Why I’ve Come To Suspect That Covid-19 Doesn’t Even Exist

Until recently I believed that I may have had covid-19. Shortly after Christmas 2019 I became very ill. I spent the first three weeks of January 2020 in bed. I thought I was a goner. My GP was bewildered. He knew my lungs weren’t getting oxygen, but hadn’t a clue as to why.

There was no mucus on my chest and no fluid on my lungs, but I was turning blue. Steroids made little difference. Sitting up in bed alongside Caroline one night when it was really bad, I told her I was sorry and to take care of herself.

I came out of it. I still don’t know how. There’s a video of me on The Richie Allen Show Facebook page. I recorded it to explain my absence. I can’t watch it. I look like a corpse. I dropped nearly a stone and a half (20 lbs) and haven’t managed to put it back on.

Then Covid. Then lockdown. I wondered. Maybe I had it. I eventually satisfied myself that I must have had it. What else could it have been? I’ve had pneumonia in my lifetime and some very severe chest infections. Antibiotics and physiotherapy got me out of those jams.

This felt different. It wasn’t worse than pneumonia, it just felt like there was nothing that could relieve it. Like I said, fortunately I pulled through. I never smoked and I am very fit. I put it down to that.

Now though, I am not so sure that I had covid-19 or that it even exists. I’m saying I am not sure. I’m no expert. There’s a reason they call these opinion pieces.

The thing that bugs me most is the disappearance of the flu. I can’t get my head round that one. Governments all over the world have told the same story this Winter. Flu has been eradicated.

Public Health England (PHE) announced last month that not a single case of flu had been found in the UK in January/February 2021. PHE analyses thousands of swab samples every week for the prevalence of different respiratory viruses in the population.

685,243 samples were analysed over a seven week period from the second week in January. Guess what? There wasn’t a single case of the flu, or so they claimed. I don’t believe them. Asked to account for that, they said it was down to coronavirus restrictions.

I don’t believe that either. That’s a little too convenient. Flu has been eradicated because we worked from home, socially distanced and wore masks? No way. If they’d claimed to have found 500 flu cases, or 1000, I might have believed them. They found none. Something is up. Maybe flu is being diagnosed as covid-19. Maybe.

Writing in The Daily Mail today, NHS Consultant Pathologist Dr. John Lee challenged the UK’s covid death count. Lee writes:

“Some point to the Covid death toll, now over 125,000 in Britain, which is almost double the number of British civilians who died in the Second World War.

But we should remember that this represents two winter peaks (a time of year when it is not unusual for tens of thousands of Britons to die from respiratory diseases).

And that some of the total is due to the manner in which we record Covid deaths: there is a big difference between dying directly from Covid, and dying after testing positive for Covid within the last 28 days, where other illnesses may well be responsible.

Notably, we have never recorded respiratory deaths this way before.”

I’ve highlighted the points germane to my argument. Respiratory illnesses carry off thousands of our most vulnerable each and every Winter. But we are told that the only respiratory killer in town at the moment is coronavirus. That’s surely impossible?

Why did the government and Public Health England adopt a brand new method for recording covid deaths? As Lee says, there’s a very important distinction between dying of something and dying four weeks after testing positive for something. It’s tantamount to anti-science.

I’ve eliminated all the obvious possibilities as to the reason for making such a change in the method of recording deaths. I have concluded that the change was made to drive up the numbers. There can be no other explanation. It’s classic Occam’s razor.

Now why would anyone want to make it look like far more people are dying from an illness than actually are? There aren’t too many possibilities here. Someone is working to an agenda.

Maybe that agenda is to convince the public that they are in the midst of a deadly pandemic and therefore must accept radical changes to their lives, sacrifice their livelihoods and take experimental medicines? Sound far fetched? I would have thought so once upon a time.

Throughout most of 2020, people were diagnosed as having coronavirus, after having a PCR test. The test is redundant. The man who invented it, Dr. Kary B. Mullis, said it wasn’t made to detect any type of infectious disease.

A Portuguese Court ruled late last year that the PCR test is “unable to determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that a positive result corresponds to the infection of a person by the SARS-cov-2 virus.” The UK media ignored this.

Has SARS-cov-2 been isolated then? Does it even exist? Is the PCR test picking up fragments of other viruses in people, which testers are then labelling covid-19? The answer is yes and remember, this has been happening since day one.

