Vaccine Passports Will Be In Use As Early As May 17th

The Telegraph is reporting this morning that covid passports, which will enable people to show that they have been fully vaccinated, will be rolled out next month.

The paper claims that the Department of Transport wants an official certification scheme to be in place by May 17th. It’s intended that fully vaccinated British holidaymakers will receive a document that will enable them to sidestep tests and quarantines.

More than 20 countries have indicated that they will require proof of vaccination before admitting tourists. The UK government hopes these countries will allow vaccine certified tourists to travel freely within their borders.

Greece has said that it will drop quarantine rules for travellers from more than 30 countries if they have been vaccinated or tested negative on departure. The certificate is likely to be digital, but paper documentation hasn’t been ruled out. According to The Telegraph;

Critically, the proof of having received a Covid jab would be certified by UK Government, meaning it would be accepted by countries demanding evidence before entry.

The advanced state of the plans emerged after The Telegraph learnt of details of a telephone call between government officials and industry figures.

The call took place on Wednesday afternoon between members of the Tourism Industry Emergency Response Group and involved discussion of the latest thinking on border reopenings.

A government official on the call is understood to have said: “We aim to give people the ability to prove their vaccine status by the time international travel restarts where other countries require it. The earliest that will restart is May 17.”

Cabinet secretary Michael Gove is leading a government review into the feasibility and the ethics of introducing vaccine passports for overseas travel and domestic use. He’s expected to report his findings next week.

Gove and UK Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van Tam, have been visiting Israel this week. Israel has been running a domestic vaccine passport scheme for over two months.

Israeli’s who wish to go to the cinema, theatre, shopping centre, gym or the pub, must provide proof that they have been vaccinated.

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I think a lot of this may be bluff: the vaccine is okayed for emergency use . I am discriminated against because I haven’t had it, my lawyer now says, ‘okay, prove there is an emergency’. Big problems for the government if civil cases and employment tribunals are lost up and down the country…
The other unmentioned problem resulting from the fact that the jab is emergency use only is that insurance companies will walk away from claims resulting from adverse reactions. No doubt this will include holiday insurance for the plebs wanting to visit Costa Del Sewage.
The jab may not pass this testing phase by 2023 and by that time the whole country will have been poxinated at least half a dozen times…
Mick and Dave say it all here…


Oh Billy Gates. A computer software engineer who would like to keep us safe. Main Hobby = Eugenics. What date are we going to give for the first climate lockdown?


That Kill Bill is a wrong un. Pure evil.


Are we placing bets and if so, how close do we have to be? Weeks or months?


He’s NOT a software specialist; his technical advisors helped him buy an existing platform, tweak and re-market this a Microsoft product.

Hermione Granger

Get ready to sue for discrimination and boycott these airlines and countries . There first legal cases will knock this bs on the head


We need to refuse. It is becoming obvious now who is blatantly on board with the agenda. Whether it be celebrity or business we must say no.

Hermione Granger

I don’t believe the vaxed figures either its always only 40%maximum that take the flu shot

Tony K

Yeah.. all you have to do to find a full list of these traitorous companies is go on to the WEF website and have a look at the “Strategic Partners” list.

Here’s a link to the partners page.
The list is long and pretty much contains every single big company you could think of.

We have to go back to small businesses. Quick time.


Well I always use small business when I can, I never use Amazon for example. Of course they’re doing their best to get rid of as many small businesses as possible.

Last edited 16 days ago by Jennie
Tony K

You never use Amazon?
You’re brilliant.

Wish more folks were like you.

Nice one Jennie.


My as well. Bezos the Clown is not getting my money.


He’ll need it to give to his ex wife.


The day I unplug from ebay, Amazon and Google is drawing near; my handset requires replacing too in a effort to cast less of a web shadow.


Well played. I’m slowly unplugging too. Apparently the Lite Phone 2 enables one to avoid Googles all seeing eye too; just a thought and a smart alternative to reverting to an older style phone.

Hermione Granger

Well get ready to sue for discrimination

Urban fox

I’m puzzled and frustrated that good people and Drs like on last nights show. Are still clinging on to the virus being real. Vernon Coleman’s recent video and article, clearly proves that it is non existant. Yet at the very end,he says it is real. After just demonstrating otherwise with the numbers.It’s as though they can’t get past this last mental block.


I share your view. There has never been any proof provided that this virus exists. The very fact of what has happened since all this started should demonstrate that it’s a psy-op. Were all these psychopaths waiting around for a virus to pop up so that they could carry out their evil plans? Course not.

