When The PCR Test Is Useless for Covid-19 (But Useful For Crooked Governments)

By Dr. Vernon Coleman  –


The pointless lockdowns, the stupid social distancing rules, the absurd and very dangerous insistence on mask wearing and the immensely dangerous experimental vaccination programme are all being driven by the testing programme.

As the number of tests being done increases so the number of people who appear to have covid-19 also increases.

But many of the individuals who are said to have covid-19 do not have it. They are what is known as `false positives’.

Tragically, the people who are testing positive are being forced to stay off work and isolate themselves even though they are perfectly healthy. Hospitals are grotesquely understaffed because perfectly healthy doctors and nurses are being forced to stay at home because they have been falsely diagnosed as having covid-19.

This is no secret.

Every informed doctor in the world knows that the PCR test being widely used for covid-19 is worse than useless. In Portugal, the courts ruled that the test is so unreliable that it should not be used to force people to isolate or quarantine themselves. The inventor of the test, Kary Mullis said the test was not intended to be diagnostic. Leaflets distributed with the tests apparently say the test is not approved for diagnostic purposes.

A positive PCR test does not mean that an individual has any infection at all – let alone covid-19.

So why are governments still using the PCR test?

It’s because they actually want to increase the fear, introduce more lockdowns, terrorise the public, destroy national economies and find more reasons to promote their dangerous social distancing, mask wearing and pro-vaccination propaganda.

The promotion of fear is part of Agenda 21 – a massive campaign devised decades ago by bureaucrats and billionaires to take control of the world’s population. (I know it may sound kooky but believe me it’s true. Read the article on entitled: `Everything that has happened was meant to happen’.)

The PCR swabs which are taken need to be examined but before they can be examined they have to be amplified – so that the virus particles can be seen.

And this is where the dishonesty comes in.

There are two problems.

First, the PCR test is not specific for covid-19 since it merely detects RNA which can come from all sorts of sources.

Second, in order to examine the RNA, the swab needs to be amplified by 25 to 30 times.

If you amplify too much then the result is unreliable and unscientific because it picks up bits of debris left over from a cold or flu in the past. Even the WHO says that the amplification should not be done more than 30 times.

But governments everywhere are amplifying PCR swabs by up to 40 times – meaning that the results are utterly worthless because they are picking up old bits of virus. Anyone who has, or has had, any sort of cold or flu bug in the last year or two is being counted as a positive PCR test.

And that’s what is happening in the UK. The NHS Guidance uses a PCR cycle threshold of 40.

And that’s why so many people seem to have covid-19.

The so-called pandemic of covid-19 is a complete lie.

And governments know (or should know) that it’s a lie.

In the UK, for example, the PCR test is being used to justify more lockdowns, more mask wearing and more restrictions.

But the PCR test as being done in the UK is utterly worthless.

The restrictions are not, and never were, necessary.

P.S. There is one other utterly useless test: the thermal scan – where an idiot in a mask and a plastic apron holds a temperature measuring device a few inches away from an individual’s forehead.

The idea is that by measuring a person’s temperature it is possible to tell whether or not they have covid-19.

But that’s daft.

There are many reasons why someone’s temperature might be high.

And covid-19 is just one of those reasons.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 12 2020

Don’t forget to read my column in The Light Paper. And you can download free PDFs of my books `Covid 19: The Greatest Hoax in History’ and `Proof that Masks do More Harm than Good’ from the as well as from this website (

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Even the creator of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, who invented it for an entirely different purpose said that it should not be used for diagnostic purposes. Governments knew this from the get go. They are liars, puppets, useful idiots and clearly controlled.

Shaun Halliwell.

My hope for CANZUK is a System that supports all the people, with no citizen being left behind. Together, we must reject the Globalist NWO. * In recent years, British Politics has become a swamp! Fao CANZUK Supporters/Managers. – Consider below ideas (Safety Valves) *Aimed at Britain as a remedy.
Time to promote the BREXIT PROTOCOLS!
1. A new, written British Constitution. (No grey areas).
2. A British Bill of Rights.
3. A War Act. (Parliament approval needed for any act of war, or support for Oversea’s Regime Change).
4. Proportional Representation, to replace the current “fudged” First Past the Post Democracy scam.
5. Abolishment of the unelected House of Lords. (Lobbyist, Industrialist, Grocers, Bankers, MPs etc, who have entrenched there unelected snouts, deep inside the UK Trough). * No Dual Citizenship allowed, WITH THE EXCEPTION of CANZUK Countries only, to avoid possible clash of interest!
6. Capped Terms of Public Office. (To avoid Career, Safe Seat Politicians).
7. Renationalisation of all Essential Utillities, Public Transport, Banking Reform, HMP’s, and NHS. (To prevent the stealth transferal of Public Tax Revenue, into the pockets of Modern Day Robber Barons). A message for all Westminster Swamp creatures! Please feel free to share this post and proposal.
PROTOCOLS OF BREXIT. (Seven is a special number) ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ROI Citizens should also be welcome in CANZUK.

Stevie V

This is what should be read out on the hour, every hour on MSN until people realised what the WHO’s meaning was when they said test, test, test. Maybe even then the penny wouldn’t drop about this whole charade as it IS depressing thinking about the powers and their intentions behind what is unfolding before our eyes. Keep up the good work Richie and try to keep faith in human nature as well.

chris sanders

Thank you all, Dr Vernon has been my saviour throughout this plandemic. You host your show brilliantly Richie and Monday evening with the great man is a must,must,must…

chris sanders

There are more ANSWERS than questions! age of mask wearers 5 in Scotland. 6 in Spain (100 euro fine) Cyprus 11(300 euro fine)UK 12 I believe. Iceland 15. oops a few inconsistencies here… How can a 6 year old spanish kid pay 100 euros?


Please keep up the good work fellas. Here’s 30 studies showing lockdowns don’t work


Great article Dr Coleman.


Love your shows Richie, you also have fantastic guests on, since finding your shows I’ve really woken up to what’s going on, I’ve bought the Jim Marrs books looked up many of your guests websites, and now the much respected Dr Vernon Coleman. Thank you. Well worth my donation to your show usually I donate £20 3/4 times during the year.
Thanks Richie, keep up the good work

Adrian Boarder

Loving the new site Richie. Dr Coleman always nails the subject, I can see why the MSM doesn’t want to debate him!

Caroline Fealy

We have only just found Richie, through other media. So happy we did :). Not many will talk straight to the point. So funny too. Thanks from Mike and Caroline 🙂

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