US Colleges Tell Students They Must Be Fully Vaccinated By Autumn

At least seven colleges in the US have told students that they will not be permitted on campus this Autumn, if they cannot prove that they have been fully vaccinated.

Brown, Northeastern, Cornell, Rutgers, Fort Lewis, Nova Southeastern and St. Edward’s, are among a growing number of academic institutions to introduce the “no jab, no school” policy.

Students with underlying medical conditions can apply for an exemption. The colleges claim that vaccination is the only way to return to in-classroom learning.

Ivy-league university Brown, became the latest school to announce that it planned to introduce the measure.

Brown President Christina Paxson announced the decision in a letter, in which she declared that the vaccine is mandatory “for all undergraduate, graduate and medical students who will be on campus or engage in any level of in-person instruction.”

Paxson went on to say that students can apply for medical or religious exemptions but warned that those who refuse the vaccine and don’t qualify for an exemption, will be banned from campus.

Brown University is also considering making vaccination mandatory for all staff.

Northeastern University in Boston, announced yesterday that all students must be fully vaccinated by the first day of the semester in September. Senior vice-president for learning, Ken Henderson, said that the policy is vital in order to achieve herd-immunity.

The under-25’s are unlikely to contract covid-19, let alone become ill from it and there is zero evidence that they transmit the virus to others.

Then again, this was never about a virus now was it?


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Hermione Granger

The shot is clearly to sterilise

Hermione Granger

Mass discrimation lawsuits coming


The Children’s Health Defence are on the case and are challenging mandatory “Vaccination” policies through legal action.
I do also believe that ICAN (legal arm of The High Wire) are doing the same.


I hope the students are intelligent enough to bring lawsuits against the colleges or universities. Our law doesn’t permit forcing a vaccine which hasn’t finished testing nor gained legal status and licensure. Some of these idiots are assuming that most of us don’t know that law or they don’t know it themselves. I find that hard to believe because any decent sized school will have their own lawyers.


I wonder if students who refuse will be able to get a refund?


They really are ‘taking the liquid waste’ especially with the fees they charge.


Forced at gun point to take an experimental gene therapy just for the privilege to be further brainwashed in ‘their system’ of control!

The irony of it!

And how many of these so called education seeking academics will take the bait and go for the mRNA hack??

“Go on… Let me have it!!

Blitz my natural immunity there why don’t ya!!

Let me become a bio lab for spreading more deadly pathogens and maybe even compromise my own immune system while I’m at it!!!


Get it in there!!!

I beg you!!

Anything for the chance to once more ‘get pissed’ (etc!) with my college buddies!!




We still have a law that states that experimental drugs nor unapproved vaccines cannot be mandated. None of the current vaccines are licensed. These kids have a discrimination lawsuit or something of that gist.


Perhaps Kevin.

But I suspect the majority will succumb due to peer pressure or convenience.

And like many others, I doubt they’ll even pause to consider or research just what exactly they’re allowing into their biology.


There are approximately 53 trillion cells in the human body and there are pathways connecting them all. Science doesn’t know what they all do or how exactly the system works. These non-vaccines are putting synthetic material into human cells and they are talking about turning cells off and on without knowing what effect this will have on the rest of the cells. They literally don’t know what the hell they’re doing.



So.. they won’t be putting it into me!!

Of that you can be certain!



More power to you mate.


Worth remembering, that it’s impossible to vaccinate against a flu or a coronavirus cold (or a Coronacold!!)…

It just cannot be done!

Thus further highlighting the entire scam for what it is!!


Ronald Templeman

Lets hope a lot take it to court, this is a disgrace.


Herd immunity is not achieved by vaccines but by people mixing with each other but of course those behind this know that perfectly well.

Urban fox

Absolutely Jennie, and is also good for immune systems.


Well said Oh flea bitten one LOL

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