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Just a very quick posting. Firstly, welcome to the brand new site. Secondly, a million thanks to Hayden Hewitt and Sinister Ltd. for building it for us, in double quick time and for a great price too. I cannot recommend Hayden highly enough, as you know. I’m thrilled with the site, I’m buzzing in fact. I hope you’ll find it as user friendly and as easy to navigate as I do. I’m very excited about the Forums too. Again, thanks Hayden. I hope you will use the forums. I’ll be reading, with great interest, your thoughts across a wide range of subjects. This website was made possible by your support of The Richie Allen Show. Thanks so much. Isn’t it great? We have a totally independent radio show, that can cover any subject and interview any man or woman, if we feel they are being suppressed and they have something important to say. I feel, even though the show has been on air for three and a half years, that we’re at the beginning of something really special.

You might’ve noticed the articles. I’ll be posting articles to the site regularly. These will mostly contain my take on events, but I have already asked some very interesting people to contribute as and when they can, so it will not be solely my rantings on offer exclusively. The Show will broadcast live, as usual, Monday – Thursday at 7 PM UK Time and 11 AM on Sunday. You can listen right here. The terrific player is on the homepage. When I am not live, the previous days show will be streaming constantly. So then! The Richie Allen Show has a site worthy of the most listened to indy radio show in Europe today. Thank You! Thanks Hayden. Happy Browsing one and all!

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