West Virginia Governor Offers GUNS To Boost Vaccine Uptake

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice (great name) is offering guns, scholarships and trucks as incentives to boost vaccine uptake in his state. Newly vaccinated West Virginians will be entered into a lottery.

Prizes include custom-outfitted trucks, lifetime hunting and fishing licenses and hunting rifles. There’s also a $1.588 million grand prize, a second prize of $588,000 and scholarships to any higher education institution in the state

Governor Justice was obviously inspired by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. He’s giving away million dollar prizes and scholarships in a bid to convince refuseniks to roll up their sleeves. Only in America.

Justice said the push to get more West Virginians vaccinated is crucial in order to save lives. Speaking yesterday he said:

“The faster we get people across the finish line the more lives we save. That’s all there is to it,” Gov. Justice said. “If the tab just keeps running the cost is enormous. The hospitalizations are enormous. We have to get all of our folks across the finish line.”

It’s worked in Ohio. Five days after the launch of the lottery, the Ohio Department of Health said that the campaign had led to a 28 percent increase in the vaccination rate of those aged 16 and older.

Might we see it here? I wouldn’t rule it out. One evening soon, you might turn on your TV during a commercial break, only to see Matt Hancock driving a brand new fully loaded Range Rover, while telling viewers that the car could be theirs to drive away, if they’d just register and roll up their sleeves.

We’re living in a lunatic asylum. Is there any escaping it?


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We need to start testing people around the world to determine whether they have been sterilized.


Still trying to figure out why the number plate is a Belfast postcode!!


These incentives show two primary things. 1) How morally bankrupt the politicians are; 2) How easily swayed people can be.


There is a third point Craig; this show just how desperate they’re becoming. All we need to do is ‘hold the line’ and then we can begin to reverse this insanity.


Desperate? I’m not convinced of that. These people held a multi-disciplinary strategic meeting before the ‘pandemic’ broke. They would have factored in resistance.


Craig, there’s alwys a flaw in every plan; the intangible human factor may be just that.The detailed nature of their planning is very intimidating, but sometimes the lowest tech solutions can halt or even destroy even the best laid plans. Keep your chin up mate. The main reason that we’ll win in the end is simple; we have to.


Hope for the best; expect the worst. That way there are pleasant surprises and no unpleasant ones.
As for keeping my chin up. Always. How else can I spit in their eye?


You have my vote for England’s next Poet Laureate 🙂




Best, then, that you don’t read what I’ve just posted on the Social page.


YEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!! I’m a wishin I lived in West Virginia. I’d love me a new pick’em up truck. It’s worth potential death for that isn’t it? I say potential death with some authority. You see these dickheads killed one of my cousins with this filth.

Last edited 1 year ago by Kevin

Sorry to hear about your cousin but I do believe that he or she is somewhere better than this insane world. The people behind everything here are unmitigated evil.

Scottish John

Let us shoot you up then you can go shoot someone up.


If Hancock is giving away a car as a Covid vaccine prize its more likely to be a tacky Bullseye type vehicle like a Morris Ital. He will charge the taxpayer for a Range Rover Vogue and pocket the difference.

Shoe Hurley

ohh the IRONY…it is a lottery isnt it?
but not only will you probably not win; you may die. or you leg might explode. or your bollocks might not work properly.
Fuck this im off to live in the woods
with the sane creatures

Tim in Brazil

Hey! Get a lifetime hunting/fishing licence here. Please note. Your lifetime may be measured in months


How about anyone having the vaccine would be entered into a lottery competition and the winners would be given the opportunity to take part in Joe Biden’s firing squad following his conviction for treason. They could also pick the weapon of their choice. Now that might temp a few of the vaccine hesitant.



Did you see it man??

Right at the end there!!!

Wow… Thanks for posting Tony.

Awesome mate.



Tim in Brazil

6 min and 10 sec for the impatient

Marissa Oatley

Made me cry, so beautiful.❤ thank you for sharing

Tony K

This whole “vaccine lottery” business is simply a way for states to utilize a portion of federal dollars earmarked for covid relief which is otherwise out of their reach. State governments are able to claw back a considerable amount of tax dollars against these prizes which then puts that amount of no-longer-earmarked money within their grasp. These conniving bastards will “legalize” anything they can in order to bleed the public dry, including giving away freshly minted dollars, taxing those imaginary dollars, then adding it to the taxpayer’s bill. We will all pay dearly for this farce. It seems the general public never learns that there is nothing given away for free…ever.

Gene Hunt

Naturally, Hancock haming it up a’ la Alan Partridge of course!

Marissa Oatley

united states have well over 160,000,000 people vaccinated…. I’m guessing they want at least a billion vaccinated in the u.s. if not way more it’s crazy…. so many without a second glance willing to get the jab… and the mask have been Lifted here in Texas for well over a month now and all fast food and most of the stores still have their employees wearing them…. when will this b.s. stop…


Just had to come back on to link this article. I haven’t had time to fully read this yet but it looks to be a brilliant article.

The Lies Exposed by the Numbers: Fear, Misdirection, & Institutional Deaths (An Investigative Report)

Harry Derriere

This is West Virginia why are they not offering free Oxycontin?


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Tony K

Yo Richie.

You say that no one will be censored here in the comments.

I’ve had several posts removed.

Just want to give you a heads up.

Harry Derriere

Stop posting pics of yours balls.


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This comment is currently unavailable


Try posting from a different IP address or mobile data connection.
I can’t post any comments via my home IP address, but can from the alternatives.
Think on that.

M T Hadi

If the jab doesn’t kill you, the gun will finish the job..

Urban fox

F*!! will be handy when they start shooting the unvaccinated. In America guns and trucks. In the U.K it will be harsh words allowed and Boris bikes.


I feel as if I’m living in an old-fashioned farce only instead of vicars with their trousers falling down we have politicians coming out with lines and creating situations that any self respecting farce writer would have thought was too way over the top.

Carol Jones

MORONIC Isn’t it? Can you imagine if a U.S. cyndicate offered guns in a competition???? The government would be all over them like a rash!!!!!

Carol Jones

I assume the article was for real?


After some of the stuff I’ve seen and heard these crazy governors say I absolutely believe its real.

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