Whitty: “Covid Difficult To Find. Most People Have Mild Or No Symptoms”

Speaking alongside UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at last night’s Downing Street Covid briefing, Chief medical Officer Chris Whitty said that coronavirus was effectively harmless and none of the watching journalists batted an eyelid.

Whitty said;

“In terms of eliminating (coronavirus) from the UK, this is a disease which has got ah…most people who have it have mild symptoms, or in some cases no symptoms who can then transmit it.

That makes it very difficult to find.”

Whitty went on to say that the UK has “very good vaccines.”

Nobody in attendance flinched. None of the journalists watching on ZOOM, mentioned it when it was their turn to ask a question. I’d have said; “Chief Medical Officer, if the so-called disease is harmless to most of us, what the fuck has been going on over the last twelve months?

Would you care to explain to the tens of millions of lives your policies have ruined, that it was for an illness that most won’t get and the majority of those who get it will have mild or no symptoms?”

Not a peep from Laura Kuenssberg, Robert Peston or Beth Rigby. Whitty had just told them it was all a big hoax and they said and did nothing. By the time I’d have finished with him, he’d never be seen in public again.

This isn’t the first time Whitty has come clean. Last Spring, speaking from Downing Street, Whitty said that most people won’t get Covid, and that the majority of those who do will not even know they have it. He said a tiny minority of those will feel ill and a tiny minority of those would end up in hospital.

This virus has a 99.7 per cent survival rate. There is no pandemic. There never was. It’s a hoax.


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David jones

See the man who is supposed to be the top public expert on this apparent pandemic let the truth slip out saying ” this is a disease for which most people who have it have mild or no symptoms” This is why the world has been locked up and global economies destroyed? What does having freedom and upholding human rights mean to us.
When the right to protest has been removed?
We stand up for ourselves. We can look after our own communities and make sure we eat and can enjoy socialising. It is the time for unity and connection to our higher selves and a time for a true life education for happiness and wellbeing and what freedom really means.
Check the recording at 35.02 for when he says it

Andy Pattern

I hoping you do not mind, but I put those couple of minutes of your impassioned Chris Whitty take down on Tuesday’s show on to my phone and playing to all and sundry. I am sure those I played it to have now had the penny drop, who perhaps stood on the other side the past year. You also have a couple of new listeners, thanks for what you do Richie.

Stephen Hardy

Shock.. Horror.. Sars-Cov-2 (whatever it is) could be a virus that circulates every year in the winter, just like other viruses used to do, and we simply have to accept it and get on with things. What a stunningly insightful revelation! Remember in the good old days when the “lurgy”, colds and flu, and chest infections used to visit some of the population every winter, but the country didn’t close down, people didn’t go scurrying to the nearest broom cupboard to lock themselves out of harm’s way? Well not anymore: Covid’s the only game in town, and every which you turn, it’ll bring you down! Chris Shitty might also have inadvertently explained exactly why this is the most unnecessary, useless mass vaccination program in history, carried out at a cost of billions to the tax payer. But this about creating the belief that there is another seasonal virus we must protect people against by adding more annual vaccines to the schedule. Incidentally, just a thought, but given that flu has allegedly disappeared off the face of the Earth this year, are people in the UK still being given the flu jab? I got a letter dated 31st January helpfully informing me “it wasn’t too late to get a flu shot”, the timing was most fortuitous, as not being as well prepared as some people, I’d just run out of toilet paper!

I’m probably going to get hammered now for being so negative, but I still believe the full vaccine uptake will eventually be well over 90%. I absolutely know I won’t be taking it, but then I don’t have a family or a mortgage, or children wanting to go abroad for the family holiday. I think many people who might otherwise be as strongly opposed to this experimental injection as we are, will be put in an almost impossible position by coercion and threats to their employment. Not everyone can just draw a line in the sand and walk away.

But I do believe this all about testing people’s resolve and setting a precedent. If the government gets its way and manages to all but (legally) mandate this covid “vaccine”, it will be the foot in the door for more vaccine mandates in the near future. You can imagine, at some point, all of the what we might call “traditional vaccines” for childhood infections, being re-tooled and re-booted as new mRNA therapies, and now “offered” to everyone. I think by the year (Agenda) 2030, there’ll probably be around 50 vaccines on the schedule, you’ll get four or five shots every month from cradle to grave, to keep you safe from the deadly dangers of being alive!


Great rant you had in your show yesterday Richie!

I stumbled across some NHS data at the weekend which might make you even more livid!
I documented what I found in this video, it probably asks more questions than it answers but is pretty shocking stuff. If you want to skip through the part where I’m working through the data you can skip to 10:45 to get the final results.


