WHO Director Says Vaccines Will Allow Return To New Normal

At a press conference this morning, WHO Europe Director Hans Kluge said that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risk. He said “it’s use (vaccines) should continue to save lives.” He then said;

“Vaccines work and will eventually allow a return to a new normal. But for that to happen, we need to rely on science and have confidence in the incredible protection afforded by vaccines against all vaccine preventable diseases including Covid-19.”

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is expected to back the AstraZeneca jab this afternoon, despite widespread reports of dangerous blood clotting in some recipients.

Yesterday, the Spanish Health Ministry said it was investigating several clotting incidents in people who had the AZ vaccine. One person died. Several countries have suspended the vaccine pending the EMA decision on its safety.

AstraZeneca claims that 17 million people in the EU and UK have received the vaccine and that the number of cases of blood clots reported “is lower than the hundreds of cases that would be expected among the general population.”

The World Health Organisation threats are not very subtle. The instruction is simple. The vaccines work. Therefore you must have one. Only vaccination will allow a return to a new normal.

That’s important. The jabs won’t return life to normal, but to a new normal.

There’s nothing normal about what’s coming.





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More fucking lies. Why do my vaccinated family members have to wear masks today?


President Magafuli is dead. They say it was a heart condition. When he rejected the heavy hand of WHO a year ago, I said he would be dead within a year. Being right sucks sometimes.


The same happened recently to the President of Burundi who held the same views as the President of Tanzania, neither of them would allow the import of the vaccines. Both were around 60 years old, no age today, and in previously good health.

This is as big a coincidence as Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test, on which so which so much of this agenda depends, dying literally weeks before all this started.


I thought I recalled that. That makes two and I am not a believer in coincidences. I won’t delude myself about health. I know that anything over 40 can be a crapshoot for some but if a person eats fairly healthy, there are a lot fewer causes of random death these days. I saw the video of Magafuli talking about the fake tests and he looked plenty healthy to me.


It is said that there no coincidences in life.

Urban fox

Hi Jennie, there is either coincidence or synchronicity. If you believe in the latter. As I do. Then that is the belief that all events are cause and effect and not random. And that everything connects in a meaningful way. And that we are given clues, to get us to connect the dots. What appears coincidence, is a sighn, to look at what we are being told. That doesn’t mean he was killed of course. We will probably never know. But I think, what we can probably all believe, is if 22 out of 65 can die after having vaccine in a care home. When no one had died last 12 months in the same home. Then we are being given a big message about something. Unless you are, Gates, Boris, Hancock etc or one of the brainwashed masses, In which case, it is most definitely coincidence. Hope your well, U.F


I think you’re absolutely right.

Not too bad today thank you as we have a bit of sun which always helps the mood. I hope things are good with you.

Urban fox

Thanks Jennie. About same as usual. Sunny hear as well. Take care.


This is heartbreaking. Genuine good people going by the wayside. It doesn’t bode. To all the brave people God rest their souls. 🙏

Zac Baled


Zac Baled

If I have a son in the future im going to name him after President Magafuli.
No way in my honest opinion is that a coincidence. Most probably been bumped off!
Will fondly remember him with a smile on my face in years to come (in regards to the pcr tests he carried out on fruits, motor oil and other things)


In Leicester, leaflets full of information that rubbishes the accepted truth about the ‘virus’ and vaccines have been delivered to houses around the city. The local health barons are panic stricken. The leaflets were produced by a group called ‘Be Informed’. I can’t endorse them as i know nothing about them but their website (beinformed.life) does have links to some very interesting stuff from around the world.


wink wink, nudge nudge

cheers Robert


There is no dangerous virus. All this is based on manipulated fake testing. The measures were never necessary. If people could just get these 3 facts into their heads the issue of the vaccine would be irrelevant because no treatment is needed of any kind for a condition that does not exist.

Urban fox

Absolutely right Jennie

Ronald Templeman

I have to say also come across so many that think once they have had the second jab all will be great, sadly have news for them it won’t.
When you mention wait for the next lockdown the end of this year, they say that can’t happen, afraid there are going to be a lot of disappointed people out there.

Zac Baled

You are right,
Those who have rolled up their sleeves and taken one (or two) for the “team” will most likely be disappointed – only if theyre still living!


Hello Richie very very grateful for your existence ! Without you Vernon C and Del Bigtree I would be gulping Prozac or some other anti delusional therapy. On the subject of The Agenda I wonder if you’ve come across Leo Zagami , author of .´Confessions of an Illuminati ´
He keeps getting wiped from YouTube and is struggling on with diminishing views on ever changing channels. His books are well researched and are based on personal experience.AND
His insight and knowledge are astonishing.
Worth interviewing in my opinion.
Much love


We don’t ‘return’ to a new normal. We either return to normal normal or have a new very fucking abnormal imposed on us. And it will be the latter I’m afraid. The concept of ‘new normal’ was in play from day one.


Apologies in advance as I know I’m repeating myself here…

But the clue is in the WHO emblem itself!!

The damn SNAKE is there coiling around the staff!!

So… Instead of taking their definition as it representing a Greek God of healing or whatever…

Just take it to mean “Snake Oil Salesmen/Women” , which in essence and at this point in time is all that the WHO now is!!

The damn coronavirus (aka common cold!) vaccines are SNAKE OIL!!

Useless treatments for nothing that do nothing!!

Except further their Snake Oil Sales and Health Passport Agenda enslavement programme that is!!


Last edited 1 year ago by Gerry

For huge swathes of the population, it still has not sunk in. They think that the vaccine programme will return life to normal.
If ‘normal’ means that masks and face coverings will continue; if social distancing will continue; if there will no longer be ordering a drink or food at the bar; if testing for a sniffle becomes an ingrained habit; if lockdowns happen every Autumn and Winter; if vaccine roll-out is drummed into everyone, every year; if the booking of holidays becomes a gamble; if the booking of concerts and festivals becomes a gamble; if the chance of getting a job is determined by vaccination or the willingness to wear a mask; if…

I can’t speak for anyone else, but that vision looks far from normal to me. But, then, I do see the world differently from most people I know.

Urban fox

Bang on the 💰

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