“We Need A Digital Vaccination Certificate” – Angela Merkel

It’s official now. Anyone planning a holiday in Europe this Summer, will need to be vaccinated against coronavirus. EU leaders confirmed last night that vaccine passports would be introduced in time for Summer holidays.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters:

“Everyone agreed that we need a digital vaccination certificate. This will make travelling within the EU possible and could pave the way for further travel from third countries into the EU.”

She told reporters that it might take three months for the European Commission to roll out the technology. Greece and Spain have led the calls for the introduction of the passports as their economies are heavily dependent on tourism.

Spain’s foreign foreign minister Manuel Muñiz, proposed that vaccine passport holders should be exempt from taking a Covid test and that establishing EU rules was “absolutely vital for our economies”

Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that if the EU didn’t reach a swift agreement on the passports, the private sector would beat them to it. Greece is giving citizens a certificate after they’ve had the jab.

I’m not prone to pessimism, but I don’t expect that I’ll ever travel overseas again. I can live with it. My partner on the other hand, who is French, cannot. Her entire family is in Nancy. Her mother is in rude health thank God, but she’s a pensioner. She hasn’t seen her daughter in over a year.

Caroline, my partner, has no intention of taking the vaccine, but fears that she’ll be forced into it. She had grudgingly accepted that she might have to take rapid covid tests to board a plane. She could have lived with that, but now it’s looking more and more likely, that travellers will have to receive the jab. Welcome to Dystopia.


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just had a look at that halfwit at the top of the page, I regret nothing i said, think about this, someone had sex wi that monster, heard she has kids,( most likely off amazon ) if it was a firing squad or pump merkal, the shout would go out present arms, no wrists, fire, no sperm involved ,death would be the only way out.


I do not mean to be rude, crude, a tool, or a fool, but i need guidance, a way, so to speak, i want to enjoy, be, live, feel, think, love but most of all, i think we need to BE, and we have lost it, fuck the evil ones, the agenda, the maskies( like huskies without the brains) if you believe, johnson, vallance, whitty, handjob, gates, krankie, biden, anal swab, macron will deliver their new normal you might be right or full of the brown stuff, not so sure the scum will succeed.


I understand how you feel, we are up against real evil. What I’m trying to do is go inwards and to realise that we are just here temporarily and this is not our real home. I’m not religious but I do believe in a spiritual side to life. We have to try and enjoy the small joys of life.

It isn’t easy and the deception, inhumanity and insanity is very hard to take. The first few weeks of this I had anger like I’ve never known in my life, I’m not normally an angry person, but I knew I had to get control of it or it would overwhelm me.

We need to fight this but not let them control who we are. If we give in to anger and despair, and I do have those feelings, they won’t care in fact it’s what they want.


Do not want to lower the discussion, but we are looking for people that have, or been forced, or accidentally, or through mind control, to take part in masturbation studies involving angela merkal posters, or videos, we believe these people are victims, the point of these unlawfull studies were, if these poor victims could come under these depraved circumstances, well they could come to believe anything.


I cannot have the vaccine. Even if i thought it was safe. I will reject it because i will not accept the ID card.


Can we row across to France in a dinghy instead of having a digital vaccine passport 😉?


I’m going to holiday in the UK, First thing is get a fake tan, then dig out that old blow up dinghy I bought from Aldi a couple of years ago, pop down to a quiet part of the coast and paddle out a couple of miles into shipping lanes turn around a start pdddling back, by this time I’ve chucked my passport overboard, when picked up by Border Control I won’t speak a word of English and will be taken back to ‘good old Blighty’ and put up in a 4star hotel, after a couple of weeks, being well rested, I’ll sneak out the back door and hitch a lift home.

Merkel will go down in history as one of the worst dictators of modern history – recently she authorized setting up concentration camps in almost every German state. Educate yourself -read the article: The Fake Covid “Pandemic” Is the Excuse for Concentration Camps –

She’s been in power for way too long. Don’t these people ever retire?

Tony K

Just a random fun fact.

Jonathan Van Tam. Born 1964. Studied at Nottingham university. UK Health Minister.

Theresa Tam. Born 1965. Studied at Nottingham university. Canadian Health Minister.