Last edited 1 year ago by CiderSid

Just watched your video. Gonna share


Thanks Alan, appreciate you sharing.

I’m currently trying to look into the non-covid mortality rates of last year compared to the previous 5 year average. You would not believe how difficult they’ve made it to find this data, I’m really struggling to find anything.

My theory is that (normally) preventative conditions would have seen in increase in mortality rates over the past year. Whether the data backs up my theory or not, I don’t know but I’m happy to put my findings out there regardless.Can I find the relevant data sets? Can I bollocks!


Thanks for sharing this data and it’s bizarre and totally mind bending
Healthy people are in an open prison for nothing no risk other than the poison being offered as a solution for nothing


Thanks for watching. I know what you mean, it’s so unbelievable you have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not in some bizarre dream!

Since this whole Covid thing, I’ve not known any family members or immediate friends to have died with it. I have a very large family and I’m old fashioned, I like going down the pub and meeting people so I’ve got a fair few friends from all walks of life too.

Since the vaccine roll-out I’ve known a number of friends and family who’ve had the jab and had bad reactions. Mostly they’ve just been fever, vomiting and bad head but this past week two of my close friends have been so ill they were almost hospitalised. One of them is 30 with no pre-existing conditions, the other is 50 with heart/blood conditions. Due to the blood clotting my 50yr old friend was told to go for the Pfizer one, the younger lad had AZ.

Had they been in a more vulnerable age group, I believe they would have probably died. They would certainly have been in hospital and in a very bad way, I met my 50yr old mate for a walk 2 days after the jab and almost called him an ambulance as he could barely breathe, he certainly couldn’t walk.

I can only go by what I’ve seen first hand but going on that data it’s clear to me that the chances of dying from a bad reaction to the jab is greater than dying of covid. Of course I’d imagine the chances are still very slim but even so, it seems mad to me that anyone would consider an experimental vaccination for something they’re already highly unlikely to die of.


Looks like they are all at it, check out link below

Andy Bee

So the jabs allegedly only reduce the already almost non-existent symptoms that most people may experience should they become infected with sars-cov-2.


You’ve got to hand it to the marketing dept here. This is snake oil 2021.

Ronald Templeman

Perfectly stated Richie this whole thing is a sick joke with absolute knob heads running it and as for the main media, lets hope it comes back to haunt them.

Andrea Cook

Perhaps another way of looking at this, Richie, is that Whitty is underlining the position that we’re all walking germ bags. Hazardous to each other. With no symptoms to go by, we must stay apart. The whole human herd is contagious. It beggars belief that people believe the weavers of this mass hallucination, but I reckon those who do are now even more afraid of their fellow man.


In a brief flash of generosity I considered that Whitty’s conscience had slipped that in off script.
Then my natural cynicism kicked back in.


“If we can go further, who would say ‘no’?”
Rather a lot of people, probably.
But, I suspect he’s not talking to them/us, but rather the well programmed people; and possibly his corporate friends and cross Party colleagues.
It also has the bitter pre-emptive strike flavour of more lockdowns, more changes to law, and Covid passports.


It’s not just the media. Whitty would have been seen and heard across the nation and I suspect a great many people didn’t even bat a sleepy eyelid.


Perhaps he could take a look up his arse he might find the ‘virus’ there…


I admire your ability to listen to their briefings and read the endless propaganda Richie. If it wasn’t for your radio show and this website I would have stopped following their scam last August. It is so frustrating watching their bullshit, I want to smash the Telly.

Charlie Stevenson

I get my news from Richie mostly, then read the articles he signposts me to. I trust his judgement. Then get other viewpoints from his excellent guests. I follow them on Brand New Tube, Bitchute etc. Prof D Cahill, Dr Tennpenny, Dr Bhakdi, James Perloff etc.

Gary Green

You should. Or leave it by the side of the road with a sign that says, Free Mind Control Machine.


I should have called it a screen really, I don’t watch TV.. If I did I wouldn’t be here..


Got rid of the TV over a decade ago, so glad I did. I’ve now stopped following the mainstream media altogether, my blood pressure couldn’t stand it

Charlie Stevenson

They know what they are doing. This is inflammatory in the extreme. Live to air trolling. Is it too much of a leap to think they are goading the masses into civil disorder with other such inflammatory events such as the Sarah Everard protest? After all, if we react, we cause them a problem, to which I’ll bet they already have a neatly packaged solution.


That would be my reading of it.

Steve Satch

Have thought the same myself. Almost like they want an excuse to introduce martial law.

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