Urban fox

Hi Jennie. The total giveaway is there is practically no flue deaths. In Australia where they have an incredibly low amount of flue deaths per year. There corona deaths were almost the exact number at one time last year, as the flue death numbers from the previous year. Only now no flue deaths only covid. Why not double the numbers in total?. There are similar examples all over the 🌎.And why change the criteria for determining a New virus , just weeks before the start of covid.? If was real the numbers would show it was killing people. And there would be no need for all the fabrification.They are just calling regular flue deaths covid. Any strains are flue strains we get every year.

Urban fox

Covid deaths ,not corona,miss wrote..


Hi Foxy

It’s the same here in Ireland. There was a hospital here a week before Christmas in 2020 had no flu cases whatsoever but had almost the exact same number of covid admissions as they’d had ones for flu in 2019. As you say an absolute giveaway.

Also the same with pneumonia. People with diseases like cancer sometimes develop pneumonia because of their lowered immunity which kills them before the cancer does, it happened with two of my relatives. But now hardly anyone is getting pneumonia, they are getting covid instead. It is relabelling of other diseases and out and out lying.


They are so invested in the virus paradigm that they can’t pull out of that tailspin.

Tim in Brazil

How very anti-British of them


Banking and Corporate Fascism– Emboldened with an unlimited fiat currency, the State has quickly spiralled out of control. It’s like a dysfunctional household of career drug dealers with stolen credit cards, frivolous and vulgar, lavishing themselves with no expense spared and no eye on the future.  All its relationships are abusive and superficial, coercive, controlling and manipulative. Inherently dishonest and deceptive, truth is not a currency they deal in. After all, when you’re entire modus operandi is predicated on making the future pay in higher prices, lower real standards of living, in an oppressive, controlling state tyranny, then you’ll got a lot to hide. Riven with a deep seated paranoia, they’re obsessed with total surveillance, tracking, tracing and monitoring, looking to impose themselves on every aspect of their victim’s lives.

Behind the mask of perpetual spin and concealment the State is a vicious corporate fascist tyranny wielding powers Hitler could only dream of. An unlimited currency means never having to say sorry, unrestrained on a finite planet to commit limitless destruction. The power to print and destroy is enough to silence any in house dissenters. To question the authority would be detrimental to the despicable existence of those who serve its interests. The more indebted society become the more likely it is to comply with the omerta. The antithesis of love, the state of absolute hate, corrupts everything in its purview, absolute power corrupting absolutely. It serves the interests of the few and crushes the rest. The crimes, cronyism and corruption lies are concealed with a continuous attack on inalienable rights, freedoms and liberties in a maelstrom of inversion and slight of hand.

In its constant endeavour to provide a superficial public vista of calm, care and responsibility, the State debases everything of true value to distract from the grinding of usury below the surface, the machinery of theft printing away, the compound inflation eating away at the future, the enslaved children crushed under the sheer weight of debt and interests. Intelligence, truth, logic and reason is diluted, morality is under cut, to dumb down and supress the knowledge which could expose them. The crimes of the state are so despicable in the depths of their moral depravity that they can only operate in the darkness. A cult of suppression and censorship silences opposing view and stifles debate, while defensive walls of distraction and disinformation are erected by the state media to produce a surround sound wall of silence. Truth is the only hope to overthrow the lies.


Well put. Thank you.


Vaccine passports too fly?Am confused here?i thought the Global warming lunatics and Covid scum where in unison with one another, now they are saying flood the skies again with planes,somethings not right here in my view.


It’s by introducing the vaccine passports that it is making it harder to fly. They know people don’t want the hassle of a vaccine passport.


My belief is that these freedoms will be temporary as a way to coerce people into having the vaccines. Once they have a majority vaccinated there will suddenly be a covid surge and a whole load of mutations which will force governments (as was the plan all along) to clamp down again. Those who are vaccinated should enjoy their freedom because it won’t last long.


I agree Jennie 👍🏻. I’d hazard a guess that by August/September, there will be lockdown again because of variants. But we know that it’ll probably be the jabs causing havoc, but it’ll be blamed on variants nonetheless.


Like the slow drip drip of water torture; the governments approach seems to be set for the long game -they make mestakes when they attempt to push too hard.

Urban fox

If people don’t fight immediately, no one is flying anywhere apart from very short term. They are not just going to allow themselves to be taken to court ,whilst we set up alternative communities either. As discussed last show. Agenda 30 documents are very clear. No one to travel more than 3 miles from where they live. No one to live in the countRyside. And a world population of half a billion by 2030.They are moving very quickly now to make this reality. And we can forget the law. They are the law ,as they have demonstrated the last 12 months. Unless we face up to the truth. That this is a deliberate plan to kill the majority and enslave the rest,and that there is no virus. As the numbers clearly show, we are finished.

