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William Henderson

Remember you can check out some of Richie’s past content on YouTube:


Say what you want BUT NASA have some great scuba divers!


Air bubbles in space? 🤔🤣

Kevin White

Have a listen to this Richie, James O’Brien. The gift that keeps on giving.

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Ir doesnt matter even the fed up they Who complain bless them too . GO RICHIE GO!!!!!


I’m listening back every day to old BBG podcasts great times.


$1,000,000 to 1 Million people is useless; compared to, $1,000,000 to one….


I do dislike Fridays, no Richie Allen show. Roll on Sunday morning.

Welsh Gregg

I know about censorship in China, but I never would have thought the woke stuff would reach here (guess it’s the same thing though). Article on someone being arrested for nasty words below


Woolly mammoths are making a comeback. Should we eat them?
A Texas start-up is using genetic engineering to revive that most iconic of extinct animals. But the woolly mammoth’s potential return sparks a number of ethical questions, says Tom Ough. Namely: which supermarket will line up to stock chunks of them first?

It’s like living in the fucking twilight Zone.


Could we bring back mammoths to fight climate change?

How genetically-engineered woolly mammoths could be hugely beneficial to the Siberian Arctic – and help us fight climate change.
Could we bring back mammoths to fight climate change?


Colossal, hopes to reverse climate change by reintroducing the long-extinct creature to the Arctic. What could go wrong?

…They’ll stand in lines for their McMammothMac and tell you GMO is a conspiracy.


For those who have not heard Richie’s update on the home page; the show is on a break until early September…


Ah fuck this


Do not get a Smart Meter.

Morph Eus

Pull yourself together Richie. Stream from your phone if you have to. Keep the continuity at this vital time. Remember we are all here for you.

Jonathan Stone

Hi everyone, any news about the show for this week?

Sean O Meachair

Best of luck with everything Richie .keep up the good work.enjoy break and mind yourself..whenever you back on air we will tunecin for sure.very best wishes with everything agus mile buiochas..


Today IS monday!


Yessss its a post truth world……


After reading some of the negative comments here I’d suggest putting putting a members only section on the website, couple of quid to become a member, would cut out a lot of the noise and trolls who have nothing better to do. I’m prity sure the Uk column only allow members to comment.


There seem to be a lot of troll like comments in here, things real RAS supporters would not say!! Just jog on if you don’t like it!!

Jonathan Stone

I agree with Owl. I think it would be better if Richie just recorded a video of a paper review (similar to the one he used to do on youtube) and just upload that for the last few shows before the holiday. People can just play it back at 5pm in lieu of the show, until the issues are resolved.

Last edited 9 days ago by Jonathan Stone
Jonathan Stone

Hi Richie,

I know that correlation does not mean causation, but was your new mixing board vaccinated. Apparently there are some sound effects with the vaccination in a small number of cases. ba dum tish.


Good evening BBG Community, I hope you are all keeping well?
Hopefully Richie will be back on air soon once he sorts out his equipment issues.

I just want to know what you’ve all been doing while the MSM continue to push Climate Change, Ukraine War!!  Covid, LBGT+-+, Political Crap etc, etc bullshit. Personally, my wife and friends all buy into the madness, I’m seen as a bit of an oddity, affectionally known as a Conspiracy Theorist. Is there anybody out there?


Just get broadcasting Richie. You don’t need an all-singing, all-dancing studio to talk to us.

Paul Donaldson

I’ll be continuing my Patreon, small as it is, because even if you never broadcast again, all the free information, laughs, drama, thought provoking, outrageous, paddy-whackery and feckin genius you’ve brought to me is priceless. Your worth is not in what you do next, but in everything you’ve done so far. I look forward to your return. All the best Richie

Wayne Kepler

Thanks Richie! I appreciate your professionalism. I look forward to September when I can hear your dulcet tones once again!


Hey Richie,
Terminate the Italian company, do you really believe they will ever deliver a satisfactory product? In my business, I rate my technology hassle time at about $600/hour. There must be many other more reliable companies to choose from. During your “down time” please shop around, put out a detailed request for bids.
Lv ya, Gordon at Mendocino Lake.


Bad news dealing with Italians, Think Fiat Cars, Alfa Romeo allways problems. Hope you get sorted. If it were me I would put the old stuff back and find a new supplier in the UK. Good luck with the route you are taking. Have a good holiday.


All the best, Richie. Sounds like you’ve had a nightmare! I can’t wait to hear the show again – whenever things are up and running again. Thanks, Kev


4:44PM and the smash of a hungry magpie into my ajar window, awakens me, from the now shattered siesta!

I quickly recall my luck that “Napping causes strokes” was another BS study by some runt, paid for by Gates et als pals no doubt, whom even included his hatred of anti-vaxxers in his bio, when they busted his flu jabs long ago, as 1% effective. “”

It was then I felt relief that it was not 3:33PM and how a BBG, would even mention such, or pronounce it at all, without a sly reference to grammar on my own part. Or a Polis visit for implied racism.

I kicked back with smile, thinking of old Italians tales of Siestas, for real, in actually Civil Lied Less to societies times of yesteryear.

I recalled our balcony hosting the NATO, UN and no doubt WEFs wet dreams, of the highest Military Officials Globally, all at once, in that Southern Coastal Sunshine, all toasting the eve of things to come amidst real Turkish Coffee, Yeni Raki, Saki, Uzo, as comparisons, whilst Spanish Guitar was played so delicately by an Italian General and I was teaching them all, in passing, them a plate of white bait to feed the pet seagulls returned offspring, happily wandering amongst them, to my many cats, adopted bemusement.

Italian cars are not all they are cracked up to be, no mentioning names.