“But there’s no connection, and you’d be a fool VAN a communist to make one”


Van-Tam fun fact, after saying we couldn’t possibly have foreseen the Pandemic, he is on video in the audience at a Chatham House event held January 2019, on how to control the narrative in a pandemic.

Tony K

Hmmm where have I heard that before?

That’s right..

“There was no way we could have foreseen anyone flying planes into buildings”

A few days earlier..

“Is this real world or exercise?”


computing forever video, yes if it’s what you speak of think i seen it, the fat belgian piece of satanic filth, giving a talk on why their previous attempt at this shit had failed the 2009-10 plandedmic had failed, front row taking notes that piece of fucking vermin tam, specky creep, yep Dave nailed it, fucking unreal van bam, all the media whores hanging on his every word


A great article on uncle bill gates, been thinking for a while if old bill was a psychopath or just plain evil, either way he is dangerous.


After Richie asking the question could there be a satanic element to this scam, my opinion is there is, not to say all of the evil ones are satanists but some of them are,this link is worth checking out the r.a.i.n.s list was compiled by Joan Coleman who worked with victims of s.r.a, a persons name only went on if the information came from at least two unrelated sources, David Icke met Joan and found her to be honest and told him things that fitted in with what he had been told by other people, Joan retired and in her later years suffered from alzheimer’s disease, during this period she gave someone a interview where she was a bit confused, as anyone with the disease would be, on certain things, they used this to try and discredit Joan, but David and others were convinced she was not only correct but genuine,


Oh my goodness. What an eye opener. Sickening.


I was due to travel to Canada for a working Visa the day after Boris called our first Lockdown. Lost the whole visa. But anyway.

One of the conditions of my Visa was a biometric eye scan and fingerprint. I’ve worked abroad many times and it never came up before. Just Canada.

Suffice to say I had to pay for the “privilege” and what a fool i was as I am now apart of this data system.

The clerk at the Visa site had expressed that biometrics was the plan for the whole world eventually. He didnt mean it in a nefarious way. but of course it is.

They have the technology ready. I literally used it.


Seems to be easier for countries with a smaller populace perhaps. Well I definitely won’t be going back there, another off the list. I’ll wait for my friend to visit her parents in Ireland. That’s if they haven’t got the technology there by that time.


Interesting. Altho if we went by small populous New zealand should have required biometrics too. I lived there for a short while. The most I had to do was remove my shoes and not drag in any “exotic” mud from the Somerset hills of UK. Haha and bless you, watchint Justin Trudeau-pleb over the last few months I’m sure you and I can think of plenty more reasons to perhaps avoid Canada at this time.

We’ll find a way to travel. fingers ceossed for Delores Cahills suggestions such as Freedom Airways. But with ol’ Gatey boy buying up aviation. You wouldn’t be crazy to assume it wont just be vaccine passports complicating our ability to travel freely.

much more to come. from the scum.


Seems we’ll be avoiding many places. Glad l managed some travel before all this happened. Somerset is beautiful, I’m next door in Dorset.


aw amazing. it must be this fresh country air that enables us to smell bullshit so easily


Indeedy. We moved about three and a half years ago from Kent. Someone was looking over us.


I won’t be going abroad, not particularly bothered by this, but the ramifications of where this passport bs will lead is alarming.


I wonder if you’d still be allowed to drive around Europe without the passport, or re they going to reintroduce hard borders again for Covid Immunity checks?
So long Freedom of Movement… The only good thing about the fascist EU.


And Merkel has said she won’t have it…the AZ one anyway. Politics I know. We need a parallel society now…. vaccine apartheid 💪


Merkal has took the jab, look at the state of her.








“Oh for the divine love of

“whomever you love”

I want to put a sound bite up for this..

But I can’t!!!

And if I could..

It would go like this:

(Turn the volume UP!!)









Gerry you looking for a pulpit


Nah… Religion’s not actually my thing!

Tis an Irish thing to use JESUS in our colloquialisms!

It’s used to reinforce!

Then.. you’re a Scot right??

So ye shud nigh exzackly wot im gying on aboot!!



Oh well, no more holidays for me then! No way are they going to force me to take this toxic concoction! Let’s hope enough of us refuse and they have to scrap their fascist plans.


