US: Kids Must Watch Videos Of Dead Black Children In Racism Class

Primary schools in Buffalo New York, have introduced a curriculum to teach kids that all white people are complicit in perpetuating systemic racism. As part of the module, kindergarten classes are shown videos of black children who were shot by the police.

The lesson plans were drawn up by Fatima Morrell, the associate superintendent for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives. The lesson plans call for teachers and pupils to be, in Morrell’s words “more woke.”

Four to six year-olds are shown a series of texts titled “Woke Kindergarten”, which are described as being “digital culturally responsive and sustaining easy reader books.”

The children are shown a video about six young people of colour who were killed by the police. Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and Aiyana Stanley-Jones, are imagined telling their stories on video.

The students are taught about the sickness of American society and by fifth grade, they learn that America has created a school-to-grave pipeline for black children and that, as adults, “one million black people are locked in cages.” The children are asked to atone for their “white privilege” and to use their voices for the cause of antiracism.

In another module, the children study the differences between white European and African systems of justice. The literature claims that whites created a retributive and harsh justice system whereas African justice systems promote a restorative approach that prioritises healing over punishment.

In summary, the curriculum teaches children that white is bad and black is good. Silence is violence. If you’re not speaking out against racism, you must be a racist. Acknowledge your unconscious bias and repent for your white privilege. If your child is in the Buffalo school district of New York, this is what they are learning. God help them.






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It’s all part of the Agenda isn’t it…

At all levels.

Makes me think of the current trend and plethora of tv adverts (which I religiously DO NOT watch, but occasionally study!) which seek to promote or normalise mixed race families.
(Pre Covid and BLM it was primarily normalising same sex relationships or in at least one case I can think of an add featured ‘multi sexual relations!’)–(two scantily dressed women and one half naked ‘man?’ getting quite intimate while smelling one another!!)

That’s not to say that mixed race union isn’t a beautiful thing.. but it’s most certainly NOT NORMAL in global demographic terms!

But it’s the relentless propaganda that’s being forced into the collective psyche that concerns me the most.

Mostly discreet and subliminal..

But it’s working and ‘they’ know it!!

Is it a strategy of ‘divide and conquer’ being played out to further reinforce the power of the elites who control ‘everything’ while the peasants live in chaos??

Or is it their idea of ‘A Brave New World???’

Or both??

Or something else entirely???



People should marry or have relationships with whoever they want. It isn’t up to the establishment or anyone else to either condone or condemn people’s choices, it’s their own business.

There are good and bad people in all races, nationalities and religions, we are individuals. We should acknowledge that and then move on.

I so agree with Morgan Freeman who said that the best way to get rid of racism is to stop talking about it all the time.


I agree with some of your sentiments here Jenni.

Though, my point has nothing to do with racism.

The fact is, there are many different tribes and races on the planet and it occurred “naturally” over the evolution of our species.

To intentionally engineer this into the psyche (or similar) of the global collective consciousness using designed propaganda by way of ‘commercial tv’ advertising etc… Isn’t natural or normal, it’s by design to promote an agenda.
(An agenda of social engineering demographics just for starters!)

And in my opinion at least, it’s perfectly acceptable to discuss these intentional societal engineering techniques with whomever or whenever you wish!

Last edited 1 year ago by Gerry

100% Gerry, the globalists are behind all the mass immigration, they see it as a way of promoting their agenda, they despise strong stand alone countries and are out to destroy them, these are the same monsters who destroyed Iraq, Libya, and tried to do the same to Syria, created a refugee problem then flood mainly the western countries with these, for the most part victims of illegal wars where they have lost everything, but the thing is a lot of these refugees know who is responsible for killing their families destroying their countries, but in a lot of cases end up in these very countries, a recipe for disaster, but all planned. The biggest threat we face in all countries are the globalist one world government psychos, along with their puppets also known as our governments, the useful idiots or better known as the police who are nothing more than N.W.O. foot soldiers, look at the police, the way they dress now in most countries, they are a paramilitary force. Black, white, any race you could mention make no mistake we are all on the list.


Amen to that brother!!

The inner circle huh!

The knights of the round table..

All designed from hero to zero.. it even spans generations!

But the majority believe these ‘twats’ scuttering out of them on the mainstream, be it the government or their spin doctors or their henchmen are the actual bosses!!

What a joke!

But it’s virtually impossible to unplug em out of this matrix such is the cunningness of the design!

And the chaos continues..

Meanwhile ‘the lizards’ slither around in the background engineering the whole thing stitching everything up..

And now here we are.. on the cusp of handing them over the very inalienable rights that constitute our very existence..
(By way of the forced jab and our freedoms via digital id health passports!)

Without so much as a whimper from the vast majority of us!!

You couldn’t make this $h1t up..

Unless you’re one of them that is!!



Oh absolutely, that’s what I meant really. It should be down to the individuals to decide, agree with you that social engineering is wrong.


Lots of madness going on this weather Jennie…

Tis extremely difficult to quantify it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gerry

Agree with that Jennie.