I don’t know for sure that covid-19 doesn’t exist, but weighing up everything I know now, I must concede that it is a possibility. The question is, does it matter at this point?

Millions have already had the experimental “vaccines.” The damage done to children is immeasurable. The totalitarian tiptoe has become the totalitarian stampede. Vaccine passports are here. Social crediting is on the horizon. It hardly matters now, whether covid-19 is real or just the flu rebranded.





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Alex Romero

Meanwhile we have Whitty the creep telling us we can be in danger even without Covid being detectable in our system. How are they getting away with this horse manure and why is no one questioning what they say in the media?


See also Christine Massey’s article in which she looks at the FOIs that she and her colleagues sent to something like 50 governments. I believe that most responded. Her focussed question?: ‘Did you isolate and purify the Sars CoV 2 virus?’ All the responses she received were negative. No one anywhere, ever, has (properly) isolated and purifed – produced – the Sars CoV 2 virus. It doesn’t exist. According to Rockefeller health care science/ideology, pathogens and diseases come in pairs. Covid 19 is the disease caused by Sars CoV 2. But if you don’t have that pathogen….


I don’t understand how any ‘honest’ blogger, with the stature of someone like Richie Allen, could not by now know about Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset/New Green Deal (and 4th industrial revolution) and Bill Gates’s decade of vaccines. I am not trying to slam Richie, who, as far as I can see, is a good guy. I know about Richie from James Corbett (not personally). Perhaps it’s just a matter of interests and biases, so that when the covid 19 pandemic hoax started, Richie wasn’t interested. Biases would touch on many factors, from beliefs about authority to sources of information.

What Richie described was something that Cameron Kyle-Sidell talked about when he honestly reported what he was seeing in the emergency room he was working in. From Thomas Cowan’s “The Contagion Myth”:

)) )
Of interest is the fact that Lloyd’s of London and other insurance carriers won’t cover injury from cell phones, WiFi, or smart meters. EMFs are classified as a pollutant, alongside smoke, chemicals, and asbestos: “The Electomagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) is a General Insurance Exclusion and is applied across the market as standard. The purpose of the exclusion is to exclude cover for illnesses caused by continuous, long-term non-ionizing radiation exposure i.e. through mobile phone usage.

According to Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, working in an emergency room (ER) in New York, the afflicted are literally gasping for air. “We’ve never seen anything like it!” he said. Covid-19 patients’ symptoms resemble those of high-altitude sickness rather than viral pneumonia. In fact, the ventilators that the hospitals have scrambled to obtain may do more harm than good and may be accounting for the high mortality rate, as they increase pressure on the lungs. These patients don’t need help breathing – they need more oxygen when they take a breath. Many turn blue in the face. These are not signs of a contagious disease but of disruption of our machanisms for producing energy and getting oxygen to the red blood cells.
( ((

That book, incidentally, will not be one that you put down easily. And, if you’re interested, it’s not long. People are getting sick because of bad food and manmade ionizing radiation which is destructive to our body’s tissues (that we haven’t adjusted to) and the toxins that too free capitalists spew into our environment. (As Jon Rappoport points out, viruses are the cover for the effects of pollution. I would add, ‘a convenient and profitable’ cover.) Right now, though, they are calling everything covid 19. That was the idea. This isn’t conspiracy theory; They’ve told us what they are going to do and they tell us what they’re going to do in the future.

We are having a global, biosecurity police State forced on us. (Giorgio Agamben is where I first heard the term, via James Corbett. See his article on D. Alan Dean’s Medium channel.)

“COVID: It’s not one thing, it’s not one disease” by Jon Rappoport


As far the criminal cabal in concerned, not having a real virus fits the bill perfectly; the imaginary virus can be made to mutate at will and have repeated waves at will, and be responsible for a limitless number of signs and symptoms. It is the ideal weapon of fear.


Regarding the disappearance of flu, twitter user @ianmSC posted the data on 9 March showing that flu disappeared before mask mandates became implemented
twitter dot com/ianmSC/status/1369403833634422789

flu disappeared before mandate - hb9urgh.png

This may sound egocentric, but I feel really isolated. My friends snigger behind my back as I try to warn them of the coming events. They have taken the vaccine despite my warnings of it’s experimental nature. I am surrounded by people who accept what they have been told by the Government. I can only put it down to torture tactics employed by the Government to make us more compliant to their agenda. My family is from a military background and I have seen how Governments have failed to protect those who serve their country. I am at my wits end how to get this message out.


