35,000 Women Report Period Problems After Covid Jab

Around 35,000 women have come forward to report irregularities with their menstrual cycle, including abnormal period pain, after they received a covid jab.

Writing in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Dr. Victoria Dale called for an investigation. She lectures on reproductive immunology at Imperial College London.

Incredibly, The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the UK’s drug watchdog, has refused to accept that there is a link between the jabs and menstrual cycle problems.

According to the MHRA:

“The rigorous evaluation completed to date does not support a link between changes to menstrual periods and related symptoms and Covid vaccines.”

According to The Mail Online this morning:

Data on the number of period problems following vaccination was collected from the MHRA’s Yellow Card Scheme, which keeps a record of every case of a potential side effect. But this data is reliant on women coming forward, meaning nearly 35,000 figure could be the tip of the iceberg.

So-called experts were rushed onto UK TV and radio shows this morning to assure the public that even if there is a link between the jabs and period problems, the jabs do not affect fertility.

They’re lying. I am not saying that I know the jabs affect fertility. I do not know that. But equally they cannot know that the jabs do not affect fertility in males or females.

That’s because they have no long-term data on how the jabs affect fertility or anything else for that matter. I really hope this information is getting through to people. The jabs are unnecessary, untried, unsafe and the manufacturers have been indemnified against legal action from anyone injured by their products.




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expect more back tracking, its gone from these jabs are fine, to, well maybe one or two problems, to, well maybe women are having period problems, then it will eventually be, well, maybe it effects facility. etc etc etc.

I am listening to you on Tunein, it seems to be OK. Also you were talking about the NHS data grab. If you look on https://keepournhspublic.com/nhs-data-grab-what-next/ it seems to have been postponed further because they weren’t telling people about it.

Patricia Braunschweiler

“Rigorous evaluation”. I just literally laughed out loud. “They’re lying”? I would really like to know what A-Hole said that!

Tim in Brazil

Only 35,000?!?! It’s a coincidence.


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Ronald Templeman

That one sentence says it all “drug companies are indemnified against legal action from any injury” If it was safe and did no harm then why would they need this cover.

Lizzie Bee

This is such an important video – Max Igan interviewing John O´Looney the Milton Keynes Funeral Director who Richie has also had on in the past, but here revealing so much more about the deaths, even stating from what he has seen that the DELTA variant IS not a new virus but the adverse events from the toxic jab. Please share everywhere urgently, thank you! We must get this out there now to wake up the masses, silence is not an option – we can no longer sit by and do nothing! Whatever your profession, every single one of us MUST speak out now, stand up and be counted! The lives of our children are now seriously at stake. https://www.bitchute.com/video/gigUyK3yLtMU/


Vernon Coleman mentioned this issue in one of his videos a while ago i think,its no surprise though is it with the jabs not being properly trialled,i wonder what other goodies the jabs have in store for the jabbed?


We haven’t even got to any of the longer term issues yet. Due to death perhaps for many we never will.


After her first jab, my partners next period lasted 2 weeks, I suggested she reported it, but she didn’t want too. Thankfully for her they have been normal since then, but it’s a great worry about my family and friends who have been vaccinated.

Stephen Hardy

Good article, Richie, short and to the point. Growing evidence of the immediate negative health impacts of these clot-shot jib-jabs is devastating enough, but there can be no real knowledge of future health impacts because there is no long-term safety data. This is the biggest experiment ever conducted on the human species. I’m loathe to say “medical experiment” because that might imply some sought-after benefits are being explored, but these jabs don’t provide any.


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