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Nick Neachtain

Where is that fuckin pig?

Nick Neachtain


Last edited 3 months ago by Nick Neachtain
Paul Curtis

Ah Jaysus, the Bally Beg Gammon, How are you?, it’s been too long auld pal. I checked who you Devils are playing this afternoon before messaging. Good Luck for that one pal, will be tough.
It’s your auld friend Paul Curtis Tours from Paul Curtis Coventry here.

The Home of Dion Dublin, David Busstt and of course The Home of The Mighty Sky Blues Coventry City FC, Gods very own favourite football team.

I’ll be preaching this morning at 10:30 and have to be there at 10:00am to run through the songs are worship team are going to perform this morning.

Please can you play Country Roads Take Me Home by John Denver or any other version as long as it’s not The Stratford End version to Man Utd for my long suffering wife Ellie Ellie Ellie.

4 years on 29/02/2024

I’ll be back up Salford soon as I’m on BBC Soon, just waiting to hear from their people and find a place in my diary.

Love ya pal, you kept me sane during COVID abut it’s been around 7 years now listening to you.

You kept me company during homelessness, depression and all those other things when all you need is a friend and you my friend were that friend to me when I was Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired and will always Love you for that.

your auld pal
Paul “The Preacher Man Curtis
Coventry Soul 113


Nick Neachtain

Where is large hairless pig meat? Dirt,
Where is he? He dicks us around like this and expects us to feed him cream.
Update your website dickbag we’re not cats in a box floating down the river here.

Nick Neachtain

Where is pig meat?

Last edited 4 months ago by Nick Neachtain

Hi Richie – on yesterday’s show (Thursday 1st Feb) you asked if non-jabbed listeners had experienced any respiratory illnesses etc. over the current winter period: am pleased to report that I haven’t been ill with any covid-like symptoms – whereas a huge number of fellow villagers (must be almost 90% jab uptake in this area) have either got covid several times, developed ‘turbo cancers’, neurological problems, post-menopausal gynaecological bleeding, myocarditis, brain haemorrhages, .. and of course ‘sudden death’ cases – at least 3 sudden deaths out of a population of 300! I could go on – many of the jabbed are running backwards and forwards to the local medical centre with issues such as dizziness, circulatory problems, chest pain… you name it. I could spit blood but just have to keep my mouth shut.

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