99 Year-Old Man Becomes First Person To Die Of Old Age In A Year

The Duke of Edinburgh has died. The Queen’s husband passed away peacefully at Windsor Castle this morning. In doing so, he became the first person in the UK to die of old age in over a year.

UK Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Vinnie Boombatz confirmed that old-age had indeed killed Prince Philip and not Covid-19. Speaking to BBC News 24, Dr. Boombatz said;

“My wife and I always rescue our dogs rather than get them from breeders. Time is the only thing that kills a mongrel. You’re always taking pedigree dogs to the vet. I can confirm that his royal highness died of old age and not coronavirus.”

Dr. Nick Riviera told SKY News that the death of the royal consort may mean that we are at the end of the pandemic. Speaking to Adam Boulton, Dr. Riviera said;

“Hi everybody! Hi Adam! I’m really excited that someone has finally died of something other than covid-19 and this may mean that we are coming to the end of the pandemic.”

In other news, a balding ginger-haired man and a mixed race woman were seen pacing the departure lounge at LAX airport muttering; “well this is fucking awkward!”




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How much money did pantomime funeral cost the taxpayer today!


It is sickening to see the MSM Bollocks about how he was such a wonderful person and did do much to help people.
A story I remember hearing was when in Africa a rare Black Rhino wondered into the camp where he and his entourage was staying.
Knowing how trigger happy he was and loved shooting “Game” they tried to distract him whilst trying to get the Rhino to leave.
Sadly he got to know about the Rhino, asked for his gun and shot it.
WWF set up to turn areas into places where only the rich can visit with the roll out of Agenda 21/30.


I haven’t watched any of the mainstream videos about him but out of curiosity I had a quick look down the comment column on several YouTube videos about him (although I didn’t bother watching the videos). It’s obvious that YouTube has been massively censoring and has removed all the adverse comments about him. So not only are people not allowed to have an opinion on the treatment of their own health but can’t even have an opinion on a British royal who has been supported by the public purse for years. Shocking.


Agree with you on the censorship in relation to the Parasitic Un-Royal family.
They need to be asset stripped and given a bungalow to live in.
I was surprised to find out that they also own the national gallery with all the paintings estimated to be around 1 Billion pounds.

Hermione Granger

The question is Why can’t more millions of people see that covid is a con? It’s complex to answer but they lack courage, they are afraid to change their mind, they are native, they dont see malevolence, they don’t understand true history, they don’t understand the financial facts about the few companies that run the world, they are too narcissistic to be able to change their mind, they are clever idiots,  cognitive dissonance stops them seeing, also Stockholm syndrome and behaviour conditioning restrict their perception of the world controllers.


Sadly we are talking about people who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. It is only when the COST becomes prohibitive to these weaklings that they’ll be forced to reconsider their postion.

Hermione Granger



Apparently his last words were “I’ll be back, as Covid 25” commentators said this ties in with his expressed wish made some years ago, to come back as a virus.

Caroline Fealy

Going to be interesting to see if they relax the guidance for this funeral.


Meh! He’s been dead for weeks.


Maybe even longer…….

Hermione Granger

The royal monarchy world controllers use doubles


Doubles are the modern day food tasters…

Jon Taylor

He allegedly had the jab as well so if he did how do we know it was not to do with that that he died? we would never know either way.


Oh Richie – your sense of humour shines and I love you for it!


Died at 99. He just missed getting a telegram from his wife then !!! Watch out folks, he said he would like to reincarnate as a virus to kill the population, so prepare yourself for a real mutant lol !!!

Hermione Granger

Was he not “tested” surely at their high cycling he’d be another ‘positive’ convid death ?

Last edited 29 days ago by Hermione Granger

We should gently remind our royal highnesses that funerals are not permited during a pandemic. No more than 6 relatives can attend, they should all be wearing masks and observing social Distancing at all times.


No doubt there is a laboratory deep in the bowels of the Palace with a cure for every disease, probably even death itself which would explain why Philip spent the last few years looking like Peter Cushing back from the grave following a partially successful voodoo ceremony.
I get the significance of the Royal family and it’s place in history but surely now, after the last year, it’s time for Britons to politely, and with clarity, gently ask them to Get Fucked!
We have been under attack for over a year and those deformed fuckers ain’t on our side.
The Queen looks like hansel & gretel’s nemesis and most likely has devoured a kid or two.
Time to destroy the royals, the bbc, ITV, politics, the NHS and all establishment bodies. Time to rebuild ‘Grate Britain’ in OUR image!


He probably never got over the shock of being transferred for treatment out of the super elite King Edward VII private hospital and taken to the NHS at St Bartholomews. He probably acquired some rancid hospital bug and its finished him off.


maybe a blood transfusion from someone that had received the shot or Prince charles had conned Phillip and Her Maj into getting a ‘placebo’, well he has been ‘waiting ‘ for a long time and he ran out of patience. When Phillip came back from the hospital I remarked at the time, That he looked as if he had given a makeover by an undertaker. Talking of her Maj has she been seen recently ?

Last edited 28 days ago by sven

Photo of Phillip being driven ‘home’ for the last time with what looks like shiny skincomment image?r=1617188159570
lol, well barely alive, no doubt sent home to die

Last edited 28 days ago by sven

It’s ironic that Prince Kebab made that “slitty eyes” jibe. Towards the end of his life his eyes began to take on a distinctly oriental look.


There is no way that he or any of the other “Unroyal family members would take the experimental gene therapy or any of the other “Vaccines”.

Jon the Paranoid.

Is he going to be reincarnated as SPARS 25 ?


