I was listening to BBC Radio 5 Live while out jogging this morning. For the 9th consecutive day (incredibly) Zionist shill Tom Tugendhat MP was allowed to make all manner of unsubstantiated claims against The Kremlin and Vladimir Putin on a national station. I'll bring you the audio on tonight's RA Show. The possibility of England boycotting this summers soccer extravaganza was raised again, but Tugendhat wouldn't be drawn on it. Foreign secretary Boris Johnson would be drawn on it though. He said that in terms of retaliating against the evil Russians, every idea would be considered, cyber warfare, sanctions and yes, even boycotting the World Cup. It might be a diplomatic boycott (UK officials wouldn't attend) or a full boycott meaning the England team would remain at home. 

I won't labour the points I've made in previous articles and on the live radio show, namely that there is no proof that the Russians are behind the alleged poisoning of the Skripal's, that there is a massive stockpile of nerve agents down the road from Salisbury at Porton Down, that this is one of the most blatant media-led propaganda wars on any one country since the 2002 rush to war with Iraq and that there is a Neocon-Zionist plan to push us to the brink of WWIII. The Russians had nothing to gain by attacking Double Agent Skripal. We've had two years of allegations against Russia. You know the claims by now. Russia has been blamed for Trump, has been accused of war crimes in Syria, interfering in general elections in France, Italy and everywhere else and influencing the EU referendum result. There has not been a shred of proof offered by Russia's accusers. None. Not a dickie bird. The scenes of Russia baiting in the House of Commons yesterday were sickening. MP's from all sides of the house stood up to castigate Russia, an utterly shameless display of one-upmanship with speakers getting progressively more hysterical and ridiculous in their accusations as the day wore on. God be with the days of Robin Cook, Clare Short and Tony Benn. 

There is undoubtedly an attempt to cause mischief with the Russian general election looming large. These agendas are multi-faceted for sure. The ultimate goal as I have said already is war. I am in no doubt of that. But a lot of things need to happen before that. NATO will turn the screw tighter and tighter on Russia, the international community will undoubtedly increase sanctions on the country and there will be calls for the World Cup to be moved. It would not surprise me at all if it is moved. And the UK lies in waiting. England 2018 was the Football Associations unsuccessful bid to host the tournament if you recall. England has the best soccer stadiums and infrastructure in the world, no country is better placed to take a tournament on short notice. So don't be surprised, if in the coming weeks, calls to take the World Cup from Russia reach a crescendo, forcing FIFA to initially state that they are considering changing country and later announcing that the tournament will move to England. Yes yes, you should take my predictions with a large helping of salt, I know. But I bet you this much, such an action is being discussed at the highest levels of government. And funnily enough, wouldn't it suit Brussels too? Tusk, Merkel and Juncker would love it, the UK playing host to the people's of the world, a celebration of cultures at the greatest show on Earth. What an image right? "You shouldn't leave the EU," they'd cry, "We're better off together!"  Stranger things have happened, am I right?


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