Zahawi: “We’re Giving Covid Jab To Kids For Their Mental Wellbeing”

Speaking to SKY News this morning, vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi conceded that there is no clinical reason to vaccinate children against covid. Yesterday, the UK’s chief medical officers recommended that healthy 12-15 year-olds should receive the jab. Previously, the Joint Committee on Vaccination & Immunisation said that healthy kids shouldn’t be offered it.

Zahawi told SKY’s Niall Paterson:

“The JCVI recommended that we ask the chief medical officers. We asked them. They also consulted with the Royal Colleges of Paediatrics, erm The Royal Colleges of GP’s and of course the JCVI were in the room to look at the mental health on those 12-15 year-olds, the public health impact on the 12-15 year-olds, not on the greater sort of good of society, actually for those 12-15 year-olds. 

The JCVI were only sort of looking at what they are narrowly qualified to look at which is why they made the recommendation that we ask the chief medical officers.”

Zahawi was echoing England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty. Whitty told a press conference yesterday that the UK’s four Chief Medical Officer’s were recommending the jab for healthy children, to prevent further disruption to their education.

Whitty said that the closure of schools last year had a negative effect on children’s mental health and that this was central to the chief medical officers recommendation. He acknowledged that there is no clinical reason to jab kids.

There was no need to close schools last year. They knew that children had next to no risk from covid-19. They also knew that children didn’t pass it on. “Don’t Kill Granny” was a psyop. Asymptomatic transmission is a myth.

Zahawi reiterated this morning that children who want the jab will get it, even if their parents say no.

These people are unimaginably evil.


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At this point they can say absolutely anything they want to; and the pisstream media will parrot that message to in turn be swallowed whole by the livestock. It’s not so much the blind acceptance of statements like this; it’s the lack of cognitive abiltity that really gets to me. The people who absorb news like this as just another story will likely expend more energy in their choice of washing machine or the colour of their next car. O’Brien’s interrogation of Winston in 1984 comes to mind; Ming the merciless is attempting to make us believe he is holding up four fingers, when there are clearly only two visible. Taking the piss with interest


Oh my god,they are the ones responsible for this situation in the first place. how can a “vaccine” help with psychological issues?They are doubling down. this jab was meant to be for fighting the virus? This is beyond the pale..where are the protests? the masses must get outside number 10 and other places across the nation..Notice,safety of these vax are not even spoken about right now. So the answer is to let them back to school,what so difficult about that?is it the teachers union?So fire those idiots then..I’m tired of this nonsense..this is pure evil!


Google is paying $27485 to $29658 consistently for taking a shot at the web from home. I joined this action 2 months back and I have earned $31547 in my first month from this action. I can say my life has improved completely! Take a gander at what I do…….

Last edited 10 days ago by KadinKaidence

You can’t make it up that the SINISTER VACCINE MINISTER admits a PLACEBO group, yet excuses the kids genocidal STABS, as “for their MENTAL HEALTH” (which lockdown NOT covid caused), surely he could offer them the PLACEBO of “pure positive mental attitude”, not a REAL gene JAB, instead then? Except of course we ALL know the script before these feckers read it! FFS they were employing JAB NURSES for ALL SCHOOLS all Summer on perma-contracts!

PERMANENT CONTRACTS do indeed need taking out globally!
Ones to permanently take out, each and everyone of these WAR CRIMINAL CUNTS ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Yet they of course know that, and that that day of reckoning was and still is beckoning, hence the entire covid scam, to try to kill us all before we just get fed up enough to actually just go and mass murder them all in one night, rather than by slyly tried on, long planned genocide by needlepoint!



Yes,well said..this is blood* war.we need to fight for our children.


GP surgeries get £12.58 per stabby and an extra £10 per kid. Max 1000 victims per day

UK jabbymoney.jpg
Urban fox

Hi, I wrote about this a while ago before it was confirmed. David Ike and Daily Expose had been contacted by whistle blowers. Absolutely sickening to see it confirmed here. As i wrote, the average GP in the UK, has 2000 patients registered including children. They also get around £9 for the flue jab which is shit as well, but not on this level of course. All the money go’s to the Dr, and they don’t even do the jabbing themselves and leave it to a nurse to dirty there hands. No bloody wonder they love promoting jabs. And I’m sure the public mostly don’t even know about it. I didn’t know they got bonuses for pushing drugs,. until i read about it in Venom Colemans book.

