WHO Special Envoy: “Jabs Not Enough We Need To Adapt Lifestyles”

David Nabarro is a constant on SKY News. He’s the World Health Organisation’s special envoy on Covid-19. He told SKY’s Kay Burley this morning, that in future, we’ll need to adapt our lifestyles to fight covid and its never-ending variants.

Nabarro said that when restrictions are eventually lifted, people will need to continue living as if the virus is waiting around every corner. He said:

“I’m trying to really reiterate it can’t be just about restrictions. The future for humanity is that we adapt our lifestyles so we make it hard for this virus to spread.

We know that covid is constantly changing which means that although vaccination is a marvellous asset, it’s not going to be enough. We are going to have to continue to behave as though the virus is an ever-present threat.”

Bizarrely, Nabarro then put a facemask on, telling Burley that wearing one “is not a big thing to do.”

The presenter never thought to challenge Nabarro on his “future for humanity” comment. God forbid.

I’ve been chatting about the jabs with fellow canine enthusiasts in my local park. Some of them know of the radio show, some of them don’t.

I’m very gentle with them, never domineering. When asked about why I am refusing the offer of a jab, I talk about risk versus benefit. I don’t want to scare them off.

When I ask people why they’ve decided to take it, they mostly tell me it’s because they want life to go back to normal. They’re being coerced but don’t seem to realise or understand it.

When I point out that guys like Nabarro and UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty are calling for mask wearing and distancing to continue long after everyone is jabbed, their eyes glaze over. They just don’t get it.

Meanwhile in Salford, the army is coming. They’ll be going door to door to persuade people to have a test and to go for a jab. Vaccine buses are rolling into town to jab the willing.

It used to be the stuff of nightmares. Now it’s a reality.



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Hermione Granger

In the last 40 years alone the UK has had seven alleged epidemics/pandemics; AIDS, Swine flu, CJD, SARS, MERS, Bird flu as well as annual, seasonal flu. All were said to be very worrying but schools remained open and the NHS treated everybody and most of the population were unaffected. The country would rarely have been open if it had been shut down every time. Pcr is a hopelessly-performing diagnostic test, and continues to be used, not for diagnosis of disease but, it seems, solely to create fear.

Basically without the emergency status created by the ridiculously inaccurate pcr they couldn’t do any of this around the globe – NON of it no pandemic no tests and no gene manipulation and no passport spying


Well Kary Mullis who invented the PCR for an entirely different purpose would have been screaming blue murder about the misuse of his test had he still been with us, he regularly called out bad science and bad scientists such as Dr Fauci. He was in very good health and then died suddenly, supposedly of pneumonia literally weeks before all this started.

When you see how much of this fraud is dependent on the PCR test you do have to feel very suspicious about his sudden death.


…… and then there’s this maniac.


Not only guns, and donuts but now joints to encourage you to take an injection


Heard that. I said there was a reason that states began legalizing it. I’m not anti-weed but it will make you goofy as all hell.


Smoke your way to Schizophrenia 😎😎


It will if it is the Monsanto GMO strains of Cannabis which they have been producing for a good while now.
There is nothing natural that the psychopaths will attempt to replace with synthetic crap to cull the population.


repost: HI everyone: this is the link to the conference from Richard Flemming Saturday 5th June 2021. Richie interviewed him last Thursday, if you didn’;t get the chance to watch live:

UPDATE: Character assassination already happening on Google when you go searching for this video; statements that Dr Flemming is involved in covid trials etc.


I would like to report this: Really important video and message for those who feel helpless and may be sitting on the fence. Richie says he has gone from an atheist to agnostic- guys, it is not the time to sit on the fence now. Make a decision.
While some may not subscribe to a scriptural view of life, remember, it is not about you. Hebrews 9:27 ‘it is appointed once for people to die, and then comes judgement.’


OOHHHH The virus is lurking around every corner and going to jump out and get yah.


Kevin Barret Podcast (regular guest on the RAS and on today)

Matt Ehret Exposes Transhumanism and the Great Reset.

Has the Western bankster elite always been eugenicist? And is the Great Reset just a cover for the rehabilitation of eugenics?

Matthew Ehret discusses his three-part series on transhumanism and the Great Reset:

How the Unthinkable Became Thinkable: Eric Lander, Julian Huxley and the Awakening of Sleeping Monsters

Eugenics, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Clash of Two Systems

From Russell and Hilbert to Wiener and Harari: The Disturbing Origins of Cybernetics and Transhumanism.

Tony K

David Nabarro is a special sort of Judas, one that deserves special attention after we have sorted this all out when the dust has settled.

But DR MICHAEL RYAN, from the WHO, his line manager, is the one that needs to be hunted down immediately.

He’s Irish.

Kneecapping should be only the entre for this little fecker.


Perhaps a Banana Republic Court to justify it?


Ryan’s despicable and like his cohorts operating here, he’s a disgrace to my country.

To be honest Craig, Ireland already is a banana republic now, only it’s them that have created it.

A once proud nation is no more..

It’s done here.

