Morrisons Staff Filmed Asking Disabled Maskless Shopper To Wear Yellow Sticker.

A video that has gone viral on Twitter, shows a tense exchange between a disabled man and security staff, filmed in a Morrisons supermarket. The man who is shopping, is approached by two security guards and asked to wear a yellow sticker to demonstrate that he is exempt from wearing a face-covering. He declines. One of the guards then phones the police. The disabled man filmed it all on his phone.

The other security guard tells the man that it’s “just a policy” and that it reassures other customers that the man does indeed have a medical exemption from wearing a mask. In the video the man is heard telling the guard that if customers were to ask him, he would explain himself, but that he wouldn’t wear a yellow sticker.

Big Brother Watch UK has asked Morrisons for an explanation. Those who have a medical exemption are not under any obligation to explain themselves to staff and certainly not to other customers. In the video the man tells the security guard that policy or not, it’s surely totalitarianism. Of course it is. Who’s going to stop it though?



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Was the yellow sticker in the shape of a star by any chance?


My 11 year old son who is exempt from mask wearing (and I wouldn’t let him wear it even if he wasn’t) has to wear a ‘special’ badge at his secondary school in Brighton to show he is exempt. I have tried to question it and argue that ‘should we label other kinds of differences in children at the school?!’ but it seems all the other parents are the ‘sheeple’ idiots!
These are children from 11 years old who are told to wear their mask ALL DAY in school not just in the corridors like some schools, all 6 hours of the day!
I’ve told him he’s not to wear the badge, but the school are so twisted he kept getting asked ‘where is your badge?’ So he puts it in his pocket to shut them up. One teacher threatens ‘behaviour points’ for not wearing it which lead to detentions.
I can’t believe what’s happened to the world makes me so sad and intensifies my depression and anxiety to the point I can’t see the point in being alive. CURRENTLY WE ARE ALL ALIVE BUT NOT LIVING!!


It’s abuse pure and simple dressed up as health and safety, any parent that goes along with this needs their head examined, do they teachers have to wear a mask.


Yes apparently teachers wear them, but are permitted to lower them to explain the lesson brief.
My son being maskless is a very very small minority at school- it’s crazy that most parents are either thinking it’s a good idea or too stupid so they go along with it.


I put a link about masks in the schools in Sweden on the article about rocco forte on the homepage on this website, if you click on it scroll down it’s on the page on the right hand side. Because this article is 2 days old nobody will see it you should repost it on a article Richie puts up on the day, all the best.


When a teacher asked him where his ‘special exempt badge’ was when he was in his PE kit, he explained that as it has a sharp metal pin it probably wasn’t a good idea to wear it for the PE rugby lesson!


They didn’t phone the Police because he was not wearing a mask, they phoned the Police because he would not wear a YELLOW STICKER.

Last edited 1 year ago by sven

Boycott Morrisons Campaign logo could be a yellow star of David with “Boycott Morrisons” on it on posters close to Morrisons Stores.


Yellow depicts cowardice, please make yellow masks compulsory Morrisons.


Here in Ireland they are now leaning on the supermarket chains not to serve people without masks even if they have exemptions. The corruption in this country concerning the pharmaceutical companies relationship with shall we say certain political entities is a disgrace.


These monsters will not stop Jennie, the only people who can stop them is the people whatever that takes.

Urban fox

Hi Jennie, I have family in Ireland. Wish I had visited years ago. As may never get another opportunity. Trim in county meath.

Urban fox

Been 3 times maybe. Couple of places near Trim as well and Dublin once. Loved it there.


Sadly Ireland is not what it was even a few years ago. The government and bureaucracy are trying to destroy Irish cullture. It started even before this fake pandemic.


The whole of the massive indoor shopping precinct in Gateshead have been doing this for a while now. Others may be too but I have avoided going in anywhere like that at all cost because I can’t guarantee how I’ll respond to these people. I had to get groceries today, only the second time this year I have had no choice but to enter a shop. I have never and will never comply to any of it but I’ve come home today and feel like fucking crying. It’s like walking around in a zombie apocalypse but at least in a zombie apocalypse it would be acceptable to react in a more satisfying way.


It’s all so dystopian and still the sheep can’t or refuse to see it.


I know it’s hard Rachel but try not to let it bother you, it’s the people wearing the masks who are the problem. I went into one of my local shops a few weeks ago, never worn a mask since it started, never been asked in that shop, anyway walked in the woman who was working said I had to wear a mask, I said I was exempt, she replied the rules have changed, I told her they had not but she was convinced they had been, known her for years and have a lot of respect for her so I never made a scene and just left, haven’t been back and will not go back until this nightmare ends, if it ever does.