I don’t think you can get it out , you can point out alternative theories that fit much better than the mainstream narrative , from Doctors in all fields , the economic backdrop , the great reset , agenda 21 , nothing has been hidden , it’s all there to read but people do not want to hear it , its much easier to laugh and think your insane . Even when they are in a gulag of have many people they know die from the vaccines they will justify it and still call you mad . I work with PHD engineers ( daily critical thinkers) and rather than listen to an alternative point of view , the first thing they will do is google a hit piece or a fact check that makes a claim in its title ( and then doesn’t actually do the fact check) . They do not want to know , there has been some kind of mass hypnosis or mind control , or they’ve slipped something in the water/air . I have no proof of this , but so many educated people don’t suddenly because so stupid or allow themselves to be programmed with a belief system . If this was true they wouldn’t be able to do there jobs as its all logic based. So far I haven’t woken a single person up.


I’ve been trying to get people to watch this interview. Once people understand that the elites who run the world are literal psychopaths, I think it will be easier to get them to unplug from the Matrix, so to speak. Then you can tell them this scam has been tried many times before by Big Pharma, Swine flu, H1N1, MERS, etc. This is the interview:
I think it’s very good at “red-pilling” people if they watch to the end. There are also further parts to the interview which you can find, where he talks about exactly these Big Pharma scams.

I really think we should spread this interview as much as possible. Make copies, save it, and spread it.

Ray Haydock

Hi all. I did make up a user name which I thought would appear with my post instead of my actual name. Now my cover is blown! Something I’ve missed during the sign up process. How do I change this?

Ray Haydock

Is the Covid pandemic merely a case of global folly aided and abetted by the Princes of Tech (Zuckerberg, Dorsey et al), Bill Gates and Big Pharma, with our elected leaders looking on and being led by their noses? Are they really so gullible or is there in fact a hidden agenda? We can be forgiven in suspecting that there is. What exactly was running through health secretary Hancock’s mind in that strange episode where he seemed suspended between weeping and laughter at the news that the first vaccine had been given to an elderly patient by the name of William Shakespeare?

How awful if it eventually turns into tragedy for those pious souls who lap up whatever version of reality is given to them by the mainstream media and who turn up like lambs at the surgery for the jab. Surely, when a new vaccine comes on the market and is officially designated as ‘experimental,’ it is time to get off one’s backside and do a little research and to pay attention to dissenting voices within the medical profession itself? Indeed, there is no shortage of such voices.

Personally, I’ve never believed in this so-called pandemic for the simple reason that I could see little evidence for it locally. No extra funerals. None of my peers passed away from the virus unexpectedly. The local cemeteries didn’t appear to be under any pressure. Whatever the disease was, it was nothing like the Spanish Flu of 1918-19. It wasn’t anything like tuberculosis or Ebola. Yet, according to the BBC, ITV, Ch4 and the press, we were all in deadly peril and this was stressed day after day, week after week, for the past year and still with no end in sight. And, of course, the safety measures, the masks, the hand washing, the social distancing. This was supposed to hold in check a deadly virus?

And now we brace ourselves for a ‘third wave,’ according to Boris Johnson. So no end in sight just yet. Will even the mass vaccinations make any difference? And what are the vaccines meant to do, precisely? To prevent us getting the virus in the first place or to merely lessen the symptoms? We can still, apparently, get the virus and pass it on. And why are the vaccinations being rolled out universally, to all and sundry, if it is only the elderly and the frail who are at any great risk from the disease? The recovery rate among most age groups is also deemed to be exceedingly high. So why should we take any risks with the vaccines if you are likely to suffer no more than a heavy flu? It’s all such muddle really, isn’t it?

Last edited 1 year ago by Ray Haydock

Hi Richie, I’m one of your biggest fans. Thank you for this article. I don’t care to criticise you often, because you’re an upfront person and are always transparent with your views and opinions. On this issue though, I feel you have done many of your listeners a disservice. Many of them were saying what you are saying in this article from the beginning, particularly after delving into Jon Rappoport’s history and research, whom you had on your show and presented a few weeks into this scamdemic last year. Yet, after he had been on your show a few times over, you would again and again refer to the opinion that there wasn’t even a virus in an out of hand fashion, claiming it was a nonsense idea and wasn’t worth looking into and that you had no time for it. Now that you are seeing a little of what some of these listeners have been saying for a while, you make no mention of the fact that you insulted them and their opinions much earlier, and that you are now more amenable to their way of thinking than you previously have been. I think that is unfair and unkind to these people, and people like Mr Rappoport who have been explaining why they believe the virus is itself a scam for a very long time now. Just my tuppence worth. Keep up the good work. God bless.


