5,000 Fans Take Covid Tests & Wear Masks To Attend Barcelona Gig

5,000 fans wore masks at a concert in Barcelona on Saturday night. The show, by Spanish Group Love of Lesbian, was given the go ahead on the condition that the promoters provided the concert-goers with facemasks.

The fans also took a same-day covid antigen test as part of an experiment to test the effectiveness of large scale screening. Health authorities in Spain want to make mask wearing and testing a pre-condition of attending indoor events.

Before attending on Saturday night, all of the 5,000 fans took a test at one of three testing centres in Barcelona. According to The Mail Online:

By midday, three out of 2,400 people already screened had tested positive and one had come into contact with a positive case, said Dr. Josep Maria Libre, a doctor who oversaw the testing. They were unable to attend the concert and would get a refund.

Attendees received their antigen test results in 10 to 15 minutes via an app on their phones. 

Those with negative results got a code on their cellphones validating their tickets for the 7pm show.

People with heart disease, cancer, or those who have been in contact with someone infected by COVID-19 in recent weeks were asked not to sign up.  

The ticket price included the test and the facemask. After the show, fan José Parejo said;

“We were able to evade reality for a while. We were inside our small concert bubble. And we were even able to remember back in time when things like this one were normal. Things that nowadays aren’t that normal, sadly.”

There’s nothing remotely normal about a healthy man taking a test for a virus to attend a concert. There’s nothing normal about 5,000 healthy young men and women wearing facemasks at a rock and roll show.

Is there any stopping this now?



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Urban fox

My introduction to ” lockdown 1,the beginning of the end” before the sequels were released. Was standing on the high street, catching my breath, on crutches. Whilst a thug in plain clOthes told me to move on. When I objected, I was told sick people should not be outside.
Now 12 months on, and this is where we are. Soon This Will he happening in the UK , it’s already well under way. Unable to enter a venue or business premises without wearing a dangerouse mask.proving you have been injected with poison and explaining your medical status. What is the difference between saying ” no blacks or Jews” or ” no maskless,unvaccinated,, unfit cancer patients” ? There is not one.


And they had to pay for the mask & test.


How dumb are these people.


They’re young so I actually have sympathy for them. Imagine being in that age group and not being able to do anything.and living your life.

Andrea Cook

I totally agree. When I was in that age group life was exciting. Every song on the radio seemed to resonate with how I was feeling, like certain songs were written for me. I was madly in love and infatuated (we’ve been together for 41 years, married for 37 and still going strong). We went to discos and night clubs and parties. My heart aches for young people today trying to socialise and making headlines when they’re busted by the police. Just for trying to celebrate their youth in the age old tradition. All these nutters who slag off young people for getting together and risking spreading the lurgy – I bet there wouldn’t have been a power on Earth that would have stopped the covid zealots when they were young. They had the time of their lives. Our young adults are coming up under the heavy hand of medical martial law. We must support them.


To think if somebody tried to stop me going to disco’s in the 70/80s I would’ve blown my top. Even now I love a good dance, only it’s in the kitchen these days. Lovely to hear you’re still going strong. 💗

Andrea Cook

Thanks, Kafla. We must all remember to sing and dance.


I’ve never even heare of this band. Who are they?

Tim in Brazil

Apart from demonstrating how widespread sheeple stupidity is, it also shows how few young people are susceptble to Covid in the first place….. 3 out of 2400 What pandemic have they been talking about?


They probably kept the cycles quite low on the pretend test because they actually wanted the concert to go ahead.

I find all this just horrifying. It looks as if I won’t be having any kind of a social life any more unless I can find somewhere free to get out to. I’m not bothered about pop concerts anymore because everyone I liked is either dead or doesn’t perform anymore but I will miss the theatre, jazz and classical concerts.

At least we had our time of freedom, young people today are being denied that by some really, really evil people and I wish I knew how to stop it.


Totally agree with everything you say Jennie.


Thank you.


Nano And The Theragrippers on Tour


Its a bit of an odd name for what appears to be an all male band “Love Lesbian” ?
It all looks rather woke.


I have been debating with myself for some time whether or not to write the following and I’m still not sure of the wisdom of doing so – but here goes.

Masks are going nowhere. The programming is now firmly embedded. We know that they cause harm to the wearer, while doing little to stop the spread of any virus. We also know that they do not foil advanced facial recognition software.

This last is important.

Imagine, instead, if every single person was to wear a Guy Fawkes mask. It is, by definition, a mask; a face covering. It complies without complying. It could even force the totalitarian state to openly reveal itself.

It’s just a thought.

Andrea Cook

Good question, Richie.
Is there any stopping this now?

