What Does Covid Cases Even Mean? The Media Doesn’t Give A Fuck

Cases, cases cases. The UK media is wretched. Here’s an example of the kind of bullshit we’ve become accustomed to hearing from broadcasters:

“There were 45,000 new covid cases yesterday. That’s an increase of 11,000 on the day before. The NHS is in danger of being overwhelmed. The Labour Party wants the government to implement Plan B. Some scientists want to see a return to working from home, mandatory face-coverings and vaccine passports. The Health Secretary says he is leaning towards mandating jabs for NHS workers.”

The fucking media eh? What does 45,00 cases mean? How does it break down? How many of those “cases” were in asymptomatic people? How many were mildly ill for a day, three days or a week?

How many needed to see a doctor but were told to go home and drink plenty of fluids and take three tablespoons of Robitussin? How many were taken to hospital for oxygen and then sent home? How many were admitted for a few days? How many were placed in intensive care? How many were intubated? How many died?

What the fuck does 45,00 cases mean exactly?

The collective UK media has moved mountains during the course of the past eighteen months to ensure that you do not get that information. It is the ONLY  information that actually matters. Not a single presenter on local or national television or radio, has had the balls to call it out.

This is because the answer to that most fundamental of questions, would surely bring down the whole shitshow.

This is the reason the government and the NHS continues to refuse to publish the entirety of the data.

Remember, last week Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, a developer of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, said:

“The daily reporting is picking up a lot of people who were admitted to hospital for other reasons but have been positive in the last month.”

He went on to say:

“If someone’s admitted for appendicitis or a road traffic accident and they’re positive, they will appear in the daily numbers and certainly with the deaths.”

Do you know what the media’s response to Pollard’s comments was?

“Please disperse. There is nothing to see here. Nothing to see here PLEASE!”

Compel them to publish data on every single positive case and it’s game over. It really is.

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Medically cases doesn’t mean a thing. If you test perfectly healthy people using a fake test set to get as many false positives as possible you end up with a lot of cases.

I went into the nearest city the other day, something I only do when I have to as there is no pleasure in it anymore, and there were quite a number of young people in the shopping centre wearing bright yellow sweaters on which was written ‘free health check’. What the free health checks were was the PCR test. Should you be unfortunate enough to test postive there was a marquee set up just down the road where you could get your ‘free vaccine’.


It is MEDIA-GOV-CORP, an unholy trinity…
The distinction between Media, Military, Movieland,Medicine, manufacturing and manipulation Moguls is now redundant- it is the same families, vested interests and Sadistic agenda.
We all should be familiar to the Cecil Rhodes Legacy- well here’s the link that will cement some missing pieces into place…



The problem with the sheeple is that they are getting tested for no reason at all. Are they all hypochondriacs?
If only the masses heard what Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test then perhaps they will wake up…somehow I don’t think they will.


Well you have behavioural insights and SAGE with very complex conivances doing just that- entrancing the public, who are not Sheep BTW , and to keep using that term is ‘sheep-like’ in itself.

Also- sheep would be as smart as dogs , except they are deliberatly BREED to be more compliant.

~Anyways, the book CROWDS and POWER Elias Canetti, should have already been read by anyone here, and if you havent you have a very big gap in your knowledge base,…
also- James Corbett covers reasons that may well shock you in this episode-
The Bystander Effect – #SolutionsWatch : The Corbett Report

Last edited 9 months ago by RMCD

I did a psychology course some years ago and I remember studying the case where there were 30+ witnesses to a murder. I saw a similar effect when I went to the aid of someone being attacked on a bus a few years ago and although the bus was full no-one, male or female, came to assist me. Luckily the attacker was pretty drunk and I managed to pull him off the man and push him onto the floor even though I’m not very strong. The man got up but because he was so drunk I managed to push him to the door and push him off the bus at the traffic lghts. None of the other passengers said a word.


Human beings are probably the most Alien thing on the planet ! 😂

Individuality and the crowd/hive mind are akin to being awake- and living the dream. ‘The Spectacle’ is the dream of the crowd, and the insights and ideas of the Situationists are now more relevant than ever.

Its a pity more folk aren’t familiar with them, along with Baudrillard ‘s concept of hyperreality & Simulacrum. JG Ballard, William Burroughs P.K.Dick;Barry Malzberg; among many other great speculative fiction writers All wrote work that outlines ‘the great reset’ new world order as warnings and escape plans- not perception management (well, in most cases?), yet they seem to ignored for the even stranger fictions uttering from the msnMedia Mouthpieces.

Aldo Bennedetti

Its not the media. Its corporate media which is all in lockstep with pharma and the government.


The media’s job is to control perception of reality, not reality itself.
That is all people really need to understand.


ah, that is what they are supposed to do, or what we would presume they do..
However, what they really do IS create an artificial REALITY as THE SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE makes BLATENTLY CLEAR !!!

These ideas and Insights really need to be absorbed and comprehended properly and I dont see Richie or many of the commentators here with much clue on this, sadly.

It’s all very well thinking you know it all, and everyone else should wake up, but the ‘alternative thinkers’ are still mostly uninformed on some profound PSYCHOLOGICAL dynamics, and in many ways just another layer of sleepers crawling towards comprehension.

UNDERSTANDING is a legal term to STAND UNDER, if you understand something you are in its thrall or under its spell… it is far more prefferable to OVERSTAND or COMPREHEND a topic.

I hope that helps in some ways, but so far it seems too many commentators here are just as lost as the souls they begrudge for their slavish CONFORMITY…

If you are not familiar with ”CROWDS and POWER” and ”SOCIETY of The SPECTACLE” then you simply will not be able to fully comprehend what a state we are really in ….
and I write that from over 35 years of intrests in the matter…. also if you still think it is a SATANIC AGENDA then you are almost as asleep as all the fodder you imagine you’ve elevated yourselves from.

Last edited 9 months ago by RMCD

We are not at odds here. In my desire to try to keep it simple, I clearly did not come across clearly.
By controlling the perception of reality, the media do create an artificial reality that people perceive as real.

Likewise, my language use may well be clumsy, but people will comprehend what I mean when I use the word ‘understand’.

That said, your points are well made and by now you have a fair comprehension of where I stand.


I know Craig, it wasn’t a refutation of your views more of an addendum and expansion.

I’m not impressed with the alleged 250,000 listeners of Richies, or the fact that several informative posts I’ve made just disapear from his timeline/history.
Then, when I mention it , the query is ignored… which smacks of contel tactics… and an agenda behind his work.

I enjoy his rants and commentary on the news, but what is he really about ?
Is it to to raise anxieties, despondancy and feelings of powerlessness, while pushing the SATANTIC (dark agenda! lol) Cliche, which no half decent researcher can take seriously if they comprehend what the esoteric organisations really teach and learn?
Christian brainwashing is almost impossible to purge from our western minds, and so much so called radical politics are predominatly right wing Christian conservatism and intollerance… as soon as one battle is won they will find another enemy, with different sensibilities to their own.


it does seem a one party state as the labour party always agrees with the ruling power.


All carefully calculated to deceive from the outset. It is truly terrible.

Danny Warden

And only 892 in intensive care out of all those “ cases”


And of those 892 a large percentage are in intensive care for reasons other than a ‘deadly virus’. They will even test you after you die and add you to the ‘Covid’ death statistics!


Yes it’s quite incredible that they are testing corpses. They are so desperate to get the numbers up by using any means

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