None of us get everything right off the starting block, we all have blind spots but the important thing is that we get there in the end. I believed the official version of 9/11 for a few years and when people said that Sandy Hook was fake at first I thought they were mad. I came to realise after much research that the official version of 9/11 is a pack of lies from start to finish and that Sandy Hook was a complete psy-op.

Richie is running a radio show on his own and has to be presenter, producer and technician all rolled into one, as well as writing articles and researching guests, which is very, very time consuming so I think we need to cut him some slack and appreciate the work he does.

I agree with you about Jon Rappoport, he’s an excellent researcher and independent journalist.


Great article and love the new website

In support of what you are saying – please read this:



Sat down the other day and I was thinking, could this thing be a parasite? Thus the reason hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin two anti parasectic drug work so well. They also have not bern able to isolate covid 19.


Not a single “virus” has ever been isolated in a true sense of a word isolation.


Putting aside Herb’s valid argument for the temporary sake of convenience, there is another answer.
That is, they have identified and isolated the virus but the implications (genetically modified organism) are so great that they are deliberately withholding their findings.
This would account for all those seemingly odd side effects.


There would need to be too many labs in on it for that to be the case , from what I can see they just haven’t isolated it full stop. I believe they have isolated herpes and chickenpox , but they cant prove whether it came from inside or outside .


An Indian team did isolate it and study it in January last year. They were forced to withdraw their research and findings.
It could have been a bluff; a deliberate misinformation operation.
If it wasn’t…well, those findings showed a coronavirus that had added spike proteins from HIV and malaria.


Not one paper has followed the correct procedure for isolating a virus that adheres to the pasteur institute on isolation and characterisation of new virus. They have only ever found small fragments with the rest of the sequence made up using a computer model , they might have withdrawn it because if they come out with a different result , the fraud the testing is all exposed. If we have an HIV/Malaria virus going around we would expect to see lots of excess deaths , which we do not. Good explanation.



A few attached HIV and malaria spike proteins do not make HIV or malaria viruses. Additionally, as there were only a small number of those spikes added, not everyone would get infected by them; and in the case of malaria, the infection dose would be small and the severity of symptoms lessened.
As to a possible HIV infection – symptoms may not start to show for some time, so there would be no excess deaths at this time.

I only offer this as consideration. It makes no real difference.


Had the same thoughts , it’s got to be a parasite of the mind.

fab nocivelli

And now that the theory of asymptomatic spread is cemented in the public’s mind will the vaccines now create these superspreaders ?


Why not?

Brian Crossland

I can testify that our local Hospital used to test all emergency admissions with respiratory symptoms for Influenza ( throat swab, 10minute machine test)
When Covid came they immediately stopped this and only tested for Covid.
This continues, Covid now swabbed for and test in similar machine.
Multiply that nationally/ Globally.


I was employed as a home care assistant at the time and I had 3 clients who said to me around oct/nov 2019, that they were reluctant to get their flu vax as they had seen a friend/relative become very poorly with a flu like illness very soon after vaccination. Indeed the only illness I saw from the symptoms of flu/covid? were from Oct 19 to dec 19. In my professional role I had to remain completely impartial as I am not a doctor so I didnt admit that i had not and would never have the flu vax anyway. Fast forward to feb 2020, we started getting urgent warnings of this pandemic. I didnt see or hear any further similar illness in clients. I started to research and listen very carefully to public broadcasts. I would strongly encorouge everyone to research and question everything because from my observations, this thing, whatever it was, played itself out over the winter of 2019/20. Just my observations.