You may just find, that parts are rare and a need to go through a long chain of custody, from the darkest depths of England and somewhere exotic, that even Mr Blue Lou Boyle has no idea about, as even egg on his own face, that a mere hoppers execution, would only partially absolve of.

Meanwhile with smile, we have all forgotten the rotten dropping on us was well sown and sold and we’re all sodden in its circular reasons treasonous tell alls, no matter globe, or flat, or disc, or firmaments personal views. It’s still nothing to amuse.

Take that super Holiday Mr BBG and Mrs El-Froggo in his world sought after company and may the pair of ye, be very merry, foreverafter!

P.S… Don’t kiss the BBG El-Froggo, or he may just turn into an Irishmen with Hair and a yes it’s Ginger and yes he’s got some mugs too! 😉

Don’t tell us all that BBG Mugs are a no go 😉


Ahhhh Richie some dani’s have got a twist in undercrackers but thats ok as long as they don’t start swinging their silver clutch bags …I mean whats that All about even women only use them when they’re going to weddings.It would be nice to hear from you a couple of times in forma of an audio diary or something.Have a great holiday Richie God Bless.


Richie, such is life. Both my wife and I will continue to pay our monthly DD as we would be lost without you. Enjoy the break and we will see you in September!!!

Tim @OlliesGrandad


Tim @OlliesGrandad


Margaret Hossack

Completely understand your frustration etc Richie, but as far as I’m concerned just enjoy your well-deserved holiday and come back refreshed in September. You’re worth waiting for! Xx

David Keen

Totally understand richie,see you in September my friend ❤❤❤❤.
If anyone else is going to miss the show as much as me then may I suggest Tony gosling’s show on Fridays from 5pm,fantastic guy with brilliant options,please see link below

David Keen

Opinions not options(sorry ❤

Martin Weston

I’m sure we all know that you’ve done/are doing your very best. Relax as much as ya can and make the most of this God given break. My support will be ongoing.
Bless ya Richie 💋


Oh Richie, take your holiday, enjoy the weather and don’t worry your head. If we have to wait until September, then I would say that you will be worth the wait


Understand your radio station issues ….my only question is your half arsed communication with whats going on and also your complete abandonment of articles on the website ? Your sound equipment doesnt prevent you from posting news articles so thats a choice you have made , if the bbc radio had tech issues they wouldn’t stop releasing news articles on the bbc website , your tech issues have presented you an opportunity to fuk everything off , this is the reason why i never pay anyone for truth , starting to look like you have taken a payment to not be on air ,considering you done a few sunday shows all was rosey a Friday show all was rosey then the weekly shows come round major issues occur , a little suspect as it was only a few weeks back you stated shows like yours wont be around much longer….then you go spend loads of cash on new equipment ? Strange investment considering you predict shows like yours will be gone soon , old saying ” if it aint broke dont fix it “


I’m sure comments like this are just what he needs. Your right in your bbc point, that multi million pound propaganda machine would keep the lies coming regardless of technical issues. To compare one man who produces and edits a radio show from a room in his house is ridiculous. Get off your salty soapbox and go listen to radio 4


Absolute goon ! No salty soapbox at all just pointing out while somethings may be happening tech wise that doesnt stop articles and communication does it you little brown nose ball hanger , yea the comment about possibly taking a payment to stay off air was maybe uncalled for


Maybe it’s people like you he was talking about in his video update. You already said you don’t pay anything but you go on a massive rant regardless.


Not to mention the amount of people in the world that run podcasts and radio shows from just a laptop lol you dont need a full on studio setup ffs

David Keen

Well said Bob 👍🏾❤


Not to sound too critical of the guy cause I quiet like em but if I’m being honest, since he’s gone digital from analog his audio has sounded not too good (muffled) and I’ll second that “if isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” 👍🏻👍🏻

Russell Jones

Dan you are very brave to speak the truth !! I hope Richie hasn’t sold out but I can’t help but think about his treatment towards Vernon Coleman all those months ago !!
Uk column here I come!


UK column has its good points but is no substitute; this is the only show with any verifiable level of interactivity…


-4 on that comment so far; yet no one can suggest a show with a similar level of interactivity? I smell 77th brigade trolls here, hi guys… =)


Hi what was his treatment of Vernon Coleman? I always got the impression there was mutual respect between the two of them. I know Vernon Coleman hasn’t been on the Show for some time but that’s often the way with Richie and his guests so didn’t think anything of it.

Hi Russel can you tell me what happened with Vernon Coleman i missed what went on and havnt been able to find out …but I’d been wondering where Vernon was

Russell Jones

Though not particularly historically accurate, Richie’s behaviour of late feels very reminiscent of that scene from Braveheart when Robert the Bruce betrays William Wallace during the battle of Falkirk in 1298. Mind you the Bruce did have a change of heart rescuing the downed Scots leader from the wrath of the English😂😂


Dan if you don’t like it just go what’s your problem, if you don’t even contribute to the show your opinion isn’t worth shit! for us that are supporters of Richie we understand why he made the move to digital, as it happens things didn’t go according to plan that’s life sometimes, if you don’t like it just take yourself off and don’t come back simple isn’t it you won’t be missed.


Worth the wait Richie however long it takes. Very proud of you here in Ireland. You have been an anchor in the sea of bullshit we’ve been living through👍



Keith matthews

OK, before I start, I have no radio show or broadcasting experience, but. Technical issues are imminent in a technical world. So 9nce your up and running again and your brain has got back to normal. Get a laptop, audio interface, budget mic, create a tiny portable studio, it would be adequate for monologues and short stand alone shows, odviously phone ins, quests and so on would not be viable but it would maintain a media presence. And a plan B would also be good for your peace of mind, this would come in handy for maintenance and upgrades in the future, I do support the show , EL frogs switch on the backup system.

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