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5G Q&A With Microwave Weapons Expert Barrie Trower On Tonight’s Richie Allen Show

That’s it. Former Naval Weapons Developer Barrie Trower returns to The Richie Allen Show today Monday June 3rd. Barrie will be on in the second hour. He wants to field questions from you on all things 5G. Tweet them to me today and during the live show. I’m on Twitter as @richieallenshow I’ll also be joined by the journalist Tony Gosling to chat about this weekends Bilderberg meeting, which took place in Switzerland.

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Moving House – I’ll Be Back By Middle Of Next Week

Good morning you! I’m sure you’ve heard me say this on the auld radio show, but if you haven’t, I am moving house this week. Moving is of course a pain in the ass at the best of times, but I’ve also got to deconstruct an industry standard radio studio, take it with me to our new home and rebuild and re-calibrate it from scratch! Thank God for FAB Radio’s Paul Ripley, it’ll be Paul doing all the engineering. As you know I take a week off every Spring and then two weeks in late Summer. I’m using my week

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PC Police Demand BBC Presenter Be Sacked For Racist Monkey Tweet.

BBC presenter Danny Baker tweeted an old black and white image of a couple walking with a sharply dressed chimpanzee. He captioned it “royal baby leaves hospital.” It obviously never occurred to Baker that the mother of the child Meghan Markle, has mixed ethnic heritage. Obvious to me anyway, cos Baker is no dummy. Had he realised it, he’d have never tweeted the picture. The twitterati PC police swung into action. The screams can be heard halfway around the world. Sack him! Arrest him! Ban him! Murder his first born! Ok, nobody said that last one.  Here’s a flavour of

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WHO Is Lying About Measles Impact On Children – To Expedite Compulsory Vaccination.

I woke up to more press coverage of the measles vaccine today. The gist of the stories, which have been appearing in our papers every day for nearly three weeks, is that the World Health Organisation (WHO) is really worried about the decline in measles vaccine uptake. You’ve been following this right? UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has gone from demanding that Social media firms delete anti-vaxxers (that was two weeks ago), to confirming that he will not rule out introducing mandatory vaccination for the UK’s children. Hancock declared that those of us who question vaccine safety “have blood on

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