Well he always said he wanted to come back as a virus perhaps there will soon be a new wave of Covid called the Mountbatten-Windsor variant. Not only does it cause respiratory problems it also empties your wallet and bank account.


Love the headline. I suppose they didn’t dare blame it on covid19 because that would have been just too obvious. That’s just for plebs who die in their 90s.

He died at “99 on 9th day of April, the 99th day of the year.
Sure he died on this day from natural causes.”

-from Comments found here:

Turn three of the nines upside down!


666 Mark of the Beast.
Yeah. Sick motherf_ckers.
They like ‘stickin’ it right in your face’.
And, the sheeple go baah baah baah.


Chris he was a piece of garbage, seen leaving windsor castle with 10 fire extinguishers, rot in hell phil the greek

That really worries me.

Meant to say Christopher that your highlighting of this numerical symbolism is significant.

Doesn’t an allingment of these numbers sound and look much more noble and befitting of royalty than say the humiliation of dying a month or two earlier as a guinea pig from a reaction to an experimental cold virus therapy!!??

The truth is ‘out there!!’

Just not in the way they portray it and want you to believe!!


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

Good Morning Gerry….

Top of the morning to you Chris!!

And a nice one it is too!!!


It’s an absolutely Beautiful Morning here in Mälardalen Sweden.
Drinking my morning coffee now and see your post.
Seriously speaking, the belief/use of *Gematria* has been around since the 8th Century B.C.E.. Minimum!
That’s at least 10,000 years!!!

Most sheeple has no idea what it is.
But most important is, it’s not what I personally think.
It’s what these ‘lizards’ think!
*Gematria* is used by these people and they believe in it and use it too!

Most people who know me say I’m-a-walking-Encyclopedia.
I got things to do outside and in my garden.
For those of you that don’t know about this subject, begin here:

And then of course you all may wanna know something about the *Kabbalah* :

Cheers Chris!

I’m onto it!

They love their symbols and codes!!

It’s how the give each other a ‘wink and a nudge!!’

And perhaps more sinister in some circumstances!

I’ll look up your data and thanks for sharing!



Doubt phil the greek or any so called royals would be given the toxic jab Gerry, unless old lizzie the lizard wanted him to have it.


The ol coot probably thought he’d live forever, so I’d say he took it alright!

I mean, Farage and Sumption bent over aswell!!
(And remember it’s the aged who are fearing this the most!!)

Re the Greek.. he didn’t die on that numerical alignment!!
(All the nines 99!!)

No chance!!!

So.. I’m guessing he went a few weeks ago after he reacted to his jab!!


What jab ?, you think these scumbags are being injected with the poisons, Gerry gies piece mate, by the way we played a game yesterday CELTIC, no fans in the ground, they had i believe a 2 minute silence for phil the greek, hundreds of fans outside the stadium had gathered and during the silence let off fireworks lol, respect the dead ?, of course, when they deserve it though. our day will come.


Alright Martin, back to ‘theory A’ so (he’s in stasis with a heat lamp — see other post!), thus hes still alive!!

Cos he didn’t die of old age!

Come on man!!
We all know they’re immortal!! 😂

So the Celtic fans paid some acoustic respects then??

Just so long as they didn’t over do it…

You don’t want to be wakening him back up!!


I just posted a reply that got…It’s *waiting for approval*.I’ve posted it on my ‘PERSONAL-page’.
Many many hours work with 0-zero links.
Only hyphened https’s.
Cheers Chris

Stan Tenen!

Watching it now Christopher!


I just posted a reply that got…It’s *waiting for approval*.I’ve posted it on my ‘PERSONAL-page’.
Many many hours work with 0-zero links.
Only hyphened https’s.
Cheers Chris


Wonder whether the 30 person funeral guest limit will apply ?


Apparently the 30 limit does apply (at least officially). Gives them a good excuse not to invite Harry and Megan.


Like that comment !

“In an updated report 10 minutes ago from the BBG-Radio, unofficial sources have told CNN that ‘a balding ginger-haired man and a mixed race woman’ were seen boarding a private Lear-jet at a private airfield North of Windsor Castle early friday morning, with flight information listed as ‘Destination Unknown’.”


The poor chap may have died as a result of the vaccine?When was he last jabbed?

Urban fox

The royal are one of the main families / bloodlines behind this whole thing. That have been running things throughout history on this planet. As such, there is not one chance in a hundred million, that this evil creature ever went near this poison. Not one person in high position, has ever taken this, including Johnson. It would defy logic. As every single one of them, know it is deliberately ment to cause harm.


Yeah know what you mean,very doubtful if any of this rubbish were jabbed,royalty,Johnson ,Vallance Blair and so on.


Spot on. They have all faked their jabs in various ways. If you went near any of them with a real vile vial of this toxic crap, it would be like the Blood Test scene in THE THING!! They would flip out terrified and tell you anything to not be jabbed!! Guarantee it.

Gene Hunt

Cue the sycophantic reaction by the DM, Beeb etc, for the death of a cruel, bullying tyrant. His behaviour & exploits aren’t even that well disguised. And we haven’t even touched on Diana & Kamloops school 1964


Are we sure he is actually dead ? – i mean don’t Lizards hibernate ?


Great reply,just pissed myself laughing.

Good 1


Yeah… They have him in stasis in a glass cabinet with a reptile heat lamp to keep him from freezing up.

The opposite to a cryogenic chamber!

They’ll easily get another 99 years out of him!!

As the saying goes…

He’s only ‘warming up!!’


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry



This seems to track. Good enough for me BBG. Take care of you 😉

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