Vaccine Passports Could SPREAD Covid & Cost Venues Millions

The Telegraph newspaper claims that it has seen secret government analysis of covid certification or vaccine passports. The analysis, written by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, suggests that a vaccine passport scheme could lead to an increase in the spread of covid-19 and would be prohibitively expensive for venues.

According to The Telegraph today:

The document reads: “There is potential displacement between live events venues and hospitality venues. A core concern in the sector is that certification could displace activity and business away from music venues to, say, pubs with music and late alcohol licences, etc. which could be counterintuitive and potentially counter-productive.”

It goes on to state: “Similarly, if certification displaces some fans from structured and well ventilated sports stadia, this could lead to them attending unstructured and poorly ventilated pubs instead, where they will have access to more alcohol than if there were in the stadia. Evidence from the Euros showed spikes in cases associated with pubs even when England were playing abroad.”

The impact assessment also suggests that large venues would have to hire more than 5,700 extra stewards at big stadiums for every event. It was also estimated that the turnover of affected venues could drop between £345 million and £2.067 billion if a vaccine passport scheme was introduced.

The government is coming under increasing pressure from its scientific advisers to introduce a vaccine passport scheme this Winter. However, it would be put to a vote in the commons and The Labour Party has indicated that it would vote against the scheme.

This means that the government would almost certainly be defeated. At least two dozen Tory MP’s would defy the whip and The Liberal Democrats would not support the scheme either.

The next few weeks are going to be very interesting.


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Of course, what they do not take into account because it didn’t really exist in the ‘reality’ of the so called ‘mainstream’ media where the protests. At times a million people march, mostly in London. These occured many times during the summer. The protestors never wore masks, never obeyed ‘social’ distancing…But of course, because the BBC, the Daily Fail etc ignored all of the demo’s, no covid spike of cases occured because, there were of course ‘no’ marches of protest. If they did report on them, then they were vastly down played.

Marty Hopkirk

And what’s the odds that the powers that be will use this “analysis” to justify the extension of vaccine passports to pubs, restaurants and cafés?

If you think they are just going to stop at nightclubs, stadiums and concert venues, then I’ve got a penthouse to sell you on the dark side of Mars.


How much is it? Thinking of leaving this planet for my own sanity?
Can do a swap for, a Pot Of Gold At The End Of Rainbow, Two Unicorns, a Bucket Of Scotch Mist or a Politician Who Never Lies.
You can contact me by fax.

Last edited 9 months ago by Jake

If you believe that the virus ever existed, Which BTW i don’t and what they call covid isn’t a specific disease either Covid is an abbreviation for CERT OF VACCINATION ID C O V -ID, Coronaviruses are very big viruses and take a very long time to mutate enough to become a new threat if you have T cell immunity because you have recovered from it, or any of it’s close family SARS from 2003 Or Immunity from these very effective so-called vaccines With either work or they don’t ,

It is said to be only 23% different to this version of it (IN SILICO version) so if you had the 2003 SARS you have CROSS REACTIVE T CELL immunity to this too, and any benign variant they claim are currently 97% the same as the original version found in 2019

We know that ALL the insane measures do not work, none of them, they were not meant to control a FAKE VIRUS they were about control of you via psychological behavioural change, and they are still not finished

Last edited 9 months ago by toney
Mama Ibeji (Linda)

I wonder at which point they turn their attention from ‘unstructured and poorly ventilated venues’, and refocus their efforts to the routing of dissidents from our ‘unstructured and poorly ventilated dwellings’? All aboard the smart city express! Whoo whoooooooo………..


Destruction of small venues and the growth of corporate venues is part of the agenda.. Fools that go along with this will only realise this when it is too late..


Interesting language in that alleged report.
structured and well ventilated sports stadia’ vs ‘unstructured and poorly ventilated pubs’.
In other words, large, highly profitable venues vs comparatively less profitable venues.
Language that implies that the Colosseum-like venues are ordered and safe, while the smaller and friendly venues are not.
It presents itself as a friend to the hospitality sector, but it actually attacks the smaller businesses of that sector from a different angle (even though the pub is far more a core of British culture than the arena).

That aside, it’s becoming a farce (at least, that’s the presentation). Within the twisted confines of the narrative, policy has so far been set by ‘the science’. Are we now meant to believe that the Labour Party will reject this science?
Then again, Labour have been remaking their image into the anti-science, compassionate Party for some time – standing against the cold rationality of the Tories.

It’s all theatre, of course, but it does seem to working on far too many people.

Then again, I could be completely wrong.

Urban Fox

Lyres, Lizards or just Bastards.?

In this fascinating broadcast filmed last Friday from the new purple bunker. David puts the case. Should those that have trusted his other information over the years, not trust him in this, and believe that he has put the same diligent research into the subject.? Is it right for him to keep quite about this and ignore, if he believes it to be true and relevant to current events.?

Reptilian ‘Gods’ And Current Events – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – David Icke

And why is it, that every action and policy carried out by the powers that be. Is counter productive to us as human beings. For example, face masks making it harder for us to breath oxygen, likewise cutting down trees that we need to breath. Electro magnetic radiation and the harm that the frequencies cause. Poison jabs and now the targeting of our water and food supply.?

Why is it that everything seems on close examination to be inhuman. Could it be, that the inner core of those carrying out this agenda, are in fact not human.?

