Netanyahu: “No Ceasefire, This Is A Time For War”

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, saying it would amount to a “surrender to Hamas”

Speaking from Tel Aviv Netanyahu quoted the Bible while declaring, “this is a time for war.”

“Just as the US would not agree to a ceasefire after the bombing of Pearl Harbour or after the terrorist attack of 9/11, Israel will not agree to a cessation of hostilities with Hamas after the horrific attacks of 7 October,” he said.

“Calls for a ceasefire are calls for Israel to surrender to Hamas, to surrender to terrorism.”

“The Bible says ‘there is a time for peace, and a time for war, this is a time for a war”.

“A war for our common future. Today, we draw a line between the forces of civilisation and the forces of barbarism.”

According to The BBC:

At least 8,306 people – including 3,457 minors – have been killed in Gaza since Israel began its retaliatory bombarding of the enclave, according to the Hamas-run health ministry.

The figure also includes 2,136 women, and 480 elderly people, the statement added.

The World Health Organization has warned that Gaza’s hospitals are barely functioning due to shortages of electricity and supplies.

There have also been no shipments of fuel into the strip, which is needed to generate electricity for hospitals, shelters, bakeries, water treatment and pumping stations, and the sewerage system.

Unicef executive director Catherine Russell said last night that more than 420 children are being killed or injured in Gaza each day as the conflict goes on.

Russell added that the violence being perpetrated against children extended beyond the Gaza Strip. In the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, at least 37 children had reportedly been killed.

Jason Lee from the Palestinian branch of charity Save the Children says one child is now being killed every 10 minutes.

Speaking to the BBC from Jerusalem, he said out of the 20,000 civilians that had been injured, one in three of them was a child.

Communicable diseases are on the rise, Lee said, because of overcrowded conditions and a lack of hygiene practices. He said he feared the spread of influenza.

And he added that trucks delivering aid to Gaza were a “drop in the ocean”.

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jay joffe

how appropriate that he cites two false flags, Pearl Harbor and 911. It’s unfortunate that nobody seems able to furnish him with the 10 grams of high speed lead that he needs to straighten out his thinking.

Darren B

This is disgusting that Netanyahu continues the trend of other past and present global leaders to simply demand war and causing harm and bloodshed to innocent civilians trying to live or attempting to co exist with these inhumane atrocities taking place on the global stage. Word’s simply can’t express the horror being played out for those who thrive on power, control and dictation to harming the innocent individuals.


Sadly your link has been removed on Bitchute


Pure evil.

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