The Richie Allen Show Moves To A New Time Slot From Monday Nov 20th

Hey there.

As I mentioned during yesterday’s programme, The Richie Allen Show is moving to a new time slot.

From this Monday November 20th, the live show will broadcast from 4pm – 6pm GMT.

It’s not much of a change but it will make a big difference to me and my family.

Have a great weekend and remember, Sunday Morning Melodies returns this Sunday at 10am.


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Nick Neachtain

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Lil Merlot

The web page is still telling people that the show starts at 5pm, didn’t David Vance get mixed up last week because he wasn’t aware the show has an earlier time slot?


I wish you well Richie, but it’s buggered things up for me, I’ll have to listen to the replays.

Nick Neachtain

Me too backbeat I might have to walk way out into the fields and lay a few eggs with the corncrakes

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