WHO: “Vaccines Give People False Sense Of Security”

It’s almost one year since the UK regulator approved the first covid jab. The MHRA approved Pfizer’s jab on December 2nd 2020. Six days later, a grandmother became the first person in the world to receive it.

On that evening’s Richie Allen Show and in subsequent shows, I predicted that the vaccines would change nothing. I said that I believed three things would happen. I predicted that they would never stop at two jabs, that they would attempt to mandate them for everyone and that lockdowns and restrictions were here to stay.

This morning, the World Health Organisation is warning that the vaccines are giving people a false sense of security and that we need to continue to limit social mixing, wear masks, wash hands constantly and most importantly, don’t kill Granny.

WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said last night:

“We are concerned about a false sense of security that vaccines have ended the pandemic, and that people who are vaccinated do not need to take any other precautions. Vaccines save lives, but they do not fully prevent transmission.”

Ghebreyesus pal Mike Ryan, the WHO’s Emergency Director said:

“We are back to pre-pandemic levels of social mixing, even in the midst of very strong resurgence in cases and even in the midst of some of those countries under high pressure in health systems.”

As of yesterday, 7.8 billion jabs have been administered worldwide. Nearly half the world’s population has been fully-jabbed. It’s been 20 months since “three weeks to flatten the curve.”

Last December, former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock cried “15 million jabs to freedom.” “It’ll be over soon and we can get back to living our lives,” he said.

More than 110 million jabs have been given in the UK.

Life hasn’t returned to normal. It was never meant to. What will it take for people to understand that this was never about a virus and finally do something about it?



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Mrs Huxley

You could not make this shit up. Cognitive dissonance on ‘roids!


Two more professional footballers have suddenly collapsed and been taken to hospital. One from Sheffield Utd and today one from Wigan Athletic. The number of sports people going down is increasing every day. Will their team mates or fellow athletes get the message? Probably not.


Now that so many people are apparently vaccinated they have to come up with excuses not to give them back their freedom which of course they had no intention of doing anyway. This has now gone on longer that the epidemic of 1918/19 but of course when that ended people resumed their normal lives which is definitely not what is intended now.

Aldo Bennedetti

They are slowing turning the screw every single day tighter and tighter on all channels.

Urban Fox

Every day now i feel as if iv woken up in an asylum. In which the remaining few sane people are trying to survive and looking for a means of escape. Whilst asking the obvious questions that our fellow imprisoned inmates don’t.

How is it that if covid is genuine, were there no excess deaths or funerals around the world in 2020?

How did flue cases and deaths completely disappear, often being replaced with identical numbers labeled covid.?

If the masks work, how is someone else a threat if not wearing one.?

If masks and anti social distancing work, why do people need a vaccine.?

Even if one believes the official narrative, why are the authorities so intent on forcing a new Frankenstein concoction into every one on the planet, despite evidence of tens of thousands of deaths. When there own statistics show over a 99% survival rate, even if one were to contract covid in the first place.?


On strictly come dancing this week, one of the judges was off work having being tested positive with a test, that the creator himself said was never meant as a diagnostic tool. I cant understand how people dont think it strange, that people are still being told to take the fake test, if we have this amazing life saving new vaccine. I was left wondering how many across the UK are off work isolating as a plague victim. When there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Not so much as a runny nose.

As Richie rightly says this was never about a virus. It was about changing peoples behavior permanently. About introducing a new way of life meant to last forever. I also believe without a shadow of a doubt, that everything that has happened over the last 2 years, is part of a program of mass genocide. With the survivors being fused with technology to the extent that they can no longer be seen as human. Several leading figureheads have spoken and wrote about there wishes for this to happen, as soon as 2030. And there is now evidence of both the capability to do this, and that it has already started. As researches such as Dr Carrie Majed have shown in recent videos.

I remember writing last year about how we should never except this madness as normal. Many of these things however have now become the norm and just every day occurrences.

‘ What you think of as strange now, one day you will come to think of as normal.’

This is what Aunt Lydia told the new handmaids at the training center, in the dystopian drama. Where fertile woman are taught how to be ritually raped, to provide children for the elite.

If we are ever going to put an end to this ‘New Normal ,then first many more people have to stop believing and start questioning. Only then will they stop willingly participating in there own demise. Because whilst what we are living through is a drama, it is no longer fiction but very real.