Im at the same point. Ive been following all this like a science teacher. thinking “how would I explain the whole thing to kids in my classroom?” I am always honest with kids and would tell them if I couldn’t explain something. id go and research, check with colleagues etc. because its always important to get the ‘science’ right. But with this virus. I can’t come to any other conclusion that it might not actually be real at all. As a general Joe public, I want evidence. Why the lies?
I started thinking I was going crazy, ,maybe too much time on my hands or a smoke) So I decided to see for myself one little aspect of it. I went to the World wide peaceful protests, last Saturday. and experienced first hand the complete lies that the Manchester evening news reported. (Or to be honest a protest was on my bucket list and thought if this bill goes through id never get to do one!)
Funnily enough it was barely reported or if it did it was lies. Then suddenly there is a riot on Sunday? was this staged? to make people like me scared of protesting and change my mind to let the bill through? those young kids had been lockdown for a year in overpriced rentals without any social outlets. no dancing, raving, hooking up. They’d have experienced their mates killing themselves and had isolation from family for the first time in their lives. of course the are going to act like wild animals being released. Now I’m getting into thinking that YES this whole thing is going down ‘Totalitarian Tiptoe” route! (can’t even believe that I know David Ike said that)
The final division in the divide and conquer method is to pit the young against the old. When we lose the connection to share our wisdom, hopes, and dreams down each generation we lose what makes us humans.


I’ve been to quite a number of demos and protests in my time and they absolutely do create situations so people will react. I remember at one where the police had pushed a group of us into a wall and they kept pushing and pushing even though we had nowhere to go. I was scared of suffocating and I remember having to fight my way out.


PCR is a laboratory or clinical process/method. Affixing the term “test” is a misnomer, a folly, flawed nomenclature.
That being said, it sure does grab some headline space! And for those in the driving seat to knowingly proceed in this way is nefarious in the extreme!
I wonder if, in the fullness of time, justice might prevail?


yes, it’s a research tool and not for diagnostic purposes according to its inventor


Its not till you hear a real life testimony that the reality of death by this medical intervention hits home https://www.plannedillusion.com/news-weekly-11

Last edited 1 year ago by PLannedilLusion
Urban fox

The truth has been clear to me for a long time. I always knew the virus was deliberate, and about bringing in the global agenda. But I kept an open mind, as regards whether covid was real. But back in the summer, everything seemed wrong and nothing right. For example, why at the end of 2019 was it decided that using Kochs postulates was no longer important. When they had been used for 120 years. ? Why would it be necessary to falsify death certificates and use a test that never worked.? But the final evidence that makes things conclusive are the statistics. All one has to do is compare the total death totals from All causes for 2020. And compare them to previous years. Where are the excess deaths?
This is the biggest hoax in history. And it’s repercussions are so great in terms of scale, that millions will have there lives destroyed or die as a result of it.

Urban fox

Hi, thanks for reply. U.F


Excellent article Richie!!

But Jeez… Spare a thought for the old dear in the photo!!

She has “literally” been framed!!

Then the muzzle (with inbuilt filter for enhanced safety!!)..

And notice the absolute “TERROR” in her eyes!!!

And all “””AFTER””” vaccination!!!

I reckon she ‘gets it!!’
(And knows what’s really coming!!!)

Dear oh dear!!!


Ronald Templeman

If it exists you may have had it Richie or a serious case of the flu, possibility is that SARS-cov-2 could be out there in small numbers but they have used the FLU to build up the numbers. Have said all along PCR test will not find it but will only find corona virus old or new if test is seriously manipulated and that to me is what has happened.

All about control simply because there has been no open debate and all we get is a one sided view of everything from those running this.


Even if you throw out every other argument, one remains and that is that no country in the world can afford to stay locked down much longer. We also can’t afford to keep doing this every time someone sneezes. One of the frustrations I am experiencing is that most people I know or encounter seem to think that “the experts” know what they’re doing. They are conspirators and nothing less. If the world could open their eyes all at the same time, there would be public executions of leaders and health experts worldwide. Break it down with logical reasoning. Flu existed for 100 years and nothing could kick its ass. Nothing. Masks and lockdowns would not account for it either because eventually you have to got to work or shop. None of these masks are able to filter vapor and that is what we breath. We call it air but air is a vapor of varying levels of moisture. That moisture transmits through these masks. Then there is the matter of Schwab and Gates.


Can you try and get Sucharit Bahkdi back on the show to address this?


With all due respect to Bahkdi, he is one of the many who condemns and rightly so the “covid response” but at the same time is all the way in “virus paradigm”. He spent his life researching “in silico viruses”, don’t expect him to change his life-long view


And that’s exactly the reason why he should be on to challenge that point of view..


