Booster Jabs To Be Offered To 32 Million Brits From September

It is being reported this morning that booster jabs will be offered to 32 million Britons from next month. Pharmacies will play a key role in delivering 2.5 million doses a week.

It is hoped that while pharmacies administer the booster jabs, GP surgeries and hospitals can tackle the backlog of patients who are waiting for other treatments. According to The Telegraph:

All adults aged 50 and over, as well as the immuno-suppressed, will be offered the booster jabs.

The campaign could start as soon as Sept 6, which would see the rollout completed by early December if it goes to plan. It is hoped the timetable will leave at least a fortnight for the final people vaccinated to benefit from the jab’s effect before Christmas.

Proposals have been drawn up for the covid-19 vaccine to be co-administered alongside the flu jab with one injection in each arm mooted. 

Apparently, ministers are considering giving people a different booster shot to the one they got for their first and second dose. Nobody in the mainstream media is asking any questions about the dangers of giving people two vaccines at once.

Nor is anyone questioning the need for booster jabs. As the flu jab rarely works (Google that statement if you don’t believe me) and they claimed that flu disappeared last year, how can they possibly prepare a jab for it?

As usual, the MSM is deaf dumb and blind. Nothing to see here. I’m beginning to get fairly alarmed. What sort of pressure will be brought to bear on people like me who will continue to tell them to stick their jabs where the sun doesn’t shine?

I don’t expect to travel internationally ever again. My days of going to concerts, the theatre, the cinema and restaurants are over. It’s devastating, but I can cope. However, they won’t stop there. They’ll do everything in their power, short of mandating the jabs, to coerce the rest of us to give in. It’s going to be a long Winter.




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Anwen Appleby

Old Auntie Anwen’s theory on these so called Booster Jabs. They are the normal jabs. They’ve got a surplus of them, because of the lack of take-up. So they are re-marketing them to the gullibles as “Boosters”


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Succint on (non-jabbed) pointX sentimets! Have no doubt that what is coming, is a massacre, with a never ending stories “OUR ROB OR ROSS” of Alibis, via scariants for these criminal CUNTS! Pardon my lacked tact, to use the oldest word in every language ever known! FOR A REASON! Get ready to get fucked, or fuck whatever comes your way soon! NO JOKE!


Roll up, roll up, get your 3rd lucky clottery shot!

Anwen Appleby

Free with every jab…. 1) Hero Status 2) A state of mind that allows you to condemn everyone who has not got the jab…. 3) Side effects… the long term ones are as yet unknown.

On Sunday I walked into a room whereby everyone had been vaxed. It felt weird. It was a social gathering but I only stayed a short time. I just wondered how many of them would have their lives changed forever by the vax. Changed or ended.

Also, I am getting paranoid about posting on here. Are they collecting names of anti-vaxers I wonder? And my thoughts are “Has RA been warned to disappear or else?”
Clearly losing the plot.


this is part of the reason why i would never touch the jab, I really don’t like the idea of suppressing the immune system and the only way to have a small bit of protection is to have say one or two booster jabs a yr, this cannot be healthy to keep being injected considering the main jabs contain I think 83 chemicals I saw somewhere.


I have re-read this and broke down into fits of laughter.
The nation is being turned into ‘vaccine’ junkies.


They have to make great capital out of this before the truthful realisation dawns on too many, increasing the numbers who decline. They need to kill and enfeeble as many as possible so they will be rendered incapable of revolt.


the new crack addicts


And yet the information sheets for healthcare professionals clearly states the potential risks of giving the jabs to immuno-suppressed/compromised people and clearly states that they should not be given with other medications (this will include other jabs as the ingredients are different).
Those same information sheets also clearly highlight the Yellow Card reporting system, so doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff cannot use the excuse of ‘I didn’t know’.
Interestingly, many of the ingedients of the jabs react badly to other substances – many of which are found in foods, dietry supplements and other medicines. The Safety Data Sheets are clear about this for anyone who takes the time to look.


I fear you’re right Richie. All smacks of desperation free coffee, free cinema tickets wonder what else they’ll come up with. Great show on Thursday thanks for sharing your story.


‘the dangers of giving two vaccines at once’………. as an ex-immunisation nurse I have given numerous (5 on one occasion) vaccines at the same time when working in a travel clinic. On a training update the question ‘how many vaccines could you give at one time? was asked. Answer- the body could cope with 10,000 given simultaneously! So no problem with 2 at the same time. The only danger here is the no long term data billy boy mrna shot when combined with a ‘traditonal vaccine’. Plus these people will have already had 2 mrna shots within the last year?? Wow, that’s going to be an almighty attack on the immune system. And still the faithful sheep will line up to be part of this big experiment. Will the penny finally start to drop when they do? Stuff of nightmares.


They’re already punting the unlicensed (in the UK) FluBlok shot on emergency authorisation. I wouldn’t trust any of these vaccines anymore they’ll probably slip in a hidden payload. Its terrible when you can no longer trust the NHS with your health but that’s the position we are now in.


“Its terrible when you can no longer trust the NHS with your health but that’s the position we are now in”.

A friend recently went to A and E and the nurse who put a drip in them put it in a muscle not where is should go, they looked down and their hand was swelling up, they also mislabbled the blood samples. i would suggest not trusting the NHS, its a shame but some of the staff, not all, but some seem not trained enough.


Luckily I retired in 2018 however I would have left earlier (or been asked to leave!) as there is no way on gods earth I would have worn a mask or given these clottery shots having seen through this scam from day 1.


I am very lucky to have a GP who has refused to be vaccinated and has remained completely open throughout this who debacle. You can see him face to face no problem usually on the same day. I asked him if he was enjoying the plandemic and he just laughed. Nobody from his surgery has bothered me about getting vaccinated. Its only the central NHS immunisation service who just wont give up. They are worse then Tenerife timeshare touts.


That’s brilliant to hear, just wish there were many more like that. We’ve had 2 letters and a text but nothing since. Just had the local area mag shoved through the door. Maybe I was being naive to expect local news but no, 3 pages devoted to you know what ☹😝


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Mrna jab + ‘flu’ jab = (wait for it………)
Correct…..The new varient they say is on the way!!!! Hands up who didnt get that right 😂🤣

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^Cops vs nurses – Spacebusters^
^This Old Man – Spacebusters^

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