It is to keep the people divided no question. It’s no coincidence all the tiresome race claptrap has been ramped up to run along with the virus scam, all this taking the knee, show racism the red card and all these other worthless movements are reverse psychology in my opinion, they give the impression that racism is everywhere, it’s rampant which is nonsense, instead of their stated goals of making things better they are making things worse and should do all races a favour and f–k off.


Absolutely Martin.

The mainstream and tv (and ‘mainstream’ social media!!— WHICH I DON’T DO!!) are the main tools these monsters utilise to spread this type of psychological priming..

Most people sit in front of that ‘box of horror’ or their smartphones/tablets and think that’s ‘reality!!’

It’s the same programming that has the sheeple running around sterilising themselves and wearing masks in total fear for their lives…

But that’s not living!!

No chance!!

I heard a very good quote once (while watching an ‘educational’ wildlife documentary a few years back on the dreaded flashing box — can’t watch it much these days as I’m just smelling the rats too much — getting old I guess!!)..

And it says..

Everybody dies…

But not everybody “lives!”



Wonder if gates and his pals seen that documentary, they think they are gods who will live forever, as you say nobody leaves this game living, what waits if anything beyond who knows we will find out. Watched a great series years ago which Stephen Hawking done for the history channel, it was brilliant and covered various subjects, the last segment centred on how are we here, how was the world and our galaxy formed, well he gave his thoughts, atoms, gases, some kind of coming together and over billions of years the planets formed which included our planet earth, well after listening to the bold Stephen give his opinion on how we came to be, my first thought was, where the fuck did the atoms and gases come from, and realised these scientists have no fucking clue how we arrived or were put here, and the way they deride religious or spiritual people who have different views has in reality no so called science behind it, in short if a Christian believes in our lord Jesus but through satanic social engineering are looked upon as stupid for their beliefs they should ask these people to prove or show us proof how the world came to be, it wont happen because they cannot do it. As a lapsed catholic, but always a Christian, i have the upmost respect for all faiths, true believers of every faith, i respect them all, except the satanic ones, the followers of lucifer, A piece of garbage that went by the name of anton le vey a famous satanist who had his followers round his deathbed (would have liked to be there) when he was dying, where it was alleged the piece of shits last living words were ” no it’s not meant to be like this “, and died, maybe the satanists are indeed delivered to their master, just not in the manner that they think.


Without question there are deeper forces operating beyond the realms of current scientific understanding…

I sometimes wonder if this is in somehow influencing the very reality we are suffering through in our current perception of the ‘here and now!’

Or are they playing with it unbeknownst to us with their ‘sophisticated toys!’

Lots of surprises coming down the line soon…
(Many of which won’t be pleasant!)

And it all begins with these digital id health passports and their genetic gene therapy treatments..

They’re thinning the herd..

It’s a cull.


Otherwise we’re done for.


Gerry it is, as the way these people conduct their business a lot of things, I know it is a old analogy but boiling the frog is where we are at, lets just say they have they put the heat on, they are just starting the process, personally cannot see how it will be stopped.


I’m with you there Martin..

The cowards who willingly ‘but unnecessarily’ seek the jab, will accuse you and me of being dangerous and selfish for not ‘protecting them’, thus fully justifying their actions in their minds.

That’s as far as their logic goes unfortunately… But they are the majority!

And majority rules in “Sheeple World!”

Call it “The Sheeple Effect”

(I’ll coin these two as my original — who do I talk to to discuss patents and royalties!!)(oh and if anyone else wants to use them I will insist that you apply references!)

Sheeple world and sheeple effect are two impenetrable barriers I’m afraid!

It shall be done.

Oh.. I looked up LaVey (just the shit on wiki mind you!!)..

From what you’re suggesting about his death .. I’m guessing things are a bit ‘hotter’ now than they were before!!

He had a few daughters from different marriages I see..

Looks like ‘at least one’ escaped his influence!

Where there’s light there’s hope huh!!



The deliberate exacerbation of the negative aspects of tribalism.


Exactly Craig!

All designed.



I’m sure that the families of victims of Winnie Mandela’s favoured ‘burning necklace’ will appreciate the ‘restorative approach’. Or, maybe, the authors of these programmes of education were thinking about the countless brutal civil wars that have raged across the continent of Africa for decades? Or maybe they just look at Ghana and think that represents all 54 nations of Africa?
Whatever the situation, the people who come up with these ideas are 1) culturally ignorant; 2) culturally bigoted; or 3) lying, deceiving, dangerous people. Or, possibly, all three.


I would go for no 3 on the list. listened to audio of Thomas Sowell talking about the history of slavery a while back very enlightening but does not fit the agenda so will get little attention.


Thomas Sowell knows black people are being used in this game.


Larry Elder is someone I like Kathy, don’t really agree with his political views, but on the subject of racism in America he is spot on. You should listen to Larry talking about the time he went to confront his father and after having not spoken for 10 years or more was going to tell his father what he thought of him and leave, they ended up sitting talking for hours, him and his father, it rang true in a way for me very emotional.


Thank you Martin. Another one on my list now. Just about to listen tonight’s show.

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