A Twelve Year-Old Cannot Give Informed Consent For Vaccination

Professor Adam Finn from the Joint Committee on Vaccination (JCVI) has just been speaking to the BBC. He was on Radio 5 Live’s Breakfast Show. Finn reiterated the JCVI stance, that is that healthy children should not be offered a covid jab.

Finn did say that the JCVI stood by its earlier advice, that children with underlying health conditions should be offered the jab. He was speaking to the BBC’s Rachel Burden. Strangely, Burden didn’t ask Finn for his thoughts on comments made by vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi (pictured) yesterday.

Zahawi told The Marr Show yesterday, that if the parents of a given child refused to give their consent but the child wanted the jab, once the child was ruled to be competent, he/she could overrule mum and dad. Zahawi gave no details as to how it would be determined whether or not the child was competent.

Adam Finn made a point of telling Rachel Burden this morning that parental consent is needed for every vaccine that is offered to children. Burden, either through incompetence or because she’d been warned off, didn’t press him. She should of course have said, “Well Professor, it sounds like you disagree with the vaccine minister. Is that right?”

The government will ignore the JCVI advice. It will roll out the jabs in schools to perfectly healthy children. England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and his deputy Jonathan Van Tam will give the go ahead.

Parents, you need to seek legal advice at the speed of light. It is preposterous to claim that a child under 16 years-old can give informed consent to be jabbed. You need to move quickly.

The government’s plan is to administer the jabs in schools. Children will come under tremendous pressure to take the needle. It’s fiendishly clever. The government knows that by doing it in schools and not at vaccine centres where parents would need to be present, they’ll be in a better position to overcome the problem of parental consent.

They’re coming for your children. Seek legal advice now.

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Marissa Oatley

This is serious stuff. Kids are so easily influenced I know I was at that age and them taking advantage of that is so disappointing.

I have without a doubt they will do this over here in the u.s. they have with past generations and of course without any consequences for the schooling system nope just more and more funding…
Seeking alternative schooling is what I have done and It’s one of the best things I’ve done. Why more aren’t turning to alternative schooling (home schooling) I have no clue, I do get alot of B.S from family and even strangers treating me like trash, because I don’t fall in line with the public schooling system which I’ve been learning is none of their damn business anyways. lol.
Just so much judgment and blame when it come to that subject, makes me realize how much they truly are evil geniuses, hitting the bullseye of what and how they want to manipulate for their benefit in their plan…. smh…


We had our weekly protest in the village square and we were being taunted and having water thrown at us by a bunch of youths I’d say aged about 12 to 16. They’d all had the vaccine because they think it’s cool (here in Ireland they’ve been vaccinating 12-15 for a while now) and everything we tried to explain to them they thought was a huge joke.

The government, teachers and a lot of the parents are just a total disgrace not only for allowing this but also filling young people’s heads with non-stop propaganda and fearmongering.


I have seen jobs (in the last couple of days) for ‘mass vaccination worker’ specifically to vaccinate 12-15 year olds! Parents need to act fast to stop this.


The Government made the decision months ago that they would start vaccinated the over 12’s, this is apparent by the huge amount of recruiting they were doing for school vaccination staff. By the end of the year with another variant running rampant over the winter it will be the all over 2 year olds as directed by Dr Anthony Fauci and his controller Bill Gates. In further news Pfizer’s wonderful new authorised vaccination Comirnaty now actually notes in its FDA arse covering authorisation documentation the lack of test data re Antibody Dependent Enhancement and that it could be a significant risk. The sheeple still queue up outside the vaccination centres to get it. I give up.


This is the final test of this country. If parents, and the nation as a whole, allow this then this country is finally over.

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