Why Are Councils Recruiting Covid Marshals On 2 Year Contracts?

Coronavirus restrictions are due to end on June 21st. UK prime Minister Boris Johnson is on the record as saying that there will be no return to lockdowns thereafter. So why are local authority’s recruiting covid-19 marshals on contracts that run to 2023?

Data released today reveals that nearly 40 million UK residents live in covid free areas. 25 million Brits have had two doses of a vaccine and University College London is claiming that the country reached herd immunity against covid some weeks ago.

Yet according to The Mail Online, councils are set to employ “armies” of covid marshals to begin patrolling UK town centres and parks from July. According to The Mail:

Hertfordshire County Council is among those advertising for Covid marshals, with the local authority offering a contract worth an estimated £3 million to a provider that can supply 60 marshals from July 1 until January 31 next year.

The contract also comes with a possible one-year extension to 2023.

In its description of the marshals’ duties, the contract notice reads: ‘Provide practical support to aid and encourage compliance, such as dedicated staff in public areas, business support, or support for individuals.’

It continues: ‘Introduce measures to aid public and business awareness and understanding of regulations and guidance.’

The Telegraph newspaper revealed today that councils in Darlington, Portsmouth, Cornwall and Carlisle have extended covid marshals contracts beyond July.

According to recruitment website North East Jobs, Covid Marshals will be used to advise the public on social distancing rules and other coronavirus measures in public areas.

They will also patrol the city, manage queues and one-way systems, to prevent mixing between groups in public spaces. The site states that a marshal employed by Sunderland City Council can earn £20,092 to £21,748.

Are plans already in place for lockdowns this coming Autumn and Winter? Will the threat of the Indian double-mutation variant be used to bring restrictions back in and force businesses to close again?

UK Chief Scientific Adviser Patrick Vallance has said several times that social distancing and mask wearing might become the norm during Wintertime, to deal with respiratory illnesses in general.


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Recruiting marshals just at the height of summer, like the face masks were introduced, both totally unnecessary. As the likes of Professor Dolores Cahill and others have stated, Coronaviruses cannot survive past the end of April, or as the weather becomes warmer, so blatantly obvious to anyone that all measures are about control and compliance, nothing to do with anyones safety.


Perhaps we should stop paying for it all. Withhold Council Tax legally by using Escrow accounts until the council stop wasting our money on anything that is not in our favour: i.e Covid Marshals, LED Street Lights, 5G, Police brutality and sifting through our own rubbish.


I want to say, time to sharpen up the pitch forks, axes, gather the hammers, baseball bats and ready the hounds.

But then thought, ah that’s potentially a bit harsh!!

To my hounds.



time to sharpen up the pitch forks

That reminds me of a song by Lauri Say from ‘Songs for Islanders’ titled ‘U.D.I. for I.O.W. on youtube /watch?v=L9Crr-T7vRM


Here’s the link Sven..
(Your link was for ‘The I.O.W, for me! — sometimes the link switches if autoplay is on!)


Love it my friend!

Sounds like my kind of island!



Thanks for that, I must have had a premature senior moment.


Not at all.
An honest mistake Sven.
The links jump due to autoplay.. so you most likely copied it after it changed.

I do it all the time myself!!


Ronald Templeman

Doing it in my area Hertsmere Hertfordshire, do hope none of them try to tell me what I should do, as they will be told to F off.
It’s obvious that this is not going away and those either poor souls or stupid bastards that got the vax will come to regret it.


The extension of furlough to October should have told you all you need to know that there will be no end to this. Seasonal flu again once again will be rebranded this time its back, bigger, better and more deadlier, the super, deluxe scarier variant from, where? Who knows? Stick a pin in a map, that will do ! We are in this for the long haul, and it will be the survival of the fittest, mentally and physically. Feel sorry for the goons that apply, they dont know any better.

convid marshals, WTF! What’s Next?


What’s next? Probably a free slap from members of the public. more and more people are seeing the insanity in this ‘control experiment’ and their frustration is boiling over. The next protest / demo in London will number over 1 million people.


This comment is currently unavailable


Isn’t it weird how in India, they are making such a fuss about covid when preventable illnesses there have been let rip for decades?
I’m told in India, you can hire a 100 crisis actors who will do what you like for a few rupees…


Listen to yesterday’s call in show
Richie was speaking with a Indian lady who said they were selling the body parts!!!


Life’s cheap in India, but we have to believe that they’re wringing their hands for every death so long as it is covid deaths…sure.


The reporting in India looked as bent as a 9 bob note

Alex Romero

Useful idiots in uniform earning minimum wage zero hours contract, telling you what you can and can’t do. Welcome to dystopia 2021.


Are these the modern day equivalent of the Infamous “Kapo’s” in World War 2 ?

In the concentration camps Kapos were recruited from the rest of the prisoners and given preferential treatment and extra food in return for them keeping the rest of the prisoners Inline which Included beatings and sometimes even killings of their fellow prisoners.