I spoke to a relative on the phone who doesn’t believe in any of this and knows it’s a scam from start to finish but he and his wife are going to have the vaccine so they can go on holiday and I couldn’t talk him out of it. If someone as informed and aware as he is will do it just to go on holiday I don’t hold out much hope.


I have friends who have done exactly the same Jennie.


It’s sad. Like I said in a comment on another story it is like living in Invasion of the Body Snatchers or the Stepford Wives.


Could be his last holiday, to be fair have heard a few people give that reason for taking the jab, it’s their choice.


Thing is though.. this ‘jab’ will be the first of many jabs tied into the biometric passport…

The sheeple people will feel relaxed and calm and safe and happy and content and ‘at one’ with the world and all that is divine and heavenly to be alive and to be free from the imminent danger of death once more…


Then two months later… When variant Sars Cov 50 comes ‘online’ , the passport goes to


Time for you to go get your update pal..

So, you might still get into the local TESCO’S, but you’re not getting on a plane!! Uh uh…

Airport security official (built like a brick sh1t house and full of pi$$ and vinegar) says:

“Where you think you going bubba… Get your unvaccinated ass on out of here — and don’t you be coming back till you be green — you got that!!”

And off you’ll scurry with the phone screaming out a warning to say YOU NEED TO BE VACCINATED URGENTLY!!!


(Every hour on the hour!! — aside from smashing the thing to a million pieces, I doubt you’ll be able to disable the warning.. Too important! You’re a threat to “THEM” now!!)(though, you may be allowed to silence it — although that app will come at a premium cost!! — renewable!!!)

So .. the pressure’s on now right…

And you’re deluded sense of calmness is now becoming a little uncomfortable once more..

Silent thoughts:

“B%x” C 50’s out now…

And I’m only sequenced to 49..

SH1T I’m fooked…

And the bastard ‘jab giver’ hasn’t gotten the C-50 vaxx in yet… ”

Then another month or two passes and it’s changing from amber to red…

Cold sweat…

The phone’s going into overdrive alerting you to the danger you now have ‘become’…

to you and to everyone around you..
(And “them!”)


but the C50 sequencing update hasn’t been released yet..

So you’ve no choice but to sweat it out again and wait…

Nervously you wait…

The clock ticks…

It’s now


The alarm is pulsating in your pocket!

No more TESCO’S or FOOTY GAMES for you …. No sir!!

You MUST quarantine and ISOLATE yourself from society..
(Perhaps even from your family in a private isolation facility!)(at your expense!)

you quiver in fear for your ‘unvaccinated’ life once more…

Only six months have passed…

Then the text alert arrives…

Jabber man/woman/other has the C50 update, please call into surgery tomorrow… We are delighted to inform you we have your C50 update at a bargain price of 550 crypto units — the early bird special!
(Please wear full PPE with four masks and a visor before arrival!!)

And you run like a scalded cat to ‘get there’ before any of the other diseased get there before you!

Green once more….


SAFE again!!!

You book the holiday…

It’s wonderful… We’re all happy together in the “safe bar” singing our songs of “freedom!”

But while you’re on the piss for two weeks, C51 has now claimed two lives in Venezuela…

Your phone has gone amber once more…

You pack up to go home nervously..

They won’t let you board the plane…

Your health passport is invalid..

You’re running out of crypto…


Last edited 6 months ago by Gerry

Think those same relatives might be saying you are crazy to other relatives, just saying like.


Blackpool it is, sorry fox we need them holidays


What’s the source for this?

One question:
“What happens to ALL of the political refugees that are seeking asylum with a boat to Europe-EU , that are NOT ‘vaccinated’ ?”.
Now I don’t wanna be called rayciss’t, so I won’t specify from which countries should be included as *departure countries*, and “why?”.
Maybe the *Commission* can answer that question before presenting this law to the EU Parliament.
This includes people from the UK, Ireland, Maderia, Malta, Ibiza, Crete, etc etc

Last edited 6 months ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Don’t know if the commission will answer, maybe the commissars will.


Hold on a second. I live in Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is in the E.U. Does this mean I need a vax cert to cross the border?


Good point. I’m in the Republic so presumably I can cross over to Northern Ireland or go to Britain without this wretched passport because the UK is no longer in the EU. I’m willing to bet that they will stop that happening though.