Noel cox

The truth coming out finally, well not to us awake folk we already know the score but it’s positive reading all those questioning this now in that comment section 🙂

Lizzie Bee

This is absolutely horrendous! These corrupt greedy politicians and scientists well and truly have blood and devastation on their hands … and this is only just the start of what´s to come …

Posted by: iamjaclyndunne on Instagram, in the UK 
“My niece had her second child last month and throughout her pregnancy she resisted being vaccinated. A month before the baby was born she was told that she would need a cesarean section and the hospital and doctors insisted that they would not allow her into the hospital unless she had the jab.

With such pressure, and the worry of her baby’s health, she felt forced to comply and take the CV v@x. Now the baby is in hospital, has uncontrollable intermittent ‘jitters’ that are worsening and needs a brain scan as they cannot fathom what is causing this

Every test that has been done has come back negative so they are being transferred to the Great Ormond Street hospital to do further investigations.”

See Not On The Beeb website & newsletter.

Michael Benjamin

The covid jab is now a ‘wellbeing vaccine’ along with a go shopping vaccine, go clubbing vacine, go to work vaccine, go to the pub vaccine. Nothing that the government says or does is the truth.

Lizzie Bee

“The best explanation I’ve heard so far for the perplexing, insane, bulldozing through of the toxic jabs for children by Governments worldwide is:

“They don’t want too many orphans” …” Rachel Elnaugh.

Rachel certainly has a point, although their programme of mass genocide mainly among the adult population also creates an even greater opportunity for these satanists to further expand their huge child trafficking/abuse business, involving the most vulnerable in society.


The young are easier to mould than adults. It’s why every tyranny and ideology focusses on them: from the smallest cults upwards.


Who wants to compare covid stats from the good old pre-jab days last September to figures from this year after good old Mr. Safe and Effective has been jolly well rolled out to the vast majority of the population?

Daily new cases 7 day rolling average –
Sept 13 2020 = 3044. Sept 13 2021 = 30825.

Active cases/currently infected –
Sept 13 2020 = 68,753. Sept 13 2021 = 1,304,503.

Daily deaths 7 day rolling average –
Sept 13 2020 = 11. Sept 13 2021 = 141.

So overall we have ten times the number of new daily cases post vaccine, well over 1.2 million extra active cases, and over 10 times the number of daily deaths now we have all been vaccinated. Anyone would think the jab is doing more harm than good.

Last edited 11 days ago by Stubini

Cases are meaningless anyway because they are based on a test that is incapable of looking for anything specific. The whole thing is a fraud from start to finish. But looking at it from the perspective of those who believe in this you are quite right, why would they have gone up. I suppose they will blame the dreaded variants that they have invented.


The vaccine is now covid.


Demonic pig

Charlie Stevenson

When the first child is murdered with this poison, Witty will have the same issue as Mussolini.


Plenty have died already in other countries. but nothing being done

Urban fox

These monsters in suits, have been destroying children’s health systematically since this plan was unrolled 18 months ago. By subjecting them to the propaganda that has been everywhere and the constant barrage of fear porn, much of which has come from there own parents. I saw a woman screaming at her young child for touching something in a shop. Telling the child ” everything is dirty, it could be infected, never touch things”. What message is this to be giving children.

They have also been subjecting them to mask wearing , harmful both mentally and physically. And in some schools making them stand in chalk circles 6 feet apart. This latest development regarding the fake jabs has turned my stomach this morning. How blatant are they now becoming, to admit that there there are no physical health benefits. Only to then justify jabbing , on mental health grounds.

On an interesting side note, one such monster in a suit, Nadhim Zahawi, Is the chairman of the elite secret society ” Le circle”. They were set up in 1953 , in there own words, to spread right wing ideals, and global cooperation. They supported the apartheid movement in South Africa. They are so exclusive that they do not even have an official name. Meaning they are part of the inner core of the illuminati globalist cult.

