NHS Asks Patients To Choose From 12 Genders, 10 sexual Preferences & 159 Religions

NHS patients are being asked to choose from 159 religions, 12 genders and 10 sexual preferences before they attend hospital appointments.

According to The Telegraph:

Critics said the data collection was “bizarre” and “confusing” with those trying to navigate the health service being asked if they are a Goddess, Satanist or Druid before they access care.

Patients’ groups described the system as “wokery to the nth degree” saying the “complex and intrusive” questions would leave users baffled, and raise concerns about personal security.

The questions are asked when patients register with an online portal which enables them to access their hospital appointment details, test results and medical records, before attending NHS outpatient appointments.

Patients are directed to a section on their personal information to fill in their details, with repeated reminders for those who do not oblige.

“Gender identity” options to choose from include genderfluid, questioning, agender, non-binary, demiboy and demigirl, as well as male and female.

Patients are also offered a menu of “sexual preferences”, including pansexual, bisexual, gay, heterosexual, lesbian, queer, questioning, unsure or asexual – or a combination of these – to choose from.

They are also asked to select their “sex assigned at birth” and “legal sex” from the options of male, female or indeterminate.

Patients using the service criticised the questions as being “bizarre, confusing and intrusive”.

Think tanks said the use of “dubious options” to choose from showed the NHS “playing identity politics” in ways that would perplex many of those seeking treatment.

The questions are asked as part of the registration process for MyChart, an online service which patients are asked to sign up to prior to attending outpatient appointments.

The system was introduced at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in October.

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M T Hadi

I identify as a Donner Kebab.

Linda Pow

Richie bwas listening about the Mendez borough council about the radio waves effecting  especially people with metal organs/implants And now just cut off and can’t play… Just to let yours know




Something came to mind today – do you think there will be a day when they will start charging people to enter cities – I mean forget travel but like an entrance fee – so if I travel from Suffolk to Salford would there be a gate where they ask for an address etc and then charge you the fee ???? just a thought ! great show’s Richie – been listening to you for many years – this is the best show on the internet – All the best Maurizio 


We are already being billed for just about everything we do.

Urban Fox

I think this serves a dual purpose of promoting fake gender science, whilst further increasing the states intrusion and surveillance into every area of our lives. The more they do such things, the more people tend to except such as the norm. This could be seen with the last census in the UK, which was the most intrusive ever. And in the last couple of weeks the benefits department have introduced similar questioners to the NHS, for all benefits claimants. There is very much an attitude of our business is the states business. They dont see people, they see cattle needing to be categorized, labeled, and put on a stock list.

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