Vaccine Minister Says Jab Is Safe For Pregnant Women. He’s Lying.

Speaking to SKY News this morning, Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi, claimed that there is a “tsunami of disinformation and” that a “unit across government” is dealing with tech companies to take it down as soon as possible.

SKY presenter Niall Paterson had asked him to comment on fears among ethnic minority groups that the vaccine could affect fertility and might be dangerous for pregnant women. Zahawi said that those fears are unfounded. But as usual, he’s lying. When the vaccines were first cleared for use, Pregnant women or women trying to conceive were advised not to have one.

This is the advice given on the government website:

“The vaccines have not yet been tested in pregnancy, so until more information is available, those who are pregnant should not routinely have this vaccine. Non-clinical evidence is required before any clinical studies in pregnancy can start, and before that, it is usual to not recommend routine vaccination during pregnancy.”

It couldn’t be clearer. Zahawi is a liar. It is reprehensibly reckless to claim that covid vaccines are safe for pregnant women. I’d donate a kidney, if it gave me a shot at one of these government ministers. The gormless Paterson, just nodded along and congratulated Zahawi on the part he has played in vaccinating 15 million people to date. Watching it is soul destroying.

The government website also states that:

“Evidence from non-clinical studies of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine has been received and reviewed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). This evidence was also reviewed by World Health Organisation and the regulatory bodies in the USA, Canada and Europe and has raised no concerns about safety in pregnancy.”

But that means nothing of course. In short it’s saying, “The MHRA and  the WHO received data from Pfizer and it raised no concerns about pregnancy.” That’s neatly sidestepping the fact that it hasn’t been tested on pregnant women and again, that vaccines are not routinely offered during pregnancy.

NHS UK claims that the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) has updated its information on pregnancy. It says:

There’s no evidence the COVID-19 vaccine is unsafe if you’re pregnant. But more evidence is needed before you can routinely be offered it.

The JCVI has updated its advice to recommend you may be able to have the vaccine if you’re pregnant and:

  • at high risk of getting coronavirus because of where you work
  • have a health condition that means you’re at high risk of serious complications of coronavirus


I highlighted may for a reason. The JCVI updated its advice despite having no new evidence to justify it. This is sinister at the very least. You’d have to be crazy to take this vaccine full stop. That is my opinion. I am not an epidemiologist nor am I a clinician. But I can read. I’ve been a journalist for more than 20 years.

I’ve witnessed the devastation vaccines can cause. See Pandemrix and Gardasil.  In the government’s own words, vaccines are not routinely offered to pregnant women. This one was rushed into existence in months. It ordinarily takes a decade. It’s is already proving to be problematic. If you’re pregnant or trying to be, give it a wide berth.


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Tony K

“I’d donate a kidney if it gave me a shot at one of these ministers”

I’d donate both for a shot at Gates and Fauci.


Even scientists who agree that this type of treatment, it isn’t a vaccine, might be beneficial in the long term believe many years of testing are necessary because of the many things that could go wrong. Rolling out a risky and experimental treatment for the elderly, pregnant women,children, those at very low or no risk of getting sick (even according to the official narrative) makes no sense at all.

Urban fox

Could not have put it clearer myself. This man is an excuse of a human, and a war criminal talking with a Nazi Sythpathizer. Overwhelming evidence of harm ALL vaccines have caused. And This one is particularlY harmful, because it is ment to be. And if a woman takes something whilst pregnant she is giving it to her baby. Common sense.

The last paragraph of Charles Richet Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1913 Nobel Lecture

“…We are so constituted that we can never receive other proteins into the blood than those that have been modified by digestive juices. Every time alien protein penetrates by effraction, the organism suffers and becomes resistant. This resistance lies in increased sensitivity, a sort of revolt against the second parenteral injection which would be fatal. At the first injection, the organism was taken by surprise and did not resist. At the second injection, the organism mans its defences and answers by the anaphylactic shock.
Seen in these terms, anaphylaxis is an universal defence mechanism against the penetration of heterogenous substances in the blood, whence they can not be eliminated.”

The full lecture can be found HERE:

MOST Important is, the information still available(!) on the Nobel Foundations website found near the bottom of the link above :

-Charles RichetFACTS[!]

Our immune system protects us from attacks by microorganisms and poisonous substances. After experiencing an attack, the immune system learns to defend itself against new attacks – we become immune. One of the ways this is used is with vaccinations, when a low dosage of an infectious substance provides immunity. Through studies involving dogs, Charles Richet demonstrated an opposite effect in 1902. After an initial low dose of a substance, a new dose some weeks later could produce a severe reaction. He called the phenomenon anaphylaxis. The result had important implications for our understanding of allergies.

To cite this section
MLA style: Charles Richet – Facts. Nobel Media AB 2021. Mon. 15 Feb 2021. <;

The ABOVE ^^^^^appears not to have been edited recently.
I’ve downloaded the whole page in the attached photo.

I’ve been aware of C. Richet’s profound enunciation since the beginning of this year.
The Good Doctor Vernon Coleman ‘mentioned’ this Nobel-discovery in last nite’s program.
It’s now a good opportunity to get ‘more educated on established scientific facts’.
If You can use this information, please do.
Regards to All

hopefully it’s visible. For-the-Record :

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1913--- - Kopia.png
Charlie Stevenson

May I suggest setting up a Telegram channel as a hedge against any Gestapo measures to silence you?


Telegram is absolutely no different to WhatsApp, the face of the company might be an unfamiliar one, but the premise is exactly the same. The opiate and instant gratification of social media has infected 90% of the electorate and is precisely the ‘in’ that was needed. I dumped my year old IG account las month, and my LinkedIn account two years ago, and am working toward shedding myself of mobile phones. The cure is to withdraw our patronage no vehicle runs without fuel.

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