How much longer are the people going to sleep.? If they don’t rise soon, there will be no going back from the consequences of what Richie rightly calls unimaginable evil. We and our children, the whole planet is facing the abyss, yet the majority are still in The Matrix. Even though by the day the statements and dictates become more vile and insane. It seems the people have become so indoctrinated they will now believe whatever they are told, and have lost all capacity to think for themselves.


You are absolutely right Fox, it’s parents that have been enabling this madness to continue. My kids don’t wear masks and all it took was a simple phone call to the Schools to say they won’t be wearing one as they are exempt, that was it, no drama, no further questions, the Schools have to accept and they did. The tests was the same, I signed a form that came home to say we would not be taking part in the testing, no further questions, nothing. The same with the flu jab, I didn’t even bother to sign that stupid form, as underneath my consent, they asked my son to sign his consent, they said it MUST be returned even if he was not getting it, but we didn’t and nothing happened.

The parents have the power, they always have done, the Schools cannot implement nothing without our final say. So if all parents didn’t comply with any of this tyranny, it would have been over and done with a long time ago, but my kid still sits in most of his classes the only one unmasked, so I have no idea how this death shot is going to pan out, it’s terrifying, true evil in plain sight yet the masses can’t see it.

Urban fox

Thanks, Nice to hear from you. Non compliance of course is the way. Yet without the numbers that will not be a permanent solution. We must remember, those in power, make the laws, amend them, tear them up and make new ones at will. The law can not protect people against Tyranny. As Tyranny will just change the law. What’s needed is enough resistance to make things unworkable. In Australia, the states, Canada, Israel, people have been held down and forcibly jabbed. Care home residents were held down in Canada, two of which ran into an alleyway. They were screaming on the floor. And when they had been jabbed. Onlookers including a policeman clapped. I saw the film. And in Ireland a little girl was jabbed against her parents consent, Jennie relayed the incident to me. But i applaud your stance against these bastards, we just need this to happen en mass. Hope you saw the video link i sent you. And best wishes with everything.


There was a lawyer called Stephen Manning who had the Irish government bang to rights for breaking their own laws and all they did was change the law to match what they were doing. People power is the only answer.


I totally agree, non compliance is the best course of action, there will always be more of us than the tiny few that like to rule over us, there is not enough Police in the land to force anything on us if we choose not to comply. I just finished watching Gareth Icke, the parents views on the jabs were of a huge confidence boost to me as it’s good to hear other parents questioning this nightmare, so thanks for that link, the Doctor at the start was amazing 🙂


Excellent summing up. I’ve had to do deep breaths I got such a flash of anger after reading Richie’s post. I can’t find the words for these people anymore, they are just unspeakable.

Urban fox

Thank you. I should have mentioned the testing which Layla mentioned as well. As those fake tests, must be mentally traumatic, as well as physically dangerous.


The kids at my son’s High School are taking the tests twice a week, and we all know the tests are worthless, if you burl it enough times you may find Elvis himself in there lol. The cases have went up, surprise, surprise, if nearly every kid is testing twice a week, the numbers go up as planned, hey presto more restrictions, you honestly couldn’t make it up. Now if parents refused to test their kids, a simple no is all that is required, no false positives from a faulty test, no cases, no inflated numbers to add to the covid con list, plan failed, end of this nightmare, ahh we can hope.

Yes I agree those tests have got to be causing damage to these poor kids, they are invasive and the kids are doing them on a regular basis, it’s very dangerous, I just don’t know what is going through the minds of these parents, it’s madness.


Pure evil..


Dr Hilary now on Lorraine! I hope I can watch but I’m not sure how much I can take of his bs and Lorraine’s arse kissing.


He is a complete Wanker!



Lizzie Bee

Such conflicts of interests at every level which the public must be made aware of. For those of us that are awake, it comes as no surprise that deceitful Dr Hilary Jones is well and truly in bed with Big Pharma, his own company Medtate Ltd even has a Biotechnology division, and so, in addition to fully toeing the Lorraine TV programme/MSM line that supports the toxic jabs, he is therefore heavily influenced and controlled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation too. Such an evil creep, a puppet for the cabal.