Urban fox

Same here Martin. Loyds bank. Never been challenged about no mask ever until couple weeks ago, anywhere. This woman normally very friendly. Told her exempt, I even had a card was wearing made weeks ago, but she didn’t seem interested.I ignored her and walked in. Everyone was staring. When I told my friend, he said ” what like Nazi Germany ” I said yeah.

Just back from the Co op supermarket. Some guy started on me( a customer) . Young fit looking guy. Nicely dressed. Obviously has nice job and lives in one of the new flats up the road. Most of them work in docklands or the city. I had touched 2 loaves. And he said ” You have just touched all of those with your germs” He then told the shop assistant as well, and I totally lost it. I told him to keep away from me and keep his mouth shut. And he replied ” it’s you who should do that, as you don’t have a mask. ” I’M still fuming now. I also told him, to go and cower at home. No doubt, when this pathetic exuse, loses his job and can’t pay his morgage, he will still be calling for more of the same.

This bend over, believe what ever your told by authority, no matter what.
Politics of complacency, I used to call it. Is the reason the world is the way it is. And how they are getting away with Nazi tyranny on a global scale. People like him , which are sadly now the majority. Are dragging us all to hell with them.

Last edited 1 year ago by Urban fox

Try not to let it bother you, I have never been challenged by any customers in any shop, I think most of the maskers not all but a good majority are cowards who have not got the courage to not wear the mask, even though there is no courage needed just common sense in my opinion, When i go in the supermarket I always make sure I have plenty of chewing gum and walk about blowing bubbles, not in anyone’s face or anything just to annoy them, as you say they are taking us all down with them which annoys me so sod them, before the checkout workers were all masked up I said to one of them why is everyone wearing masks, is there a bug going about, she burst out laughing, not long after they were all masked up, but having talked to some of them I knew they didn’t believe the whole pandemic nonsense, have a lot of sympathy for the shop workers having to wear the muzzle for 8 hours or more. Used to live down the river from docklands, down in Wapping, a great place to live.

Urban fox

Hi, I know , not always easy though in the face of such ignorance. I’M in Lewisham now. Used to love going down to GreeNwich. Deserted now. Like everywhere.

Urban fox

I’m with you there Rachel, feel like crieing myself. Seriously.


I suspect idiots like Hope Not Hate will be waiting in the wings ready to pile on anyone who openly makes the obvious reference.


Hate no hope you mean Craig.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

I’ve just spent almost 1 hour, …going-down-the-rabbit-hole, to find-out *Why* the morrisons’s shop has instituted this policy.
It involves £200,000,000 paid the past few days….and…let’s just call them NYC-Wall Street banskster-gangsters.

As WE all know, you always have to ask, “Qui Bono?” and then “Follow-the Money $$$/£££”.

Once again, it appears to be the…Thieves-in-a-suit.
It’s alot of links and will take an hour minimum to compose a ‘short report’, but I’ll do it if enough people wanna know *Who* is behind this madness with the ‘gold label’.
But, here’s a hint where this all starts :
*LA investors swoop in to save the British pub: Former Greene King boss Rooney Anand secures £200million cash injection to help UK bars recover from pandemic – after landlords threw away 87 MILLION pints during lockdown* -Published: 13:58 GMT, 5 February 2021-
“Former Greene King boss Rooney Anand has secured £200 million from one of the world’s largest investment firms to launch a new venture, whilst the UK’s beleaguered pub sector battles to stay afloat.
Mr Anand, 54, who led the pub group as chief executive officer until 2019, has secured the mammoth cash injection from Los Angeles-based Oaktree for his new company which plans to buy up pubs across the UK….”.


When ya’know what to look for, it’s soo obvious and takes not too much time.

Hi Christopher. Morrison supermarkets have probably been the worst in the U.K for this type of behaviour, even coming out a couple of months ago and declaring anyone not masked up would be denied entry and they had employed security to enforce this, a lot of hot air in my opinion. Morrisions are basically trying to pull more customers into their shops, they know there are people that do not like the unmasked and would rather not be in the same shop as them, so they think by barking the loudest about the unmasked they might attract these shoppers into their stores, I think it is nothing more than a sales tactic, they know they wont lose masked shoppers the 99% by doing this but might gain new shoppers.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Good to get ‘background intel’ on the ground as they say Martin.
As You may have understood, I’m always trying to understand the ‘deeper meaning’ of the *psychosocial*-aspects.
Remember, this is a Psych-Warfare Operation that has been carefully planned for decades.
As Harry Vox revealed in 2014, the dead-Dave Rockefeller’s “2010 Rockefeller Foundation’s Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”, there is most definitely heavy-duty mind-control taking place.
More after the show, which begins in 3 minutes…

