Woke Rugby Bosses Drop Nickname “Saxons” From England 2nd Team!

England’s second rugby team will no longer be called The Saxons, because woke rugby bosses feel that the term is inappropriate and doesn’t reflect the diversity in society.

Saxons is a name commonly used to describe white people. The Rugby Football Union has decided to call the second team England A instead. The team adopted the nickname The Saxons in 2006.

The RFU feels that as there are more black and minority people playing rugby these days, Saxons is no longer appropriate and might cause offence. The same RFU has been encouraging fans not to sing Swing Low Sweet Chariot because of its links to slavery.

According to The Mail Online:

The RFU says it hopes it can discourage supporters from singing it in the stands by educating fans about its roots in slavery. Its popularity began in the 1980s when fans first sang it after black players such as Martin Offiah scored a try. 

One of the game’s biggest stars Maro Itoje (pictured) has already expressed doubts about the anthem.

In an exclusive interview with Sportsmail, he said: ‘I don’t think anyone at Twickenham is singing it with malicious intent, but the background of that song is complicated.’

Martin Offiah said today that he supported the Saxons name change but the RFU must still do ‘something more substantial’, especially at the top of the game.

He said: ‘Adding names like Saxons probably was a bit misguided. It’s a gesture that we’re going in the right direction but gestures need to have something more substantial behind it. Are we going to see a black coach of the England rugby union team, more black board members? How many black people are involved in the commercial department? Those are the conversations we need to have.’

Martin Offiah is ridiculous. You don’t end discrimination by discriminating. Recruitment is either colour-blind or it isn’t. Offiah has no sense of irony or self-awareness. He had a brilliant career. His ethnicity was no barrier to his success. He played for his country because he was the best player in his position. Colour was irrelevant

Maro itoje is just silly. If the fans are not singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot with malicious intent, why ask them to refrain from singing it? Are we really to believe that black rugby fans are offended by it?

This woke nonsense has to stop. The only way to do that is to ignore these clowns. Somebody obviously contacted the RFU to request dropping the name Saxons. The RFU should have issued a two word reply, the second word being off.



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We are under attack from a small bunch of psychos whose aim is to enslave us ALL.
People from both sides of the argument need to understand in this new world we are all ni**ers.

Carol Jones

Watch out New Zealand……. they’ll come for The Allblacks next 🤦‍♀️😞🤷‍♀️ The world is getting crazier and crazier.

Why not go the whole hog (is that expression ok to use🤭🙄) and change the name England too….. there’s gotta be some looney out there who will offer a new name to consider!!!!

Sorry, makes me cross. If, for example, I visit any of the Arab countries I HAVE to abide by their national rules. But I know this before I go there. Am sure suggesting a change of name for one of their national teams would go down like a lead balloon.

Leave what’s
British – BRITISH,
Irish – IRISH
Scottish – SCOTTISH
Welsh – WELSH

There’ll be no heritage to enjoy if this carries on.

Ok that’s me off my soapbox


Removing identities does tie in nicely with the WEF’s ‘You’ll own nothing…’ agenda.
Just a thought.

Hermione Granger

Just call them crap the standard is so poor

Tim in Brazil

This idiocy has been going on for a long time. Only now is it so obviously stupid. It has all been downhill since they opened a MacDonalds in Beijing. The homogenization of culture has taken us all down to this same very low level whitewash existence (I would use the word culture but it really doesn’t fit any more). Fuck the politically correct. That’s what I say.


Perhaps Arsenal football team should drop the name ‘The Hammers’ because it sounds violent.
Perhaps the name ‘Celtic…’ should be removed from Scottish teams.
Perhaps Partick Thistle football club should change its name because there ate no thistles.
This erosion of identities is nothing short of patronising and insane.


Arsenal are the Gunners bud,the hammers West ham anyway get your point.Nothing surprises me these days though and would not be surprised if Doris Johnson was going too have a sex change.


Whoops. That just highlights how little I know about sports and sport teams.

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