Black History Lessons Compulsory For Police

Every police officer will have to participate in lessons on black history in an effort to tackle racism. Officers will be also be told that they should be comfortable being labelled as woke.

According to The Telegraph:

The Police Race Action Plan, being launched on Tuesday, aims to create a police service that is anti-racist and better serves black people across the country.

Chief constables have committed to achieving “zero tolerance of racism” in their forces. They have also pledged to ensure every officer undergoes training and education to better understand the history of the black communities they police.

It is understood the courses will be tailored to specific force areas, with community representatives asked to help develop and structure the programmes.

As part of the radical action plan, chief constables have also committed to identifying and addressing the disproportionate use of force on black people, including stop and search and the discharge of Tasers.

All forces across England and Wales will be tasked with explaining policies or practices where racial disparity exists. If they are unable to justify the disparities, they will have to overhaul the way they operate.

Other proposals include developing strategies to make forces more representative by recruiting and retaining black officers and staff.

Police officers will also be told not be afraid of being labelled “woke”, with the barrister in charge of scrutinising the plan insisting: “I don’t really see how you can be anti-racist and not be comfortable with that terminology.”

The idea for the Race Action Plan was launched in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in the United States two years ago, as well as the wave of Black Lives Matter protests that followed.


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Steven James

I constructed a meme Richie for the docile compliant

‘How Anti Racism Hurts Black People’ and ‘Is the new anti-racism movement a religion?’


“I don’t really see how you can be anti-racist and not be comfortable with that terminology.”’
It could be argued that to be anti-racist is little different, at its core, than being racist. Both are predicated on the idea of different and distinct races within humanity, rather than different human racial characteristics as a result of prolonged exposure to natural environments.
And it is this type of thinking – this belief – that maintains the ‘us vs them’ divisiveness.

The idea for the Race Action Plan was launched in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in the United States two years ago, as well as the wave of Black Lives Matter protests that followed.’
BLM – a grassroots movement by and for black people in black neighbourhoods that has been largely co-opted by ‘trained Marxists’ and white, self-identifying left wingers for purely political gain. A gain that, by their actions, clearly has no real concern for those black neighbourhoods, or black people in general – because if they did, they would be seeking to address the disproportionate black on black crime, and they would be outraged every time a police officer kills anyone.
So I would argue that such people do not actually care about people; they only care about ‘the cause’.


What a pile of steaming 💩


The majority of white people are not racist but when we witness our culture and religion being eroded we have the right to protect and speak out about what we hold dear and knowing that thousands of soldiers died for our freedom. .

Robert Klinck

This is as idiotic as speaking about White history or Asian history or Aboriginal history, etc. These are all artificial constructs formulated for political purposes. The history of even an individual person is unknowable, so pretending that you can describe the story of a complex group is pure bunkum.


According to Washington post, George Floyds murder was not what we saw at all, all this time!


Black history is written by who exactly ?

Don’t teach them that nonsense, teach them skin colour is irrelevant.


Agreed. People, starting with the kids, should be taught the truth. That we are all one human race and that humans develop different racial characteristics as a result of prolonged exposure to different environmental conditions.
It should also be taught that we are all different shades of brown as the result of differing levels of melanin (with the incredibly rare exception of albinos who don’t have any).

Unfortunately, there is neither political or financial gain in the truth.


Money is mightier than the truth, no amount of law will change that or make the world a better place. The problem is privilege and money brings exemption from truth in a world based on money not God. No more Gods law, money is the law.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nev

Simple, do no harm.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nev

Can’t argue with that.

Steven James

RoboCops,brain bleached


Brain Bleached Human Shields.

I don’t think the Jabs where mandatory for UK cops, more like cheap human shields to keep the truth underexposed. Yes, there are cheaper versions but they keep them for war.

Steven James

Please…Just teach ‘Plod’ to catch criminals & perverts irrelevant of shin colour,creed or culture.
And less diversity transgender training as well.


If I were a black policeman would I have to learn me own history? If I refused would I then be a racist? Clayton bixby , the back white supremacist?


🙄 for all the problems the police have (considerable) I’ve never seen anything to prove racism is one of them.


In other news there is no proof Margret Thatcher was a cnut.

Steve Dowse

Surely the police should be NON-racist rather than anti-racist. To be ‘anti’ anything means that you must be ‘pro’ something else, which is clearly not even-handed and implies bias. Aren’t the police supposed to treat everyone equally?


Define ‘equally’.

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