Coming soon to a cinema near you, The 7th Sense: I See anti-Semites Everywhere, starring John Mann. Labour MP Mann was the guy who chased after Ken Livingstone with a camera crew in tow, back in 2016. He followed Livingstone up the stairs at the BBC's offices in Millbank, shouting and calling him a "fucking disgrace". Millions of people saw the footage on the evening news and social media. It was all very carefully orchestrated by Mann of course. Livingstone as you know by now, had said the day before, that Hitler had at one time supported Zionism (The Haavara agreement) "before he went mad and starting killing millions of people". I'd have phrased that differently, but Ken was right and it was certainly not antisemitic. Mann's behaviour was shocking, he was foaming at the mouth and his eyes were practically popping out of his head. People have been sectioned (sent for psychiatric evaluation) for less. 

That was two years ago. Today Mann is leading the witch hunt against his own party in the wake of THAT mural, the one that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn didn't condemn quickly enough. He should never have condemned it either, but no more of that, I've said enough about Yellow Jezza to last a lifetime. Let's have a look at Mann, the modern day Joseph McCarthy. John Mann heads up the All Party Parliamentary Group On Antisemitism. The group's stated policy is "to combat antisemitism and help develop and seek implementation of effective public policy to combat antisemitism." They must spend a lot of time sitting on their arses doing sod all then as there is no evidence of any deep loathing of Jews in the UK. There is a lot of anti-Zionism and a growing disgust for Israel for sure, but that's just fine and dandy. Israel's crimes should see it treated as a pariah. Mann spends a lot of his time tabling parliamentary resolutions on antisemitism. Incredibly, he's put forward more than a dozen in the last few years. These resolutions are very sinister. They're mostly meaningless but that's beside the point. Their real purpose is more to do with recording which MP's sign them and which MP's don't right? It's another version of The Pledge that former US congresswoman Cynthia McKinney told us about, you know the one where members of Congress are harassed and stalked by AIPAC (Israeli lobby) until they sign their allegiance to Israel? Yes, that is exactly what Mann is doing on UK taxpayer's time and money.

U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy (1950s)

He's everywhere, on every network and every single day since Saturday. He's threatening and haranguing people, outing them as anti-Semitic despite offering no evidence. And I've compared him to Joseph McCarthy because he's attacking people for not condemning something they heard, for being in the same room as an alleged anti-Semite and not leaving, for being members of a Facebook group that has as a member ONE bloke who said that the Holocaust was a hoax, for Tweets dating back years, Tweets critical of Zionism and comments expressing disgust at Israels treatment of children. This is blatant McCarthyism. And just as McCarthy terrorised Americans by outing them as communist traitors so Mann and his pals have people running scared here! They're looking under their beds for anti-Semites. Social media accounts are being combed, it's a national purge. You could choke on the irony it is so thick. McCarthy claimed that US politicians were working for Russia when they weren't, while Mann and many others are in fact openly working for Israel! Mann is some beauty. He described Operation Protective Edge (where in 2014 nearly 2000 Palestinians were slaughtered by Israel) as ‘last summer’s conflict between Israel and Gaza.’ He has been paid thousands of pounds to address the American Jewish Committee and last year he took his own committee to Israel to meet Knesset members where they swore their loyalty and reaffirmed their unswerving determination to stamp out antisemitism. During the visit someone said; "Hey John, we'd better visit the West Bank, if we don't it might look bad." So they went and met a Palestinian football association!! He certainly didn't meet with the families of any of Israels many murder victims. What a bastard.

So where's our Edward Murrow eh? Where's the national broadcaster with the courage to call Mann what he is and expose his treachery? There's not a real man or woman among them. They're running scared too, no doubt trawling through their own social media history's and their social calendars. Who knows, they may have been sat a a table at a function with someone outed by Mann and his thuggish friends. Guilt by association is a very powerful weapon isn't it? Where's it all going to end? Well, if we don't stand up to it, it'll end with the type of censorship and tyranny that even Orwell himself couldn't have imagined.

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