Hermione Granger

Just sue for discrimination and fly with non vaxed operators

Urban fox

With respect this is not going to happen. There is only one law, the law of power. 2020 should have made this clear to everyone. As almost all rights have been taken away the last 12 months. The law will simply be amended. And in the highly unlikely event an airline is allowed to carry unvaccinated. There will not be enough people to make it viable at a reasonable cost per ticket. And you can’t boycott businesses that don’t want your custom.We are the boycotted ones. As we are going to be seen as dirty plague carriars. The way forward is to disrupt businesses with direct action in small groups. And to keep doing it.


I don’t even think a change in the law would be necessary. The CAA will simply issue an air safety directive and any airline who doesn’t fall into compliance will loose their operators licence due to not operating their airline in a safe Covid compliant manner.
The airlines are as screwed as their passengers.

Urban fox

Good point Mark. Anyway the “public health emergency” covers all sins. As does the old chestnut” in the interest of national security”. And of course we must not forget. The general public are happy to tag along. Because they actually believe there is a deadly plague flying round.


The country that screams the most about anti-Semitic is now being anti-Semitic to it own people- who are not like them and this is done via a digital code!
How is that any different than the tattoo’s they was suppose to have been given in the camps.
Where is the regime change screamers. ?


Is the ‘Digital Green Pass’ reminiscent of the old apartheid Era Dompass?
In Apartheid South Africa I was well accustomed to seeing the racial segregations of whites and blacks and the document that kept it so. I was a young student constable in the South African police, when this injustice finally came to an end (1986).

Yes, I was one of the privileged, I grew up in a middle class home, my grandad, who died the year I was born, was arrested under the ‘Immorality act’. After the death of my grandmother, he had a relationship with a black woman and they had children, family I have never met.

Rosie was my nanny, I call her my second mom. As a child she showed me her Dompass and explained to me how it worked. She could not move around freely, she could only go to, and be at places where she had permission to go and be. She couldn’t ride on the same bus as me, she couldn’t sit on the same park bench as me. For heavens sake, she couldn’t even go into the same post office as me.

This is the way, the then Nationalist government restricted those disadvantaged under its iron grip. How can it be that the colour of ones skin can cause so much hurt and pain?

As a constable, I soon fell foul of my fellow officers, and those of rank. The whites isolated me, were distrusting of me and for that reason, refused to work with me in the field.

My best friends in South Africa were mostly black folk and I remember an incident when a woman asked me if I was unable to get a white girlfriend when crossing the street with my black friend, Lindiwe Gumedze. I can tell you many more harrowing stories of racism and hate and how I stood in opposition against such behaviour.

I have not, nor have I ever espoused a leftist or a rightist ideology and for the most part believe that politics is the exact reason why we are, where we are at today, in big trouble.

When society tries (is trying) to enforce, not only in the UK, my place of residence for the past 17 years, but all over the world, a similar and in many ways far worse system that will enslave all those who don’t want to accept a vaccine, unable to travel, shop at regular stores, go to sports venues, music concerts, eat at restaurants or gain access to the local pub, then you know we are on a slippery slope. Israel is a prime example of a world gone mad and for now those in Israel are still able to shop for food, but how long remains to be seen.

Under Hitler the Jews were forced to wear a yellow star on their clothes to identify them. They suffered immensely at the hands of National Socialism. So now the world leaders, in lockstep, want to brand all those who don’t want to take the vaccine, shun them as unclean. What persecution awaits for us who refuse to take this vaccine.
There is talk of, ‘no jab, no job’ and ‘forced fascination’. What has this world come to, when will this madness end? The vaccines they want us to take are all experimental, that makes those who take it lab rats.

Just as the Black Folk fought Apartheid, I hope and pray that the world will stand up and fight the soon coming oppression of all those who don’t want to take this vaccine and fight against the new Dompass!! 


The historical echo’s on this evil project are absolutely horrendous. But the majority of sheeple are embracing it and absolutely loving the way their caring Governments are saving them from the dreaded Covid. There is no hope the Golgafrinchams have taken over the world.

Urban fox

Well said and very true.


They will enable this with a push update to the NHS app which will also then become a passport. Its a modular app so they can keep adding additional tyrannical functionality as the sheeple quietly acquiesce. Notice the update Google and Apple blocked about a week ago when the app was updated to start dialling home and sending data back to NHS-X.
If they bundle in a free MP3 player and selfie photo editor the public will no doubt absolutely love it and the downloads will go through the roof. .

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