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Brilliant. People need to stand up for themselves, their families and humanity.


The speed and the amount being thrown was crazy.
Wish it didn’t have to turn to violence however what other choice do we have? They will not stop. This cant be what living is all about. Work until you die!!
For whatever reason I believe our generations have been chosen to stop the evil that has been happening for centuries. The time is now.

But yet again I have no idea. Just my thoughts.
Stay safe 🙏

Welsh Gregg

only the judean peoples front suicide squad can save us now.

Tony K

Fuck off – we’re the people’s front of judea.

Exploding otter’s noses?


How they plan to kill BILLIONS with the common flu: Covid vaccines induce “AIDS” immune system failure, opening door to death via common flu strains.

Covid vaccines are increasingly recognized as depopulation weapons being deployed against humanity. But the mechanism of how they work is only now becoming clear.

The gain-of-function researchers who built this bioweapon — all criminals against humanity — didn’t want it to kill people too quickly because that would be noticed right away. So they needed a mechanism that would allow the spike protein injections to kill people slowly, in a way that could be blamed on something else.

Their answer? Vaccine-induced immune system suppression. It’s not really a “vaccine,” of course, and we use that term in protest. It’s actually a gene altering mRNA injection that programs human cells to produce non-human proteins which are, themselves, pathogenic bioweapons that cause vascular, neurological and reproductive damage. In addition to causing severe vascular damage throughout the body — as confirmed in a recently published Circulation journal paper — these spike proteins destroy innate immune response, which is exactly why the mRNA vaccines are now failing at an accelerating rate…..


You got it well done takes courage to see the truth


Its beginning


It is..


My friend and I just ducked out of a 50th birthday party tomorrow night as we were asked to test before coming – WTF. By the birthday girls 14 year old daughter.
We let her sister know today we don’t buy into that testing stuff and that we have a cough and we would hate to be responsible for spreading the lurg so can’t make it haha

Colin G

wtf they actually wanted you to test to go to a party I wouldnt duck I would just say i wont be tested and you either want me to go or not


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