Will There Be A Referendum On Mandatory Vaccination In 2022?

I’ve been saying for months that the UK government will attempt to mandate covid jabs and eventually flu jabs too. I predicted this long before the Austrian and German governments outlined their intention to mandate jabs.

Down the years, learned men and women came on my shows to predict that in the future, vaccines for all manner of things, would be made compulsory. This evening, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that vaccine passports will be introduced in England this Winter, to cope with the omicron covid variant. The subject of mandatory vaccinations came up. Johnson said:

“I said right at the beginning of this pandemic… I didn’t want us to have a society and a culture where we forced people to get vaccinated.I don’t think that’s ever been the way we do things in this country.”

He went on to say that there needs to be “a national conversation” about how to protect the public, particularly those who choose not get vaccinated for any reason.

My prediction is that the “national conversation” will be a referendum on compulsory vaccination, sometime in 2022.

It will be worded something like this:

 Should the UK government be empowered to mandate vaccines during a public health emergency? 

Two boxes. Yes or no.

The referendum will be the government’s get out of jail card. When yes wins, as it undoubtedly will, Johnson, or whoever occupies number 10 Downing Street can say, “we’re following the will of the people.”

It’s so predictable.

Or, maybe I’m talking through my arse. It wouldn’t be the first time.



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After the shock the nation gave them at the Brexit vote, I doubt very much whether we’ll be given the oportunity to vote for anything significant again.


Your probably right richie but i wish you wouldnt write articles like this because if theyve never thought of it you could be fertilising the egg. Of course it would be a yes because everyone whos had them want everyome else to have them because they havnt had the guts to say no, or theyve had them to go on holiday. I was at work thismorning and a lad says to me haha youl have to have the jab by april cos theyl be mandatory. Im having no more he says (totally obviously regrets getting it. Ive told him 1000 times whats going on but he wanted a holiday 🤷‍♂️. Tuff shit i say). So i says u will have your booster by april or your passport will have a big red cross on saying unvaccinated and you wont be going to the pub either. How does that work he says. I replied you should have listned to what i told you haha. Boots on the other foot now with all these whimps preaching to everyone for a year. When the day comes when they drag me out of the house and they stick it in me without my consent at least ill have the peace of mind to know i had to be forced to submit, i never blindly rolled my sleeve up. I dont know if theres a god im not religeous but if this is a test he will know that i never gave my body and spirit away to evil. It had to be taken forcibly. Keep strong everyone who hasnt submitted your not alone ♥️


Well said mate…


i’ll never trust our voting system again its as rigged as every other countries

Tony K

Right wing, left wing, same bird.
Bread and circuses.

“Total destruction (of the system)
The only solution”

Bob Marley


I think you’re right mate. Sadly we’ll need to end all of the people responsible; their families too – it’ll be messy,but will send a strong message that this won’t take place again EVER..


If there is they will win. Most people have already accepted jabs forever.


Another article worth taking a look at about the evil agenda.

Global Digital ID: Bum’s Rush To Inject Children Hides Technocrat Objective


Richie, in theory a referendum is a good idea – however there are many other factors in play here – such as Mass Psychosis – A great guest suggestion – to discuss this in more detail would be Dr. Mattias Desmet :
Therefore would you trust a potential 30 + 40% hypnotised / semi-hypnotised section of the population to vote on your behalf ?

Last edited 1 month ago by Tim
Tony K

Behold – the prescience of Rudolph Stiener from 1917.


Steven James

Open questions in other words.
Should a jab be mandatory in an emergency?.
First question’Where is the emergency in the first instance?


From the BBC. I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t taken down at some stage.


Why would they take it down?


Because it doesn’t fit with the narrative, Jake. There’s no repeat business.


But how are they going to enforce this, they would have to hold me down and force the needle in me and at that point it would be assault, I am being stabbed. I will fight to my death before taking a mix of poison shite in my arm. We must stand strong, we have to win this war.


I feel the same. The jab in itself is terrible but it isn’t just about that but the society that will follow on from it and these diabolical passports. I’m prepared to die rather than submit because the world they intend to create if they get their way won’t be worth living in anyway.

Tony K

“They’d have to hold me down”

Just in case it actually gets to that mate, I’d suggest having a jagged, rusty blade handy to avoid it in the first place.

When your mind is righteous and clear, your soul is flying, and you fear nothing – slay anybody that interferes. Mercilessly, quickly, and covertly.

We have to win this war, as you say, but it’s time to get calculated, devious, and fucking vicious – make no mistake.

But obviously, as Richie says – it has to be strictly peaceful and non violent.


Patricia Deakin

Would anyone know how I access Jackie Devoys film/ documentary on deaths of elderly people in hospital


couldn’t resist

io61b1374e - Copy.jpg



Oh my goodness he has got rather large hasn’t he?

Stephen Hardy

I’ve only just logged on. Last night I couldn’t sleep, and I was thinking about different things, when the idea popped into my head: “A referendum to decide whether to mandate the jabs, I’ve not heard anyone mention that before” (even though many probably have!) – and lo and behold Richie’s beaten me to it! The wording on mine was a bit different though. I think it’ll be something like:

“Given that the UK is now facing a grave public health emergency, do you believe that ALL vaccines should be mandated to prevent the spread of a deadly disease that threatens the life of every man, woman, child, baby, and fetus”.