He was also on GMB no words!!

Sara D

This is it really. The ultimate litmus test. Do you allow your children to be jabbed with this vile concoction or do you stand up. Because if you go along with this it really is game over and they will move on to the smaller children. It is now up to all of us.


Exactly, it was always going to get worse the more and more the parents complied. They complied with the masks, the tests, the flu shots, and now here we are at the real serious dangerous situation, the toxic jabs, when the parents could have ended this at those vile masks. No one had a gun to our heads, it was our choice to send our kids masked up to School, it’s so frustrating as we could have ended this then, but no our compliance (not mine) has landed us in very dangerous deadly waters.


So you now get vaccinated to protect your mental well being 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I wonder what fanciful reason will be invented to start vaccinating the 2-11 year age group which is what they intend to do by the end of the year? Perhaps they could be vaccinated to prevent hurt feelings and the feeling of being left out 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ronald Templeman

These evil so called MPs would have been welcomed with open arms in Hitlers’ Germany.

Alex Romero

They’re just puppets of the globalists, as were the nazis. History is a big fat lie.


They would have been welcomed by the Inquisition. The rhetoric is the same, even down to the re-worded demonic possession.


None of my kids will be having this jab, they don’t need it and in having it, it could very likely cause serious long term adverse side affects, such as myocarditis or death, that’s all parents should be concerned with. Any parents who lets their child be jabbed is abusing your own child, there is no other words for it, it’s a terrifying sick deadly situation that will certainly leave children maimed or killed.

Urban fox

Morning Layla, I have copied this from one of my posts yesterday, in case you missed it. As thinking about you prompted me to post it.


Right Now with Gareth Icke – “Enough Is Enough. Children Are Not Shields For Weak Adults” – David Icke

This is a link to an edited version of Gareth Ikes latest program. In which he interviews several parents about the poison jab. It may be of some comfort to those aware parents to know they are not alone. Also it may be useful, to post to some parents who are still in the dark.


Thank you, that’s of great interest to me, I will check it out asap. I am a huge fan of David Icke, I am also a very scared and worried to death parent about how far this nightmare has got with these toxic jabs, I will update on here anything I find out from the kids Schools about these terrible jabs, when they are happening and God forbid if anything happens to any of the kids, I have a good few Teachers who are awake to this nightmare x


And yet none of those parents will take responsibility for their actions. It will be someone else’s fault.

Alex Romero

The whole shitshow has been planned for decades. Zahawi, like a lot of the cabinet, we’re parachuted into Government from nowhere after Boris Bunter became PM. The agenda rolls on …


odds on the jab will fatally kill a child when you consider this could be given to potentially 100s of thousands if not more, all for the supposed “mental health” the jab aint an anti depressant 😡 😠

Last edited 11 days ago by Patrice

It’s terrifying as I honestly can see dead children cropping up in the weeks or months to come, this toxic jab has killed children in other countries, and one death is too many for a ‘virus’ that doesn’t affect them. Parents can now end this, if they choose to do so, but by the amount of masked kids & testing compliance in both my kids Schools, I don’t have much confidence 🙁


But the tech in the jabs is part of a bigger picture of cybernetic implants that might help to alleviate depression (or so people are told). This is setting the groundwork.

Urban fox

Was thinking along similar lines. References to controlling thoughts and keeping people happy or docile, or leveled off, etc. Are in Brave New world, Equilibrium and Equals and other works of fiction. Up until now they have had to control through external, threats, fear, coercion and force. But once they have control from the inside of our body’s and minds, then that is the ultimate control.


Have you seen ‘Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw’? If not, I highly recommend. You will see a very familiar plot line.

Urban fox

Don’t think seen, but familiar with the films.


I never bothered with the franchise, but this is the latest one. It’s entertaining.
Basic premise: bad guys on the lose who want to spread a bioweapon across the globe designed to kill off the weak, leaving the strong ready for tech upgrades.
Good guys have to stop it.


Their argument seems to be that children must be injected to save them from the harms done to them by government policy choices. Problem, reaction, solution never gets tired does it.


Yes exactly,how evil..and the masses cannot see through it it seems.

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