Globally, since populations have, with their compliance, allowed States to manufacture terrifying power and overreach, it appears not – compliance is the solution, too. As in, NOT complying. I’ve read this statement countless times recently, “You can give a person knowledge, but you can’t make them think. Some people want to remain fools, only because the truth requires change” (Tony A Gaskins Jr). It was only just now, while typing it out, I spotted the word change while every other time I’ve read it as the ‘truth requires courage’ instead. Whatever, except that now the truth does require courage, of the hang on to your lug nuts variety. I’d also argue that those of us aware of the truth, are the ones refusing to change.

Courage is the only way to push back now, especially as we approach the climax of this medical Marshall law – the vaccine passport (which will come into existence because Bill Gates said it would, early last year). Unless society splits itself in two, so those of us with the courage not to comply, may still be able to find work, and therefore keep a roof over our heads and food on the table… The fact that threats are coming thick and fast now, there’s so much name-calling going on, and Doris and Halfcock are themselves in a catch 22 – ease emergency measures and the emergency authorisation for their vaccine drive falls apart – these are positive signs that the weaponized coronavirus narrative is crumbling.

I do try to remain upbeat and encourage others not to live in fear, or lock themselves down: there have never been armed guards forcing house arrest. Or the wearing of muzzles. Or getting the shot in the arm. Not yet anyway. And even if it does evolve into that, none of us live here, we are simply passing through, having as many experiences as we are able on our way.

So is there any stopping this now? YES! Even if it’s on an individual level only. All those individuals make up mankind. Have the courage to live your life, to love who you love, hug and kiss who you may; remember to sing and dance sometimes. And perhaps, possibly, even, see these challenges for what they are: what interesting times we live in!


We are the ones refusing to change – because, as so many like to forget, change does not mean better.
But through the education system, the political system, the media system and the workplace, change is constantly promoted as a good thing and ‘positive thinking’ is a valued mentality – because it promotes blind acceptance of that change.

Test this, if you like. Look at the ‘values’ of your workplace and employer. Write each one down and individually dismantle them in an honest fashion (it’s actually really easy to do).
For instance, companies like to crow about how they ‘value’ their employees, but that is word soup garbage. Employees are nothing more than cogs in the machine, to be easily replaced when needed (or, to use a more modern metaphor, employees are small program packages to be rewritten where possible of deleted when no longer required).

At your next appraisal meeting present this to your manager. I pretty much guarantee that you will hear the phrase, ‘being negative’ at some point in the following conversation.

As you might imagine, I do not make a popular employee.

Andrea Cook

Good for you! So long as you’re good at what you do lol


I make a very good unpopular employee. It’s a highly underrated talent.

Andrea Cook

I think I was blase in my last reply to you. I’m sorry Craig. The trouble is I was thinking of the greatest engineer when I posted. The man I was thinking of is a craftsman now. Not only that, he’s the only one who won’t wear a mask or be tested or have the vaccine. The company he works for accept what he won’t do because he’s so good at what he does do. That’s what I meant.
On the other hand, I worked for ASDA for 13 years, on the shop floor and in admin, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. I was at the start of the walmart merger, and I can honestly say that when, at the beginning, a huddle was called for my department, the area was crowded with colleagues. But then as the company became more American, so people left due to the impossible policies, they weren’t replaced. The job got tougher because there were less people doing it, plus all the diversity training. Why do people need training on how to get along? I was at the store long enough to lose colleagues from death. Management just put up a memory book and some lilies in the staff canteen – my best friend, an ASDA colleague, died in her garden on a Boxing Day evening, a hundred thousand years ago. Tax cattle, that’s what we’ve become. And now not even that, since they’re planning to replace us with AI.
ASDA has a customer friendly policy. Anyone noticing that during COVAIDS? No, I didn’t think so. I’ve had so many rows while shopping.


Don’t fret it; no offence was taken. I was actually smiling when I wrote my reply.


That’s the problem isn’t it, because of AI they don’t need us anymore but here we are cluttering up the place and using up resources that the 1% want for themselves.

“Loco Loco. Mucho Loco!”


What they should have done once inside is to all take off their masks, fling them in the air and shout freedom! I fear it may be too late for us…


This is disgusting.
It’s really sad but – No more concerts for me…


People with heart disease or cancer told to stay away: essentially, banned from an event simply by dint of having a pre-existing health condition. If that had been a sex, gender or race based discrimination, there would have been a huge public and political backlash. Instead, they line up for their shackles.


This is without doubt part of the plan. It’s about control. These “vaccines” don’t stop the spread, it’s ID cards through coercion.


All of it is coercion, there’s no logic or science involved in any of it


I see Lemimngs


Blessed day!


May the Lord open.


Under his eye 👁


Blessed be the fruit!


Urban fox

And veg


Praise be!


😂 😂


I really don’t think that ‘God’ is watching.


No… But ‘Aunt Lydia’ most definitely was!!


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