Please answer “YES” or “NO”!

I keep trying to be an optimistic pessimist, but it’s just not working! I think any such referendum would be at least 60%, probably more like 70% in favour of compulsory jabs. I don’t think the the government would need to rig it. As someone else pointed out, this would require debate, but the BBC ARE good at rigging debates to slant the narrative in their favour. During the Euro Referendum, how many so-called discussion and debate “panels” were stuffed full of pro-European Union people and hardly any Brexiteers! Besides, haven’t the BBC already proclaimed that, just as with the issue of “climate change”, when discussing vaccines – “the science is settled” – they are safe and effective, end of!


David Icke mentioned vaccines for newborns a few years ago and much of what he has said along with Richie Allen has come true. I, back in 2001 and before that period never really cared for politics too much and what woke me up was 9/11 as to me there was something fishy about all the events. I listen to the news – I listen to the like of Icke and Allen and then make up my own mind but I have to say that as much as I have always had respect for the UK and still do in my own way – It is so sad to how things have gone so so bad that I do not trust the govt – the system – the NHS I have had experience with and I can honestly say that it is crumbling to how we are being treated and the so called royals have to go as in this day and age when there are still so many in poverty is disgusting that these people are living a great life due to the fact that taxpayers are funding a luxury life ??? crazy…..things need to change but how????


Can you imagine the level of lies, propaganda and fear mongering that would go on in the run up to a referendum? It would be brexit on steroids and then some.


Sounds about right, tyranny by consent.


sorry to hog the message section but are people f’ing crazy – I am hearing members of the public interviewed on bbc that they dont care about the party incident and we should just move on ????? who are these idiots ?????? its people like them who will be our downfall – the sheep will destroy all that is good in this country with their ignorance. BBC are also saying that there has been a poll that shows a high percentage want Boris out – but that is the plan to get another face in who will then mandate the jab…..help!!! and before I go did anyone see Strattons fake crocodile tears ??? disgusting.


“I am hearing members of the public interviewed on bbc that they dont care about the party incident and we should just move on”

edited so they only showed people agreeing with the narrative

“BBC are also saying that there has been a poll that shows a high percentage want Boris out – but that is the plan to get another face in who will then mandate the jab”

makes me wonder if that tape is being used as blackmail to shift his lordship boris for someone worse, tory candidates are probably patel, sunek et

“and before I go did anyone see Strattons fake crocodile tears ???”

She was probably paid off or even could have been in on it considering it seems absurd to say that in front of a camera.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrice
Anne Talbot

I’m with you in the tape reference the blackmail. They are a bunch of sniveling grotesque individuals who just want someone to up the jab shoving “ program” and Doris is failing to get his 100% quota and is now surplus to requirements.

What murky times we are living in.


it also makes me wonder how much the Internet data is being used to blackmail politicians, afterall, i bet many use whatsapp, smartphones, google services etc, whats to say mark Zuckerberg etc is not transferring the data of interest to someone else.

Anne Talbot

If, by my mentioning to a friend earlier about an upholstery cleaner and then ten minutes later an add pops up on my phone suggesting I take a look at this upholstery cleaning company … anything data related is not without possibilities or even probability.


Hello Patrice – great reply. You have explained things very nicely.


And now they are talking about restaurants to have more restrictions – they want to kill business’s up and down the country….people must now fight this and stop this now BUT HOW ?????????????????????? we can all type on here and other social sites but what is going to stop this tyranny ???????????????????????????? help !


Hi Maurizio, I think we’re all feeling it again now 🙁 I know it’s not much but I work in a large local retail outlet. The management are great and I have never been asked why I’m not wearing a mask or asked to wear one, nor are any customers questioned. Only one customer has mentioned ‘Others not masking up’ I made it clear that we didn’t know their reasons and that it wasn’t really our place to question them! Small flea in her ear 🙂 We also still accept cash. Loads of people are still keen to pay that way with plenty of conversation around us needing to keep our cash at all cost as we know their end game! I’m not very good at putting things into written words but I think the more that fearful people see us going about our lives as we always have then maybe they will see that the world isn’t as scary as THEY would have us all believe.


Hello there – nice to meet you. I enjoyed reading your reply, what a sad situation we find ourselves in …..I agree with your opinion 100%

Urban Fox

Hi Birdie, I am the opposite. Whereas I’m comfortable putting things in written words. Some things i find very hard talking about in person. Particularly difficult for me to communicate with my family, who are all believers in this whole scam. But you needn’t worry, as your message is very clear, and you make a good point about leading by example. It definitely effects people, even if not always obvious.


AND ALL THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT ON THE BBC IS THE VACCINE VACCINE VACCINE – JABS IN ARMS – PANDEMIC IS FAR FROM OVER….Put it on bbcnews and just listen to the tripe they are coming out with…..sky news too. I dont believe there is virus out there at all. Nothing Nada !! An agenda to get everyone jabbed and that is it. This plan b has been planned and this is just the start of things to come.