Last edited 1 year ago by Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Some man Mr Vox is he not. Showed a guy I was working with a few months ago the Harry Vox video he said it was just a coincidence, to be fair he was the guy that said when I told him about Gates wanting to vaccinate the whole planet, what conspiracy website did you hear that on, told him it came from the horses mouth, he still didn’t believe me. Agree with you on the mind control aspect of this scam, but in my opinion their mind control and propaganda attempts have been for the most part pathetic. It’s people I know that are not stupid in the normal sense but they have fell for this hook line and sinker, I truly believe these people cannot comprehend that there are evil forces that would try and pull this scam off, they look at someone like gates and would never believe he would sell toxic vaccines that he knows do far more harm than good, I know a couple of people that think he has been going about Africa helping to save lives and as was pointed out to me paying for all of this out of his own money, so yes the M.K has been important but the bigger problem is a lot of people are too trusting or naive. Wonder if old davie rockyfella is in one of those tanks frozen waiting for the technology to catch up and be brought back to life.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

yeah, davey is in ‘suspended animation’ for sure.
that f-cker is evil-incarnate.
believe it or not, my Father inadvertently worked for the s.o.b..
actually a few stories below at 530 5th ave. NYC.
i used to go to ny rangers ice hockey games with vice presidents of the big nyc-banks.
i shit you not.
Cheers & read my answer to you ^^^^

Davey Jones locker is where that fecker should be suspended.

Christopher Young@X_YankSweden

Let’s do this quick…
Next step is Board Members of morrisons :
I picked just 1 to save time and it was the R.Anand-guy :
He’s been in the ‘beer business’ for a while.
The TPTB ALWAYS are involved in the narcotics & booze business for at least 200+ years…getting the natives drunk or on drugs is *Policy*-priority #1.
Remember Lord Palmerston using gunboats in China to get the Opium Trade goin’?
He was also involved in subjugating The IRISH and had a big-hand in murdering perhaps 5-6,000,000 of them according to Chris Fogarty :
who gave Anand the money?
who’s connect to London in oaktree?
How about the other ‘executives’?
Not to mention, who are behind the ‘institutional investors’ :

Next BIG question is….who owns oaktree???
“On March 13, 2019, Brookfield Asset Management announced that it had agreed to buy 62% of Oaktree Capital Management for about $4.7 billion”.

Are you beginning to see the picture AND, I only followed 1(!) thread in the web.
The cockroaches and lizards at the top… NEVER EVER allow ANYTHING to happen without their permission.
It ain’t no happen-stance this shit.
No more from Me tonight.

Cheers Christopher. It’s a spiders web that is going to pull a lot of businesses in and swallow them up this year, been thinking about all the real estate which here in the U.K. will be available for pennies on the pound, one thing you can count on is when people are ruined financially there are people in the shadows making money out of other peoples misery. Bought a book dope inc which covers the opium wars must get round to reading it.


Seen this footage yesterday I think it was, to be honest it was not a surprise, was anyone surprised ?, I know several people who do not believe the pandemic hoax, but they wear the mask mostly to avoid confrontation, tried to impress upon them why it was so important not to to wear it, most of it fell upon deaf ears they just cant see it. On the video the guy handled it well, did he say he had a couple of claims or complaints pending, if he has hope he wins them.

Urban fox

The year before the fake plague, I had various incidents in Morrison’s. Including been followed around, repeatedly by security. Even though I was on 2 crutches at the time, and wasn’t up to causing any trouble. Then just as lockdown 1/ was starting. And there was a panic in the shops. They refused to accept my credit card for a gas top up , for my prepayment meter. I explained it was essential, and was literally told ” this isn’t our problem ”
So it came as no surprise to me, that since last March, they have been getting a reputation, for being one of the most Draconian supermarkets. This yellow sticker incident, is by no means, the only thing that has been reported about them.
Other stores, have been guilty of shocking behaviour. Such as the Lydl incident I reported and witnessed. Lee High rd, London. 27th January.. Where a man collapsed on the floor, and was crying for help. And shop staff, refused to help him. As they said he may be infected. But Morrison’s do seem to be going the extra mile.
There are always cries of ” just boycott these businesses “. But it’s not that simple. Because the more Draconian and Facist society becomes, the less choices we have regarding where we can go. These businesses will unfortunately keep making money. For two reasons. Firstly people need them and secondly ,the sad truth is, most of the population have bought into the lie of a fake plague. And therefore keep thinking ” it’s all for the greater good”

We can only hope, that more people see the truth and stop cooperating. Before it’s to late. And do our best to spread “genuine news”



Mate you cannot blame security for following you about the shop, you are after all a fox !

Urban fox

Ha ha, funny. They still discriminating against me though, for being a Fox on crutches.

Candide Schmyles

WoW ! When you think they cant be any more insensitive to human dignity, have any less recollection of history they go and do this. Absolutely I now believe in multiple universes, its the only thing that can explain why im in this hell.

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