It is all about control and removing rights. Does everyone know that banks are bringing in new rules that will mean you can’t remove lump sums of cash from your account without proving what you intend to spend the cash on? Your money, you earned it and yet the banks will not allow you to just remove it as cash. All about control.


Where did you come across this?


So the flu has disappeared worldwide( or so we are told) because of the fact that we are all wearing face nappies ( well not me), How do they explain the fact that China has been wearing masks for years but suddenly this year the mask just happened to work and fought off the flu?


Tiny Kovid lockdown leprechauns have been succesfully wafting away ‘flu but they got confused and forgot about covid.

Urban fox

Great point. iN fact they have terrible respiratory problems every year with the mask wearing. Which is why it was a great place, to choose to start the scam/ hoax. There immune systems will all be damaged as well, because of years of mask wearing.


Totally agree with you Richie, I don’t believe there is a virus either, it is too obvious when flu has completely disappeared from the planet.
One of the many things which has puzzled me from the beginning is why they have to stick a swab so far up someone’s nose to get a sample (to use in a PCR test which shouldn’t even be used for diagnosing disease) when we are supposedly spreading this ‘virus’ via droplets from our mouths. Surely a simple sputum sample should suffice or am I missing something here.


Spot on Richie, I also agree with you, I mean do they think we are all gullible fools who will swallow any old nonsense they tell us. Coronavirus appears on the scene and flu vanishes in to thin air, seriously? And for a ‘virus’ so deadly, they have to test you to see if you have it, and even then the tests are worthless. The restrictions however keep coming on thick and fast and we are only even reminded that there is a oh so ‘deadly’ pandemic when you see goons masked up, I think that’s one of the reasons for the masks, to keep the whole charade going, as it is most definitely not for health or safety reasons.


Absolutely. Take away the masks and the media fearmongering and there is no pandemic.


Interesting thoughts and opinions here Richie. I think I agree with you. It just all seems too convenient. To me it feels like what was common to us (common colds, flu and seasonal viruses) have been twisted, re-packaged, re-labelled and sold back to us with a side order of fear and hysteria. A regular old cold can be deadly to anyone already at deaths door – we’ve known this our whole lives. The general populace seem to have had their memories erased and re-programmed.


The paper purporting to show the isolation and sequencing of the ‘novel’ sars-cov is a deceptive pile of rubbish. It was neither isolated or sequenced. But, this is the generally accepted way that immunology does ‘science’.
The pcr test does not detect an actual virus, only an imaginary fragment of it’s RNA and whether or not covid exists, this is not a definitive indication of it’s signature. The tests are producing false positives or as the government calls, them ‘asymptomatic cases’. Again, this is how immunology does ‘science’.
I remember during the aids/hiv ‘pandemic’, reading about people getting hiv tested, being positive being retested in another certified lab elsewhere and being declared negative. This was the first use of pcr as a diagnostic for illness.
Science is corrupted, the peer review system is corrupted, safety testing of drugs is corrupted…Test your snake oil, get adverse reactions. Discard the result and get a new sample group of victims. Repeat until you get the correct result.


Thumbs up!
All these “viruses” including “variants” are in silico aka computer generated crap that do not exist in real life and it was from a get go back in 50th. The dude named Sanders or something came up with in vitro “isolation” without actually isolating (in a real sense of the word isolation) anything. Thomas Cowan covers it in great details with references to actual papers how they did this.
There is a link to a video on my page.

Last edited 1 year ago by Herb

Indeed…”in silico”!


That is their own term they use. Christian Drosten ( who is getting sued by prominent German/ American lawyer Reiner Fuellmich for the PCR scam) wrote in his PCR protocol that was swiftly “approved” within 24 or so hours by WHO without actually being properly peer reviewed that their challenge was to come up with a “testing” protocol without an isolated virus available and that they used IN SILICO “genetic sequence”. In reality it is impossible to sequence anything without proper isolation (using centrifuge). They never do that.
If it’s a science then a penguin is a space ship as Jon Rappoport put it in one of his articles.


Well said Richie!