As mentioned by David ,the Royals have interbred throughout history to keep there bloodlines pure. But what he has not mentioned here, is that other family’s have also gone to great lengths to do the same. It is also noticeable that many of the usual suspects have the same unusual blood group, known as Reece negative. For anyone interested in this last point, further information is available, via your chosen Magical information device.


Dehumanising (literally in this case) ‘the enemy’ is such an old trope.


I’ve been wondering myself if they are actually changing the climate and frequencies to make this planet more amenable to other beings. As you so rightly say everything they are doing is counter to the well being of humanity.

We had notification today that they are going to be installing smart meters all over Ireland and of course we have absolutely no say in this. Some people will be delighted about this because they don’t realise this is just the beginning of a much bigger agenda of digital control. The idea of living in a high-tech world is hell on earth for me. Wish there was somewhere to go to escape this.

Urban Fox

Thanks very much for reply, as specially as I’m anticipating getting some stick for posting. Regards smart meters. They are pressuring me to have one and i have been told in the future this will not be an option. They are definitely planning on changing the law and banning the old ones. They emit at least 150 times the radiation of a mobile phone. And are very harmful to our health. There are ways to cut down the radiation by about 80%.Using shop bought shields or homemade devices. Also there are pendants that can be worn. I do not know of the efficacy of the pendants. I believe some may well be genuine and others rubbish. But it is worth looking into. Plenty of information on the magical information devices , regarding this as well. Take care, Fox


Thanks for the info about shielding, I’ll look into that. They are rolling them out over the next few months and we’ll be told when they are coming not asked.

Urban Fox

Liars, Lizards or just Bastards? After checking my spelling again. Spoilt my attempt at being witty .Oh well time for a cup of tea i think.


The Habsburgs controlled the Holy Roman Empire and through them the monarchies of Europe of Britain came into being.
Lots of effort was made to keep this bloodline pure, and through intermarriage it’s control extended across the whole of Europe. A great many of the wars (perhaps even all of them) were little more than family feuds.
At no point does Britannica mention the original family name.

Urban Fox

Interesting will have a look. But regarding the wars i only half agree. I believe the biggest ones were organized deliberately to further globalism and depopulation. Engineered by the Iluminati, and on occasion wars maybe have been the result of genuine infighting. But its unfortunate that this infighting has more or less stopped. As now they are pulling together they are more powerful than ever.


Family feuds does not, necessarily, negate ‘engineered’.

On a slightly different note, that Britannica article states:
‘the motto A.E.I.O.U…. is generally interpreted as meaning Austriae est imperare orbi universo (“Austria is destined to rule the world”).
This got me wondering about the true origin of the popularity of repeating those vowels.
It’s worth noting that the Rothschild’s Coat of Arms originated in Austria.
Funny that.

This little site does mention the original family name. The family name of the Warburgs traces back to the same family name.

Urban Fox



I don’t trust Keir Starmer he’s a totally spineless establishment puppet. When push comes to shove he’ll crumble like a soggy biscuit and do exactly what the cabal requires. The decision on passports has already been made, we are now merely following a political pantomime script with pseudo opposition. Billy Gates was over here last week to check on progress and compliance.

Urban Fox

Agreed Mark. And to warm the hearts of all those out there in Richie land. This lovely day on the prison planet,

Protesters shout ‘murderer’ as Bill Gates is driven to Downing Street meeting with his gofer Boris Johnson – David Icke

This was the moment, when Bill Gates, the “Anti Christ ” himself. Drove through the gates of Downing street, to meet his disciples. Being given a ” hell of a roasting ” from his adoring public. Please enjoy, but be careful not to over indulge.


The Anti-Christ? At best, he’s just the Horseman of Pestilence.

Urban Fox

‘ Behold the pale horse and seated upon it was death.’


That’s the last Horseman to appear. We are not there yet. That figure emerges after War and is a pretty good analogy for missiles.

Regardless, none of the Horsemen are the anti-Christ: they are agents of God.
A prophet would not be able to see into hearts and minds, just the symbolic representations of public images. And Gates is nominally Catholic. So is Blair. Soros is nominally Jewish. So is Kissinger.
All nominal representatives of the One God religion.

On the surface, Revelations is about depopulation, mass suffering, and the adherents of science vs ‘the one true belief’.
It is about God testing faith through extreme hardship (after all, it is the Angels who release Lucifer from his prison).

At least, that’s one perspective.


I do believe in a creator but I don’t think they will intervene. We have been given free will so we will go where that leads us. I keep trying to remind myself that this is just a temporary experience but the insanity has become so extreme it is hard sometimes not to get bogged down in it. Even Mark Bajerski, a spiritual healer, said he finds it hard at times.


Free Will is an interesting concept that is not always fully comprehended.
For instance, you must first comprehend what your will actually is, separate from the will and teachings of others.
Without that distinction, ‘free will’ is little more than controlled will.


Starmer has a seat on Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. Has had for years.


That’s very interesting but hardly a surprise the man is a total quisling. Thank you for the repy.


Likewise, before she became Communications Officer for the Tories, the now Mrs Johnson worked in a similar role for an environmental charity called Oceana.
That ‘charity’ just so happens to have been created by the Rockefeller Foundation.
So, Rockefeller influence on both sides of the House.

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