Same here didn’t believe there was a virus since day one. A few people people in the know were saying for 3 years before any of this started that something big was coming and as soon as the lockdowns started I knew this was it. Also there is evidence of pre-planning, for example invoices for PCR tests that were being distributed around the world two years before this started.


I don’t think here will be a referendum! Any referendum would surely require debate….and that ain’t happening any time soon!!!




That’s a brilliant film. I’ve thought about that scene a number of times in the last 21 months.

John Heffernan

Its going to be rigged in the Governments favour, there have already put that in motion..


GOOD POINT RICHIE !!! – I think if there is one it will be RIGGED !!!

Urban Fox

There is undoubtedly a plan for mandatory vaccinations as part of the plan. People who think things are different because its England are deluding themselves. Or clearly do not understand how the system works and the full scope of what we are dealing with. They only have to look at what is happening to the rest of the world. And understand that to the cult that are behind this, there are no borders or country’s. We are under the rule of the one world goverment, and Johnson is the elected figurehead of this particular zone.

People should also look at what has happened since March 2020, and ask themselves did they ever think that things would have got to where we are today. I always believed this was all to do with pushing the agenda of the cabal and nothing to do with health. But then iv been looking into these things since about 1995, so i had a different perspective to most. What i didn’t envisage was the speed in which things would progress. This agenda has progressed at such a speed, because people on the whole have made it easy for these evil Fascists monsters to implement there plans. In fact if people hadn’t trusted the Goverment March 2020, and been so quick to bend over, then this would have ended within the first week. Complacency and blind faith in the system by the masses, is what has led us to this point in history.

Violence is unlikely to be the answer, as they have the training and the firepower on there side, especially in the UK. Mass non compliance is unlikely, as the masses still believe this scam. Despite many denying this uncomfortable truth. People will not disobey, whilst they still believe that there lives are in grave danger. Whilst they believe this, more than they believe in Freedom, they will continue to do nothing, and that’s the whole problem in a nutshell. And the idea that by boycotting certain businesses will bring down the powers that be, is simply ludicrous in the extreme, as is droning on about the law. Solicitors can only work with the laws they are given. Laws and regulations are simply being ignored or rewritten. The businesses people are saying we should not use, have endless amounts of money behind them, that can not ever run dry. As the forces that control the money control those businesses. And many people do not have the luxury of being able to be choosey, about where they buy things. Due to location or finances.

What could possibly work is organized small groups, bigger if possible. Making a massive nuisance of themselves. For example, instead of boycotting, people should do the opposite with offline businesses. If we are not allowed in, try and get in these places. If told to show a passport, try and get in without one. Get together with others and do this for support. Stand outside these businesses and other places and make a continual nuisance. It is only by genuinely and directly disrupting the system that we can possibly come back from this. But whatever we do, it needs to happen now, or we will never pull back from this darkness that has befallen humanity.

Anne Talbot

It’s true Fox, there are a significant number who actually believe that this country is far too liberal to accept the mandate… I know, we must have been living in a parallel universe for the past 18 months or so. Or maybe they have.

Urban Fox

Hi Ann thanks for reply, I know its like non of it happened.. To many people on both sides of the fence.


Morning Mr Fox. I was thinking along these lines when I saw the video footage of a bobby thug acting aggressively against an unmasked man on the tube. He finally arrested him so good luck with that, but I was thinking, what would he have done if other people had just gone and sat beside the guy and unmasked themselves? Would the bobby have arrested them all? It would have been an interesting feat. That level of solidarity is currently lost I fear as the masses are so hypnotised by the drama of the propaganda I swear some are really getting off on it all without clearly thinking about where we are all headed thanks to their eagerness to comply and perpetuate the farce.

Urban Fox

Morning Clair, How’s things, Its breaking the belief that’s the problem people are happy in the Matrix. That and decades of complacency as our freedoms were chipped away at.


Sadly I know how frozen I can become faced with violence or confrontations – my baggage I know but it would be nice to feel I would stand up and support someone if I was present to such disproportionate behaviour. The conversations I’ve had recently it feels promising that people are well hacked off with it all – but proof will be in the pudding


There are very few people I find who are scared of a virus. What they are scared of is the repercussions of breaking the law. They can’t see that if we got together that wouldn’t matter because as you describe about the unmasked man on the tube they can’t arrest everyone.

Andrew Lamb

Likely – they control the narrative and if there were to be an uptick in death then they would get a resounding YES


The government won’t dare risk another cock up like Brexit, if they don’t know the outcome of a referendum they won’t allow a vote and they know if it comes to it, the anti mandate vote will outweigh the pro jab by a landslide.


They’ll probably ask the Biden administration for assistance in running the referendum in order to make sure its all completely fair and above board. Maybe Joe could assist by sending over some Dominion vote counting machines to speed things up.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark

Nice one.


My prediction is that the “national conversation” will be a referendum on compulsory vaccination, sometime in 2022.

probably, depends if there is any pushback, if the majority already want this then there would be no vote, if there is pushback then we shall see, ol tony blair managed to get a war with no referendum so would not surprise me either way.


I’m going for a nice scream, against the wind!


seems reasonable

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