Why Is Twitter Allowed To Get Away With Interfering In Elections?

On Thursday, voters go to the polls across the UK. The media has dubbed it “Super Thursday.” Scottish and Welsh voters will elect parliaments. There’s a by-election in Hartlepool and Londoners will elect an assembly and choose their mayor.

Regional mayors will be elected around the country and there are dozens of county and city council elections too. Twitter is currently engaged in perverting the course of all of these elections. The social media giant has banned or deleted the accounts of anti-lockdown candidates all over the country.

These are people who are on the ballot. They paid their deposits and what you, me or anyone else thinks of their chances is irrelevant. They are at a serious disadvantage if they cannot use social media to campaign.

It’s not only Twitter. Facebook is doing it too. They’re also shadow banning people they haven’t booted. That’s sinister. If you tweet or post information about how lockdowns kill more people than any virus, or you blog about vaccine injuries, Twitter’s algorithms will kick in and limit your reach.

It’s not doing that to pro-lockdown/pro-vaccine candidates.  Is anyone looking into this? How can elections be deemed open, fair or even transparent, when a massive corporation gets to decide who sees what messages and when?

Piers Corbyn is on The Richie Allen Show this evening. Piers is a physicist and a former Labour Party councillor. He’s anti-lockdown and has expressed scepticism about the safety of the covid jabs. He’s been banned by Twitter. How can that be acceptable?

Shouldn’t the UK’s electoral authorities be looking into this?

Twitter has previous of course. Look what it did to Donald Trump. I’ve no time for Trump or any politician of course, but it’s outrageous that Twitter (and Facebook) banned him.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Digital, Media & Culture secretary Oliver Dowden to do something about it in this country. Twitter and Facebook can do whatever they like it seems.

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Urban Cow

AND A QUESTION FOR THE LIBERALS!!!!! if twitter is so INCLUSIVE, why was trump blocked. He is a gay rights activist and proud of it. ANSWER THAT LIBERALS.

I no longer have K=lamdyia (a disease made up by the LEFT), so Jennie are you free for the Spag-date, get it???? xxxx *winkie faces*


Just heard Richie mention that Spiro’s channel has been removed by the Gestapo tube.

No surprises here…
(And that they had been doing this prior to the scamdemic to a lesser extent, eg Richie’s original channel back in 2018!)

But it’s also worth remembering that these globalist propagandists ran their dress rehearsal back in October 2019 under the title “Event 201” and implementing censorship by way of controlling media was high on the list for discussion.

No stone left unturned with their ‘predictions’ during the role play.

It’s all up on gestapo central if anyone wants to see…? (🤢🤮)

And here’s the segment relating to ‘as they say’, controlling mis and disinformation!

Event 201

Segment 4



That’s a shame, he does good work. Censortube also removed James Corbett’s channel recently, he does brilliant research and he has been banned by Patreon. Why should payment companies be dictating what people are allowed to talk about?


Because they’re not being fooled by mainstream the lies or obeying the Agendas commandments!

All these companies are under Agenda ‘stakeholder’ control!


Just to clarify Jennie… The red anger face is directed towards our globalist Agenda stakeholder friends!!

Not you!!




I understand how you feel, I’ve never been so angry in my life as I have over this and I’m not an angry person normally.

Urban Cow

No I know you’re not angry, you always love my spag bowl!

Urban Cow

Phew I was a bit worried for a second there. I thought you’d come with the smoke for Jennie. I was expecting a scrap in the pub. A few glassings here and there. I was ready to stand up for my gal Jennie xxxx






Does Spiros not have another outlet on Brand New Tube, Bitchute or similar; I’d really like to give this guy a listen?


He’s up on Odysee.. though, I’m not certain how recent the videos he’s posted here are?



Urban Cow

He’s on Bitchute.

Urban Cow

Sorry, It’s pronounced ‘Spag-date-with-Johnny H’ hahaha!! Or maybe try Facebook?????

Urban Cow

Jonny H told me to send you his photo. I hear he likes spag-bowl(s) and long walks on the beech!!

Urban Cow

how was his profile photo added to my account WEIRD????? liberal behavbioyur

Ronald Templeman

Firstly Oliver Dowden is the MP for my area, a total waste of space and I hope to tell him so one day face to face. As for twitter they really are a joke, somebody put on, if you could ask Hancock one question what would it be. I said I would ask him why he does not go and play in the fast lane of a motorway.

I was partially banned for 12 hours as my tweet could be considered as mentally affecting somebody to commit harm, if we are talking about Hancock “I WISH”.

Urban Cow
I'm only a learner ronald so unfortunately im not allowed on motorways. Yours sincerely, big matty hancock. </end script>
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