When All Else Fails…Try The Bagpipes

Insulate Britain were back out on the roads this morning. The eco-warriors are demanding that the government spend billions on a national home insulation programme before the climate crisis kills us all.

The group had the cheek to ask motorists not to use the M25 this morning, to allow them to protest safely. Some motorists responded by throwing ink over the eco-evangelicals. One bloke leapt from his car sporting a set of bagpipes.

Personally, if I was protesting, I’d rather he punched me in the mouth than play the bagpipes in my shell-like. The protester was saved by the police before the mad musician could play a single note of “Scotland The Brave.”

One emotional 18 year-old protester told the police as he was being dragged away, that he was “frightened by coming wars and famine.” God love him. He believes it.

At the same time on ITV’s Good Morning Britain show, Insulate Britain member Tracey Mallaghan told presenter Richard Madeley that we have “three to four years to save the future of humanity.”

Madeley’s hands are tied. He is not allowed to challenge that bollox. The UK media, with the possible exception of Talk Radio, has told staff that the science on climate change is settled and that there is no longer any need to present the issue in a balanced and nuanced manner.



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Alex Romero

Just been sin binned for 12 hours by twatter in return for withdrawing a tweet saying run the fuckers over. Apparently big brother won’t tolerate free speech, but you know all about that don’t you Richie?



Kevin Duckworth

Bagpipes are cruel, but I noticed that the twat on the floor was ginger, so that alone warrants a fucking good slap.


why is no one asking these people about the science of of climate change.
i would rather my child live in a water world dystopia than spending a day in tyranny


That picture is quality Richie, did the coppers not let him start playing ?, trust me that idiot would have thought twice before setting up home on a motorway, the chris evans lookalike idiot is funny, but look at his mate ha ha, looneys mate, I blame our holy father John Paul the 11, remember he was always kissing the old tarmac wherever he landed, he preferred airports to be fair to the old boy.


Look where Ronald’s eyes are focused!
Exactly which ‘pipe’ is he concentrating on?


lol. ha ha, maybe why the coppers stepped in ha ha



Steven James

Doctors never know the contents of what they’re injecteding into pregnant women,or any patient.They’re more interested in the vaccine bonus payments.


In the 1970s we were told we only had a few years left and then again in the 1980s. In the year 2000 Al Gore said we only had a few years left and now we are hearing it again. There are many genuine environmental problems which do need addressing but these are ignored by politicians and big business and have been for years. All we ever here about is climate change because they think they can use it to control us and at the same time make a lot of money for themselves.


Anyone seeing symbols here…

Or is it just me?? 🤔

Aldo Bennedetti

Expand please.



Darren Of Norfolk

Sound weapons , yes I like it . Below a certain decibel level to not cause harm , of course .

Perhaps if the like of Richard Madeley, instead of instantly challenging them, he should ask them something like “I need to understand how all this is happening, please explain it to me” they would probably just say “there’s two much carbon dioxide in the air” and show themselves up as complete numpties. I watched one of the YT videos by Dr Patrick Moore (geologist) and he was saying that a certain percentage of CO2 was required in order for plants (food) to grow so if we were zero carbon, we’d have no plants to eat which means no vegans too.

Aldo Bennedetti

The man has no strategy in his line of questioning. Every question should be a move on the chess board and the goal is check mate.

Urban Fox

It is beyond me, that these protesters can not see that they are being used. Its both Ironic and incredible that they believe they are the ones over the years who are dictating Goverment polices. When they are the ones being led by the Propaganda.

And this agenda is now picking up pace with the television full of one sided documentaries, pushing the scam on BBC and ITV. With ITV even having a climate change awareness week. As I’m writing this iv just seen yet another advert including the climate con. This time McDonalds saying that eating there veg burger will save us all. We can add that to Persil washing powder telling us that we should buy there new special powder as it can be used on a lower setting, thereby saving our lives. Add to that all the energy companies using the climate change to push smart meters, holiday company’s and even a well known bottle of bear. Every company seems to be getting on board now and including climate change in there marketing. In the past i think some of this was being done independently. But this can be no longer the case, when all of these adverts started noticeably, when the covid adverts stopped around the end of June. The biggest company involved is Amazon, who are now pushing there ” climate change pledge “.

Only by this being a coordinated Propaganda campaign, could the timing of all this be so precise. All conveniently leading into the highly marketed con climate summit. Or is that cop climate summit? I get them mixed up.

Both manmade climate change and the fake deadly virus, are a monumental hoax. They are the weapons’ of the network of family bloodlines that have been driving most of the evils in the world throughout history. They are the driving force behind Agenda 30 and the plans for a half a billion trans human slave population. Under a one world fascist Goverment of unimaginable evil. Unfortunately unlike covid and manmade climate change, these plans are very real.

These protesters and the millions who believe in manmade climate change. Just like the masses who also believe in the fake covid plague. Are now as big a threat to every one of us, as the powers setting the agenda. For without belief which leads to compliance, these plans could never reach fruition.


Sadly youngsters are falling this monumental lie and do not have the capacity to question the narrative.
Deeply embedded in the school curriculum.

Urban Fox

Thanks for reply, yes I’m sure most definitely will be. Presented as facts. I doubt there is one of them that does not believe everything is true.

Aldo Bennedetti

Common sense is not that common.

Urban Fox

That’s true Aldo. I was saying the other day. People either cant or are unwilling to examine something critically.( Use common sense). Instead they just trust what they are told without question and except things.

