Woman Sacked By Israeli Company Over Anti-Israel Social Media Posts

A woman has been sacked by an Israeli tech company over social media posts where she described Israel as a “terrorist state.”

The woman, who had worked in the Dublin office of Wix for nearly 5 years, was fired on Monday, after her Israeli colleagues complained about her comments on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

According to The Irish Times:

Wix, an Israeli software company that provides a platform for people to build websites, employs about 500 people in its Dublin office.

Courtney Carey (26), from Clondalkin, southwest Dublin, was told that she was dismissed with immediate effect over her statements criticising Israel on social media.

In posts and comments on LinkedIn, Ms Carey had described Israel as a “terrorist state” and criticised the “indiscriminate” bombing of Gaza by the Israel Defense Forces.

Ms Carey wrote that Israel had “cut off food, water and electricity” to the Gaza Strip, as well as devastated infrastructure such as hospitals and schools. She said the “root cause of this violence is a Zionist ideology”, which “denies Palestinian identity”.

The employee later clarified that she condemned “all forms of terrorism” and did not support Hamas, whose attacks killing civilians in southern Israel on October 7th sparked the current conflict.

It is understood Wix decided to terminate Ms Carey’s employment following backlash to the comments from other employees and customers in recent days.

In a statement on Monday, company president Nir Zohar said Wix had “decided to part ways” with Ms Carey.

He said he had been “bombarded” with messages from Israeli employees and others criticising her social media posts.

Staff in Israel had “lost friends and family members” in the Hamas attacks and suffered “much pain and personal trauma”, he said.

“In the midst of this, for all the Israelis to be called terrorists by someone they perceive as a team-mate and a colleague is unfathomable, unexplainable and unacceptable,” he wrote.

Mr Zohar said the employee had been asked “to be sensitive” after an initial post, but later made further comments which pointed “a blaming finger at the victims of horrific terrorism”.

While he said Wix would “never try to limit anyone’s political views”, it had strong values when it came to “team spirit, partnership and friendship”.

Mr Zohar, who is also chief operations officer, said the comments had harmed “our Israeli team’s spirit” and threatened the “great connection” between its Dublin office and other Israeli colleagues.

Speaking to The Irish Times, Ms Carey said she feared her dismissal would “100 per cent” have a chilling effect, with other Wix staff feeling unable to publicly criticise Israel.

Ms Carey, who worked as a customer-care team lead, said she was “absolutely” considering taking an unfair dismissal case to the Workplace Relations Commission.

She said the online backlash she had received in recent days had included death threats and rape threats.

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“Oh we don’t limit political views, we just kowtow to the ADL and its army of keyboard monkeys, that scour the web and report anything they deem anti-israel, at all times and not just recent, and we just FIRE YOUR ASS!” – WIX did basically just say! 😉

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