When the camps were liberated many of the prisoners caught and killed both SS Guards and Kapos – they did not distinguish between them.

In 1950 Israel passed a law regarding these Nazi Collaborators and some 40 trials were held over the next few years, many of these Kapo’s recieved 5 year prison sentences and I am aware of at least 1 death sentance handed out.

The worst Insult a Jew can give to another Jew is call them a Kapo.

Ok so we cannot realisticly compare a Kapo to a Covid Marshall but the similarity ie recruiting citizens to oversee other citizens cannot go unnoticed.

One day they will be tarred with the same brush as the rest of the oppressors.

Alex Romero

Great comment.


Who the hell would even want to do these bloody awful jobs. You’d need to be pretty desperate and what sort of people are likely to apply? I think I’d rather have a job drowning kittens 😠😠


The sort of people who when younger were either bullied or were the bullies and also probably pulled the legs off Insects to feel better.

The ones who after their shift as a marshal will stand in front of a full length mirror wearing nothing but their high vis vest and “knock one out” cos they have just abused their power to ruin someones day

Last edited 1 year ago by Blackcat69

The kind of desperate people from the vast pool of the newly unemployed that your policies just created


This comment is currently unavailable


Large frame? They’ll also need to be MMA fighters. I remember readin the following quote from a biography of the great Miles Davis written by the English Trumpter Composer Ian Carr. “you can get tired of anything, even of being scared”.

Alex Romero

Love it


Yes Jacob you are correct, large build and low empathy and you forgot low IQ – guess there will be no shortage of recruits then

Last edited 1 year ago by Blackcat69

Crystal ball time

The uptake of the experimental gene therapy shot begins to drop as more younger people realise that it is not a vaccine.

The Indian double mutant ninja variant gets detected in the UK by a fake test not testing for the virus.

Fake cases begin to rise again and anyone who dies for any reason (including choking on a cabbage) within 28 days will be classed as a covid death.

Toilet mop and his merry henchmen have an emergency meeting and restrictions are extended in June just when they are supposed to be lifted and the carrot is extended yet again.

The shot refusers and large groups of people marching defiantly and peacefully in city’s across the UK at weekends will be blamed for everything by the media and sheep will begin to turn on them.

The new propaganda is “Vaccine passports are the only way back to normal”

An apartheid state will be introduced where guinea pigs are the master race.

Human rights legislation and international treaty’s are flushed down the toilet (by a toilet mop).

The UK goes back into full lockdown in October because Clarke Kent’s triple super human mutant ninja strain from Gotham City has been detected from a fake test not testing for the virus.


This comment is currently unavailable


with the local authority offering a contract worth an estimated £3 million to a provider that can supply 60 marshals

= A Private Police Force or if you like A Private Army

“armies” of covid marshals

A Private Army to implement Marshall Law.

And I would hazard a guess Serco will be heavily involved

Last edited 1 year ago by sven

Can’t we protest via out Council Tax payments?


This comment is currently unavailable

Alex Romero

This is how the elite circumvent the law, and why corporations and private companies are issuing rules which have no basis in law, and they lie about it, saying things like ‘it’s now law to wear a face mask’. McDonalds have now joined in the scam. People need to be sharp on this and call them out on it. They quickly back down, like all bullies, when challenged.

Jon the Paranoid.

Richie in answer to your question: ‘Are plans already in place for lockdowns this coming Autumn and Winter?’, I think the answer will be found here in paragraphs 32, 55 and 56 of this government document.


Tim in Brazil

5th April 2021 – Boris “Pinnochio” Johnson – Speaking in response to questions, he said the Government is “some way off finalising any plans” on Covid or vaccine passports, highlighting “ethical and practical issues” surrounding vaccine certification.
3 weeks is an eternity in politics.


The Government put out the tender for the vaccine passport back in June 2020 and the contract was signed in early December. Its been in the plan all along. Its only a couple of months ago that Michael Gove was telling us all very piously how the Government had absolutely no plans whatsoever for a vaccine passport which would infringe civil liberties and would be completely un British. You cant trust a word they say.

Tim in Brazil

“to aid and encourage compliance”, “to aid public and business awareness and understanding of regulations and guidance.” Typical government gobbledygook.
Allow me to address your rhetorical questions. “Are plans already in place for lockdowns this coming Autumn and Winter?” Of course. It has all been carefully planned from the word “Go!”.
Will the threat of the Indian double-mutation variant be used to bring restrictions back in and force businesses to close again? Yes. DId you notice the sudden change inMSM coverage. A couple of weeks ago it was all about Brazil being a danger to the world. Now they have dropped Brazil and chosen India as more fertile terrain. (In the meantime, the BBC (not the BBG) has started their expected environment/climate change campaign with a couple of articles about Brazil and the Amazon.)

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