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  • This should be James O’Brien’s mantra:
    First the mob came for the Brexiteers,
    But I didn’t care, because I wasn’t a Brexiteer;
    Then the mob came for the Trump supporters,
    But I didn’t care because I wasn’t a Trump supporter;
    Then the mob came for the statues,
    But I didn’t care because I didn’t like the statues;
    Then the mob came for the…Read More

  • DNR – 4+5+9=18
    9 is the number of deception.

  • O’Brien is only now bemoaning the baying mob? He turned a blind eye to the BLM mob; turned a blind eye to the anti-Brexit mobs and anti-Trump mobs – and even justified it on occasion.
    So, no, I don’t take Fluffer O’Brien seriously.

  • Did Kay Burley say ‘Terminus Day’? As in end of the line? Not a good analogy. A train or bus that reaches the terminus comes to a stop. Viruses don’t work like that, but lives do.

  • We all know that Covid was never a real threat to the vast majority of people. So, the question has been: why the need to ‘vaccinate’ as many as possible? Perhaps to turn as many people possible into walking bioweapons

    Artificial Spike Proteins And The End of Human Health

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