Perhaps older ideologies of extreme punishments are overly severe, but in an ideal world these people wouldn’t be getting away with what they’ve done and continue to do on behalf of their puppet masters.

I hope and pray we never revert back to those days of relentless hatred.

But I suspect ‘serious trouble’ is looming on the horizon, should the level of hostility towards Irish people simply seeking their freedoms and liberties, continue to be increased indefinitely.



Serious trouble is definitely looming.


All’s not lost just yet.

Some very positive data coming back from the big ol US of A!

I’m going to post this in one of the latest threads (The Commie professor!).

It takes three hours, but I suspect you and many others who give it the time will enjoy it.



Apologies Craig.

Here’s the link:

M T Hadi

I wonder, how much did it cost for this man’s soul?


The standard rate is thirty pieces of Silver.


I have a friend who knows a retired nurse who is involved in giving the toxic shot on agency rates, how much pay? Β£30 an hour. My 1st thought when I heard, 30 pieces of silver. And they give this shot in churches too, it really is evil.


Went past a mosque when on my walk today after meeting an unvaccinated friend who I have not see for over a year and there was some NHS workers coming out pulling tubs on trolleys.
I presumed that it was a vaccination team.
My friend said that he will have to have the jab if he has to travel overseas for work. I adviced him not to take one because it would finish him off and he needs to look after his family.
He then said that he would work in the the UK. Will wait and see on that one.


I was looking at the huge queue of people at a vaccination centre in Finchley North London yesterday most very young. I thought the Jewish community was going to put up far more resistance but apparently not. Its so depressing.


I agree with you Mark.
They accept any old bollocks due to the constant psy-op on the public.


Falling for the promises of the One Eyed Deceiver.


I suspect no one here is remotely surprised. We know where this is going – and we know there is no stopping it. It has been too carefully planned.


There is hope. We need to put ‘dead stop’ to this and place the established system in reverse; stating with the central Banking system. This will mean us possibly eating the same sludge consumed by Morphius and Neo πŸ™‚ but it’ll be well worth it. I’m reminded by a line in the great poem ‘Psalm’ by Longfellow “Be not like dumb driven cattle; be a hero in the strife”.


It’s a masterpiece – a slick operation. They were all paying attention over those Davos decades. Or just maybe – they have already been programmed – the prototypes on their required mission?


Without freedom you can’t have any real life. Where I live a lot of people are getting the vaccines, they are walking around the streets in masks but nobody’s ill, yet they still can’t see what’s in front of their noses.

Sounds like really scary stuff going on but those of us who know the truth have to stay strong. If I get anyone round I shall give them the lecture about the PCR test and what Kary Mullis, its inventor, said about it.


Jennie, the culling of the sheople is definitely in the post. We may need to wait up to about 3 years for the stronger ones to implode; but it WILL HAPPEN.


Nearly Everyone I work with has had a jab or is looking forward to having it so they can go on holiday.
Apparently I’m the dangerous one cause I might catch COVID and pass it on to them, who can still get it even though they’ve been jabbed… πŸ˜‚
I tell them:
– Well if. you have been vaccinated surely you have nothing to fear?
I’m worried because The injections are killing people…
– Yeah but not as many as The Virus 🀣
It’s rather comical arguing with them.


And ultimately pointless. They will wake up in their own time, or not at all. Trying to make them see just doesn’t work.


Well said Craig. It’s NOT my job to bring anyone to Jesus. I choose to save my self and set an example.


Amen to that. Agreed.


Pennywise, I feel your pain; but don’t communicate with my co-workers at all on this subject. The fact that I am unjabbed will probably lead me to not return to the office for at least another year; I won’t risk being exposed to my co-workers Fauci breath.


Re the army’s presence in Salford..

I want to joke and say.. lock the gates and put up a sign saying “No Trespassing and Beware of the Dog”.

But I realise the sheer horror of the pending tyranny.

It’s disgusting this.



But f*** em…

Do it anyway!



Gerry, they are pushing their agenda forward a pace; this is ahead of schedule imho. The panic is palpable.


They are Backbeat.

I guess they’re feeling threatened now by a rising push back.
It’s at this stage those who’ve figured out the deception need to hold firm.

It’s all only psychological unless you allow yourself to be ‘compromised’ by their snake oil.
(Then they now own you!)

So, we need to apply some hard core reverse psychology of our own.

“I do not consent”

“I’m in the control group”.

“And that’s where l’ll be staying!!!”



I’ve had 3 phone calls from the NHS immunisation service this week so far. I have not answered any of them and they have left voicemail messages. I don’t even think its a real person making the call just an auto bot.


Makes it harder to tell it to F.O…

And less enjoyable!!



My sign – shielding, please ring the bell. I shall present my deltoid for vaccination at the letterbox. I have the ‘shoulder’ of lamb at the ready!!



If I were Richie… I would put that acoustic equipment he has to good use!!

“Snarling rabid dogs at the ready!”

As soon as the Jack boot climbs over the wall!!!

Speakers to “ON”

Closer to the door he/she/’?’ gets, the louder it shall become!!!



Just put your backside up to the letterbox and they will vaccinate you through the slot 🀣🀣🀣🀣

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