Starmer Will Sack Shadow Ministers Who Vote For Gaza Ceasefire

What is happening in Gaza is beyond genocide. It’s demonic. 11,000 Palestinians and counting are now dead. More than 4,000 were children.

They’ll never see another dawn.

Rather than sanction Israel back to the Stone Age, the establishment is busying itself hunting down those who dare to oppose it.

Scotland Yard is poring over images from the recent pro-Palestine marches to check for antisemitic signage or clothing.

The SNP has tabled an amendment calling for the government to join the international community and call for an imediate ceasefire.

Labour leader Keir Starmer has warned the shadow front bench, that he will sack anyone who votes to call for a ceasefire, should the SNP’s amendment be selected for a vote tomorrow.

According to The Telegraph:

It remains unclear if it will be selected for a vote by Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the House of Commons Speaker, but the Labour leadership is preparing for that occurrence.

The party leadership is continuing negotiations as they plead with Labour shadow ministers minded to support the amendment.

Some 19 have publicly backed a ceasefire since Israel started bombing Gaza in retaliation for the Oct 7 attacks by Hamas.

One option being considered is for Labour to table its own amendment as a rival rallying point for the party’s MPs, though no final decision has been made.

It is understood that if that happens the wording will not explicitly back a ceasefire.

The clear message to potential Labour rebels from the leadership is that they will be sacked if they vote for an amendment that calls for a ceasefire.

One Labour source familiar with the leadership’s thinking told The Telegraph: “Support for this motion is not compatible with serving on the front bench.” The source added: “There will be absolutely no dilution in the position not to back a ceasefire.”

It means Sir Keir is rejecting calls to give MPs a free vote and is instead intending to impose party discipline, although rebels who abstain or do not vote at all are expected to avoid censure, which gives an option to frontbenchers who want to avoid being sacked.

The stand-off escalates what some consider to be the biggest crisis of Sir Keir’s leadership to date.

He gave a speech two weeks ago outlining why he is not backing ceasefire calls yet, arguing that it would allow Hamas’s terror network to remain in place, but he has faced a growing rebellion.

Last week, Imran Hussain, the shadow minister for the new deal for working people, quit the frontbench so he could freely call for a ceasefire.

On Tuesday, Rachel Reeves, the shadow chancellor, defended the leadership’s position even when it was noted that senior French government figures are now backing a ceasefire.

Ms Reeves said of the death toll in Gaza: “The numbers are already too high. Far too many innocent people in Israel and Gaza have lost their lives.

“The way to stop this killing and the way to save lives is for the international community to come together and put pressure both on Hamas to release the hostages.”

The Guardian has reported that on Monday evening there was a tense meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party as Sir Keir comes under mounting pressure to back a ceasefire.

One Labour MP told the paper “everyone is begging [Starmer] to do it”, in apparent reference to backing a ceasefire.


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Keith matthews

So that is proof we do not live in a democracy


In London yesterday they arrested 4 CBGB-ML members for selling a book – it’s very good btw and well worth reading:

Anti-zionism is not racism! Join our protest today! | The Communists


During the ‘battle’ for the Labour leadership at a time when their were four remaining candidates they had to appear before Jewish groups affiliated to the party. During the grilling they were each asked what would be the first thing they would do if elected to the leadership. Starmer, Lisa Nandy and Rebecca Long-Bailey all answered that their first task would be to stamp out anti Semitism in the party. Only one candidate, Emily Thornberry, said something different. She said that her first task would be to try to unite the party. Within days she was out of the race.
Could be coincidence but is it possible that some affiliated groups have power and influence way beyond their actual numbers?


I find it staggering that anyone would not want a ceasefire in a violent conflict.


The agenda is clear; there is only ONE righteous path…ISRAEL and the holocaust industry that drives it.


This will assure Starmer the new PM role! We knew that was coming though. He’d going to be such a WEF stooge and utter TRAITOR as ever.


I don’t think it will Pan, even if this weren’t to happen; would it really matter? The agenda will out no matter what.

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