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  • If I’m honest the lockdowns and disruptions have had little significant impact on my life or health.
    Thanks to the covert hostility of a woke workplace I was already out of work when coronavirus mania hit the nation; and while my social circle, in recent years, has contracted significantly, my few social interactions have only suffered brief…Read More

  • Mr Gosling spoke of Ordo Ap Chao on yesterday’s show. This ties in to something else I have heard, that is worth considering.
    Re (also known as Ra, the god of order): Set (the god of Chaos).
    So, the Great Re:set literally means Order from (or over) Chaos.
    Laughing in our faces sums it up.

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  • I have spoken with a few friends about the strange days we live in. The biggest disappointment – and surprise – is the reaction of the Gen X (Boomer) population. These are the folks who grew up with the constant perceived threat of nuclear annihilation because of the Cold War, and yet they got on with living. Yet now they (for the most part, it…Read More

  • Mr Allen, my condolescences.

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