I would very much assume so. And how does this fit in with the EU’s freedom of movement? Will they only have freedom of movement in future if you agree to be jabbed and carry the vaccine passport?


Freedom of movement was just one of their excuses to justify centralised power. I don’t think the EU has anything to do with freedom but more and more control.


I forgot that the UK/Ireland freedom of movement means no vaccine passports should be needed. Also it would mean checks at the border which the EU never wanted…


Seen a interview a few weeks ago were the dandy ghandi himself said the current travel restrictions in the republic will be in place for the rest of this year and most probably next year, maybe 2023 will see them loosen but it might be longer than that.


Dandy ghandi lol


19 – year launched

Ronald Templeman

I have to add it amazes me how the leaders of Israel and Germany are dealing with this vax and control business considering what went on in the second world war. Both sides then were involved, the German Nazis doing the experiments and vaccinations on humans and the Jewish people suffering from it. How can either government even consider forcing controls on anybody looking back at the history they went through, beggars belief. I am certain from what I have seen on line that there are a lot of Jewish and German people against this as a lot of us are.


Why should the leaders of those countries surprise you? Look to the Haavara Agreement: Hitler’s government and the Zionist founders of Israel working together to achieve a mutually desired goal – even if that goal meant sacrificing millions of people.


As red ken Livingstone quite rightly pointed out a few years ago, and was cancelled for speaking the truth.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Bravo Craig!
Yes, was also called *The Transfer Agreement*.

The Jabotinskites, where BB Nutandyahoo’s father was one of the prime-movers as well as the IRGUN & Stern Gang that signed the agreement with Hilter’s Germany during the 1930s, liked killing British Soldiers in Palestine and blew-up the ‘King David Hotel’ in Jerusalem.
The IRGUN eventually became the *Likud Party*, which the nut Nutandyahoo has bossed for decades.

Adolf Eichmann spoke Hebrew and even traveled to Palestine to carry out The Haavara/Transfer Agreement.
Don’t believe me everyone?
READ the links.

No surprise to me the current buddy-buddy stuff between Angie & BB.
2 peas-in-a-pod.

Last edited 6 months ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Seen a statement that someone said on the subject of history, in it he stated 70% of history is lies, 20% is just wrong, and 10% is truth, maybe.

Well, % can surely be debated and paraphrasing Napoleon Bonaparte, “History is the story that the Victors agree upon” is the way I see it.
Generally speaking, the older I get, the more I realize that to ‘get the true story’ one most find & read countless amounts of stories concerning just 1-subject, before ‘getting an idea about what the real story’ really is.
It s_cks.
It takes a tremendous amount of time.
But that’s why these b@stards do it. The m-f-s want us to waste are Lives away, if We don’t co-operate with them.
Pure Evil thru and thru.


Sounds about right.


Doesn’t look like I will be going abroad again then. This is tyranny. Hopefully there will be enough people that don’t have the vax, then they will have to rescind this idea when they still don’t have any tourists

Last edited 6 months ago by Ian

Several years ago when I used Facebook for a while I had a Facebook friend who was from what used to be East Germany. Her parents moved in the same circles as Angela Merkel and she decribed both her parents, whose views she strongly disagreed with, and Angela Merkel as unreconstructed communists.


Jennie 100% spot on about frau Meerkat. She probably worked as a bricklayer in the construction of the Berlin wall, she is a globalist of the red variety no question.



Ronald Templeman

I say hold off at this time Caroline and see how things go, as not sure this vax certificate business will work in the end. We are like Richie will never have the vax and with doing nothing could use some holiday money to find somebody to fight this as would love to visit France as previous.
Only other alternative would be buy an old gun boat and see if they dare take us on, or become a part time fisherman backwards and forwards across channel. One does have to look on the stupid side some times with all this crap.


I’m in the same position as Caroline in that I have family and friends in two countries other than the one in which I live. The people doing this are just monsters. Even if the official figures were true, which of course they aren’t, they wouldn’t justify the measures that they are carrying out. After the 1918/1919 epidemic, in which tens of millions of people died, had subsided they just got on with their lives but this won’t be allowed to happen now because none of it is about health.

Ronald Templeman

As I said Jennie hold off for a while as the Nuremburg Code and Human Rights come into this and that is actually why they were put into law.

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