What we need at the moment is not so much ‘The Robots Rebellion’, that David Icke wrote about. But ‘The Handmaids Rebellion’, that Atwood wrote of. Because right now we are all being F**ked whether we like it or not. And vaccine mandates are the equivalent of medical rape.


They don’t have to answer the very relevant questions you list because they never get asked them by the controlled mainstream media. They have to keep testing because they need all these new ‘cases’. Here in Ireland, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, they were offering free health checks in the shopping malls which were in fact the PCR test. This was clearly a push so they could bring in their latest tyranny of masking and jabbing young children. I feel exactly like you that the world has turned into an insane asylum.

Urban Fox

Thanks Jennie, good to know I’m not just going crazy. None of this makes any sense whatsoever to me. The official spiel that is. Its cold here as well, but we do seem to be having an unusual amount of sunlight for this time of year.


The question has to be, what can be done?
I have heard the argument that protesters need to march on Westminster or No.10 and stay there. Who remembers ‘Occupy Wall Street’? Staying on site is exactly what those protesters did and it changed nothing of importance.
The 250 million Indian farmers who protested last year have succeeded in getting a u-turn on the Bill that would have detrimentally impacted them, only to find that they can’t get enough fertiliser this year to keep their farms running. In other words, the system has found another way to destroy those farmers as part of the ongoing plan.

I have heard, on numerous occasions, ‘where are all the men gone’ as memories harken back to a time when men would protest more. But we have had decades of chemicals added to our food, water and air (intentionally or otherwise) that have negatively impacted testosterone levels and that subtley sedate the population; combined with similar decades worth of social engineering programmes that have emasculated men, destroyed true community adhesion and dismantled the manufacturing and mining industries (that in themselves bred tough men and true community solidarity).

And, on top of that, the education system has filled successive generations’ heads with ‘noble’ causes and beliefs over the ability to think for themselves in a critical, rational way; while television, film and other forms of media have conditioned the population to view totalitarianism as something that happens solely via guns, tanks, and armies.

These are by no means the only reasons or obstacles. There are many others.

Most people do not plan beyond the next ‘pay check’. Some will plan further ahead if they want to go on holiday, buy a house or a car. Very, very few create life goals and remain focussed enough to achieve them.
Because of this kind of thinking, so very few can comprehend the idea of very long term – even multigenerational – plans. For those masses it is far easier and familiar to consider actions in isolation and to view politicians as short sighted imbeciles.

When will people wake up? It may be more pertinent to ask, how can they wake up when everything they have been taught to believe, see and comprehend keeps them effectively blind and deaf?


They never will Craig.
So, it’s up to those of us who are awake to become proactive in our determination to put a halt to this particular ‘multigenerational plan’.

Otherwise, we’re done for.

It’s that simple.


It’s a noble idea that has, so far, made no real difference.
The system/state (in whatever form the power structure takes) protects itself and its interests. It always has. And it knows us so very, very well.


Absolutely, with all scenarios and possible outcomes planned for meticulously.

But life’s full of surprises, so in much the same way as they apply their silent weapons for this quiet war, that compliment can be very easily returned with equal precision.

It has in the past and just like the present, history will always repeat itself.

Aldo Bennedetti

Realistically very little.

They’ll just move the goal posts as they see fit again. I’m sure they plan for that.

The public are constantly lead down the garden path and they buy into it every time here in Ireland.

Austria will be interesting based on their revolt but how will the government out manoeuvre 2 million people.


Everything you say is absolutely spot on. Maybe we need to get together and buy some land somewhere, form our own savage reservation (as in Brave New World). Create a separate society with our own rules and way of life. Perhaps Professor Cahill and others could act as a central point where we can make contact. Sad as it is separation does seem the only answer unless more people refuse to comply and that doesn’t seem to be happening.


Gotta keep the number one Agenda 21/30 digital ID sustainable development goal on track.

Gotta maintain the masses in a state of fear to make them roll up their sleeves for the remainder of their lives in order to keep topping up their Digital ID injections!!

Gotta keep the flock geo tagged in order to monitor their every move from birth to death!!

Gotta keep them right where we want them and get rid of the rest..

Oh yeah.


Urban Fox

Couldn’t have put it better myself. At least the sun is shining outside today, in the UK zone of the peoples republic of Gilliad. Praise be.


And here too Fox.
By his hand!


It’s freezing here. Where’s a bit of global warming when you need it?

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