Aldo Bennedetti

Not to mention they’d rather stay consuming the blue pill as the reality and truth of the situation is far too much to bare.

Urban Fox



All I saw was the McDonalds popping out at me here Fox..

One of those days today I guess..

Just keep seeing “Symbols!!”





Urban Fox

How you doing. My friend just left a while ago. Gonna be on the night shift. I dont know why, but that message to Aldo that just said no .Cracked me up big time.


Symbols Fox..

One must think in “Symbols!!”



I don’t know anything about symbols Foxy!


Miele are advertising their new washing machine with bells on. One of the selling points is that it’ll last twenty years. I remember our old twin tub that went rusty before it broke down. Everything has been made to break down because they’ve been made cheaply. I also remember my mum getting our iron repaired, although I know sometimes she put it in the pawn shop 😂😘

Urban Fox

Hi good to hear from you. Have to go to the bank and also cook, so i better be quick. Iv just sent you a message relating to this .Didn’t want to post here. Hope you got my last one as well. Speak soon.

Caroline Fealy

Every time i see these people i think that they are a plant, so the government will put a stop to all protest.

Aldo Bennedetti

Or so the government can bring in new laws regarding protesting that will be for their benefit in the future I suggest.

everything happens in politics for a reason I dare say.

Caroline Fealy



The one lying down definitely looks familiar. I’m sure he’s an actor so that probably means they all are. Normal acting work has dried up so they’re getting desperate.

Caroline Fealy

Seams to be the thing to do. I guess there are millions of actors out of work.


the “protesters” are very lucky someone has not tried to run them over yet, I can just imagine if they tried this in say Poland or Hungary they would get more than bagpipes directed towards them.


Okay, so let’s look at the gingernut.
1] He wears glasses – a mass manufactured product, the making of which will be none too kind to the environment.
2] He is sporting a ‘tash’, which means he shaves. Shaving cream and foam, as well as the razors, are mass manufactured products. That means the plundering of natural resources and industry pollution.
3] That green coat he is wearing is clearly of synthetic material. So, oil based, and a mass manufactured product. It wont be recyclable.
4] His grey top looks like it is made from synthetic fleece. That material is non-recyclable and does not biodegrade too well. It is another mass manufactured product.
5] The shirt he is wearing looks like brushed cotton. That might be biodegradable, but will likely be treated with chemical fire retardants. So, not too environmentally friendly. And, again, a mass manufactured product.
6] His trousers, another mass manufactured product that look rather clean and new. They might be made of 100% cotton, which is good; but, then again, they might contain synthetic fibres that were created from oil, which isn’t so good. There is a fair chance that they were made by slave labour.

And we are supposed to think these people are somehow ‘noble’. Give me a break.

Aldo Bennedetti

Fair play and well observed.

I’d say if you had a small budget and did a through investigation you find far more and also a connection between them all like they worked or work for a company or organisation thats linked to the government.


More like organisations that link to Big Corp. A couple of years ago, I found one such link with one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion – and I wasn’t looking all that hard.

Aldo Bennedetti

Because most people are docile and compliant and never question corporate media not to mention to lazy to investigate or research I find.


I should have added that there is a high probability that all of those clothes were made in other countries, which means they were shipped here by heavy industrial machines that run on cheap diesel and lots of oil.
None of those protestors are wearing clothes that they made from locally sourced rolls of natural fabric – because their message is not one of hard work and independent and small cooperative labour, but that someone (the government/Big Corp) should look after them. When that happens, concerns for genuine environmental impacts goes right out of the window in the face of dependency.


Good points.
Interesting article below.
Patagonia the outdoor clothing brand have been big on recycling or up cycling or their products for years.

How sustainable is recycled polyester?
By Marjorie van Elven

Nearly half of the world’s clothing is made of polyester and Greenpeace forecasts this amount to nearly double by 2030. Why? The athleisure trend if one of the main reasons behind it: an increasing number of consumers are look for stretchier, more resistant garments. The problem is, polyester is not a sustainable textile option, as it is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the most common type of plastic in the world. In short, the majority of our clothes come from crude oil, while the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is calling for drastic actions to keep the world’s temperature to a maximum of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels.


The fad for special sports clothes has always amused me.


Also they could replace plastic made from oil with hemp which is a natural product but the oil industry makes a lot of money from the plastics industry so it doesn’t happen.


its a cult playing into the hands of the elites who wants to initiate green taxes but no one is connecting the dots for these people.

Last edited 6 months ago by Horus

You could sit them down, show them all the evidence and connect the dots for them and they still won’t see.
A lot of people talk about being open minded, but very few actually are.


‘was “frightened by coming wars and famine.”’
Both of which are possible, but have nothing to do with man made climate change.

It’s curious, is it not, that Greta, XR and Insulate Britain (and the rest of their ilk) are providing similar time frames that lead us up to 2030.
Through different arguments, that date crops up on this site a lot as well.

Two entirely at odds groups reaching similar conclusions.

Aldo Bennedetti

Yes that date is off significance to the man behind the curtain.

I’d also suggest that their 10 year plan or script was worked backward from that date to the pandemic. We are currently in phase one if you will.

Aldo Bennedetti

Isn’t it interesting that they are all white middle aged, middle class, timid, lean looking types?


They are not all middle aged, and not all of them are particularly lean or timid.
But they are all presented as white and from a certain demographic of relative luxury.

Sinners who have renounced their heathen ways.

It’s rather laughable.

Aldo Bennedetti

Yes indeed. As a flavour it is all quite vanilla with the odd chocolate chip or raspberry ripple.

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