be brought to justice and fecking HUNG!


Exactly right. If they wanted to promote health and well being they would have done as you suggest rather than this attempt to destroy us. All to get the mRNA in to them. mRNA ‘medicines’ are the new human operating system according to the boss of Moderna.

mRNA Platform: Drug Discovery & Development – Moderna (modernatx.com)

How many jabs are you prepared to have to regain your ‘freedom’? You already signed up for two. Hancock says there will be a booster in the Autumn. Maybe a new variant in the Spring, then another booster again in the Autumn. Then an mRNA treatment for obesity later in the year to save the NHS. How far are you going to go to retain your passport now that you have surrendered your freedom and sovereignty over your own body?

Last edited 1 year ago by Stubini

Bet once you have signed up there is no changing your mind allowed


If enough people submit it is game over.


Very true


30 years spent working in a business where wearing the correct mask and other PPE was the difference between life or death, worked with material that would give you lung cancer and / or rot your brain !
tens of thosands of times more deadly than any Influenza or corona virus, you were trained to put on your PPE correctly, wear it correctly and remove it correctly and that training included the appropriate decontamination routines,

your mouth got drier than one of Mahatma Ghandis Sandels, but no question of removing your mask for a drink of water you had to wait till the shift was over – it appears covid doesnt attack you when drinking or eating though.

Whether working with wet or dry chemicals all masks without exception required sealed eye protection,

i must have seen 30 thousand plus mask wearers over the last year and how many did i note had the correct protection – ZERO.

Obviously i cannot expect Joe Public to know what i know (unless they have worked in similiar Industries) but the level of stupidity i see re mask wearing beggers belief, stuffing them in pockets or bags, dropping them on the floor, wearing them on the chin or forehead and wearing the same one for weeks on end, hell you see the grime on some of them possibly same one worn for months – in fact the dirty ones might be safer to wear as no self respecting corona virus would want to go anywhere near those masks for fear of catching something Itself.


I know what you mean. I’ve worked in both the industry sector and the NHS. The wearing of PPE comes after a comprehensive risk assessment that everyone has access to, and there are specific requirements that need to be adhered to with each type of PPE.
I laid into Talk Radio early last summer for not highlighting this – for all the good it did.


At the begining of the scam they talked albeit briefly about wearing goggles – guess they thought that was perhaps a step too far back then, although wouldnt be a problem introducing it now, and if they said you need a butt plug Ann Summers would do a roaring trade, no doubt some of the virtue signalers would use 2 plugs side by side to be extra safe – easy to spot as they would be walking funny.


I haven’t seen it here but, apparently, there is a roaring trade in the USA for little nose covering masks. It’s so people can be ‘masked up’ but still eat and drink.
I want to meet those people so I can sell them stocks in flying pigs.


There is no virus or pandemic, it’s all about compliance and control so as long people can be seen to be obeying that’s all that matters. I’ve seen people walking round supermarkets with crocheted scarves around their faces. If the intentions behind it all weren’t so nasty you could see it as a joke.


Exactly Jennie, this is all about compliance and control !
would appear to be almost 100% successful

Last edited 1 year ago by ame

Thanks for those, will definitely be e-mailing them to people I know who go along with everything.


Last year I seen the video of those blue masks being made in the Indian sweat shop. They were being swept across the manky floors & handled by boys in shorts, bare chested & sweating all over them as they stitched them together. At the time my thoughts basically were ‘fuck putting these anywhere near my face’.

But that’s not what worries me now, now I’m more concerned about the long term damage that is going to be done. I can see in fifteen, twenty, or.maybe even thirty years time, a generation of people presenting themselves with a new form of asbestosis caused by these face coverings. Lung & breathing problems are a certainty to rise in the coming years from this madness.


Will- you are probably correct re the time scale, by which time none of these b*stards will still be around to be held accountable


The biggest worry is the risk of early onset dementia caused by reduced oxygen in the blood (hypoxia) because of mask wearing.

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