These criminals need rounding up but who how and when gets me a little concerned :-/

Tom Phillips

This comment is currently unavailable


I completely agree with this and share this view. In early 2016 I had very similar symptoms to what you describe. I was in bed for 3 weeks, couldn’t eat or sleep and couldn’t seem to absorb oxygen. I went to A&E at one point (something I never normally do but I felt like I was dying) and was told to go back to bed. The NHS staff were quite annoyed I had bothered them (rightly so probably!). I eventually re-emerged into the world and alarmed everyone I know with my weight loss! Flu can be awful! Now I would have been wiped up, ventilated and added to the covid numbers! I think there has to be an investigation into the treatments people have been receiving and how potentially unnecessary ventilation has impacted on death rates. The impact of lockdown on health and lack of access to the NHS for other problems have all contributed to deaths.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jayne

Well there is definitely something killing more people than normal…the ONS figures confirm it.


Do they?
The previous 40 years up to 1980 puts 2020 as only the 9th in terms of mortality. Indeed, it would be lower where it not for the deaths caused by the lockdown itself.
Of course, if one where to add on another winter’s deaths onto 2020, the numbers of dead would be bigger.


Thanks for the info….will check it out.. I only looked at the averages over the last 5 years. 👍

Last edited 1 year ago by cornwallnick

Out and out deaths, it is the one thing they can’t fiddle easily. Remember, to look at the graphs corrected for population increases.

Stephen Hardy

Very good article Richie! I think “Covid-19” is basically an umbrella name encompassing a multitude of respiratory and viral infections, such as flu obviously. I liken it to a large multi-national corporation which buys up lots of smaller companies and then incorporates them all under the one global brand name. Because that’s what “covid” has now become: a global “brand”, a multi-TRILLION dollar industry, producing masks, test kits, all manner of “protective” paraphernalia, and of course the holy grail of a never ending stream of injections for every man, woman and child on Planet Earth!

Classic problem, reaction solution? But sometimes the problem doesn’t even have to exist, just the perception of one.


It’s a rerun of AIDS/ HIV scam only on a bigger scale. Virus Mania 2007 edition covers it in great details as basically the same clown ran AIDS scam including “doctor” Fraudci. AIDS is another “umbrella” as you rightly put it for Covid.


Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR system, called Dr Fauci out on this at the time. I so wish he was here now, he would be screaming blue murder at how his invention is being misused.


All of a sudden he died of some “heart disease” not long before this scam was launched. I’ve read the guy was in good health doing some sea sports like kite surfing or something …
Tanzanian and Burundian presidents who sussed this scam also gone now. Just a coincidence of course.
just saying …


“…The question is, does it matter at this point?..”

Yes, Richie, it matters a lot! I’ve researched this subject like a maniac for the last year leaving no stone unturned and came to a definite conclusion – it does not exist !

Invite Thomas Cowan to be a guest on your show if you will. The message is clear and concise – it does not exist. All viruses are simply dead or dying tissue = garbage thrown away by your system as a waste, the same we do with a day to day garbage in our home.
They picking up various pieces of RNA with PCR and call them “viruses”.
I think it’s obvious why they do that by now …


Hi Herb. If you could point me in the direction of some of the research you have done I would be very grateful.


A lot of Dr Cowan’s points stem from the work of Antoine Bechamp. I am currently reading Bechamp’s last book ‘Blood & its third element’. I think Cowan does a great job of explaining the isolation dilemma with the sarscov2 situation. This paper in particular is short & sweet:


Hi Karras, click on my name, it should take you to my page on this site. There are several links I’ve posted there with Cowan, Kaufman, their SOVI, etc. I can also suggest to read articles on Covid scam at Jon Rappoport’s site, he nailed it down from the get go. When I try to post links here, usually they won’t go through. You can also buy Virus Mania, there are 3 editions available now. It’s a detailed history of inventing “virus” paradigm into the minds of people. Contagion Myth by dr. Thomas Cowan is an excellent read on the subject. Also a book Bechamp or Pasteur – a lost chapter in the history of biology but as Kenner posted below, Tom Cowan makes it very simple to understand. There is dr. Sam Bailey from New Zealand on brandnewtube, dr. Stefan Lanka, dr. Scoglio from Italy.


Thank you very much!


Also would recommend The Last American Vagabond on Bitchute who has done some amazing research.


Vagabond has recently done an excellent interview with Andrew Kaufman, if you missed it, you might wanna have a look.


Same here, never believed it from the get go but I put in many hours of research. The same with the masks, not one single test in the last 40 years shows that they work but that they are harmful to the wearer.

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