“We’re The Sweeney Son & We’ve Eaten Everyone Else’s Dinners”

Just look at the state of that useless fat bastard. It’s Vaudeville.

That is all. Join me at 5 for Monday’s show.

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Shouldn’t he be arrested for inpersonating a Police CUNTstable? Or, at the very least, impersonating a member of Parliament – albiet a very flacid one.

Last edited 1 month ago by Backbeat

Can we do him for Impersonating a Police Officer as a 20 year sentence please?


He is a fucking disgrace, and an embarrassment to every “subject” of these Isles. Did anyone actually vote that in, I do have my reservations.


Ya, all those that believed that he was going to be tough of immigration including those deluded Tommy “Four Names” Robinson supporters who did so on his advice..


I can’t speak for you mate, but I AM NOT a subject; I am a citizen.


Backbeat, yes we are all citizens, I’m taking the piss. Is it still a crime to impersonate a Police Officer??. Arrest that lump of lard immediately, if only.


I’m not too sure what’s more dangerous; impersonating a copper or a world leader :-)?


Precisely,state of the obese prick,if you ask me he needs deporting to somewhere like the middle of the amazon.


Isn’t he a Turk anyway?


From Donmeh linage possibly?

hqdefault (2).jpg

On the brighter side, the Turks make the best cymbals and gongs available 🙂


after a long investigation we finally found out who indeed ate all the pies.



I love the ‘The Sweeney’ reshape! (Literally!! 😂)

Sums it up exactly!!

It’s why we love the BBG and not the BBC (Or ITV/SKY/RTÉ or any of the rest of the propaganda shills the world over!!)

A useless fat bastard indeed!!!



Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry
Tony K

Interesting script.

Is it kingpins or joint smokers that will have their passports revoked? Or both?

These fuckers give me joke, they’re pushing it to war on purpose.

Bring it, you cunts. My money’s on the raw fucking survival instincts of us that just want to be left the fuck alone.

To be honest, happy to live the last stretch in the niceness that it is, but happy to go to war with knives, hammers, molotovs, and guns if that’s what’s needed.

Carl Smith

Several days ago, a GP gave a webinar urging people to get the jab.

He was saying how “safe and effect” the jabs are.

Basically, he was parroting what Big Pharma say.

He, also, wanted mandates for NHS staff.

He is due to give webinars to discuss the jabs in PREGNANT women and CHILDREN.
Here is the link for the webinars:


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