Boris Johnson Is Gone But What Does It Mean?

Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister. You and I both know that it doesn’t matter a damn. Johnson, just like every Prime Minister who preceded him, was nothing but a front man for someone else’s agenda.

If you ever needed proof that journalism or investigative journalism is dead, just look at the media coverage of the events of the past two days.

Anchors rushed breathlessly to the pavement opposite 10 Downing Street to present their shows. And it is a show. It’s not news, that’s for sure. This morning, senior SKY News reporter Tamara Cohen even told the Ginger Ninja that “it’s very exciting.”

“Yes, it’s very exciting,” gushed Burley who then threw a nod to Larry The Cat, Number 10’s resident feline. Has anyone considered how much all this uncertainty must be affecting Larry?

SKY’s director threw to the Skycopter camera, providing sweeping shots of London, adding to the sense of drama and excitement. This is entertainment, not news, not journalism.

Last night, LBC radio presenter James O’Brien referred to the government as “shits” on Twitter, before retweeting the accessory to genocide, Alistair Campbell. It’s pure vaudeville. Ofcom (the regulator) just looks the other way. Commentary has replaced journalism. It has been the mother of all coups.

The mainstream media exists now only to convince the public of the authenticity of politics and to legitimise characters like Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Angela Rayner.

It’s doing a fantastic job too. Just like the election of Trump and the lunacy that followed, the Boris Johnson saga has reinvigorated interest in politics.

I spoke of this on a recent Richie Allen Show. Social media, in particular Twitter, has instilled in people a sense of participation in public life that was previously unimaginable. The great unwashed have never been more engaged in politics, nor more convinced of its legitimacy.

People have never been further removed from the understanding that politics is an illusion. This illusion allows the architects of The Great Reset agenda, Agenda 2030, the climate change hoax and the transhumanist agenda, to hide in plain sight.

Governments are not and never have been in charge of anything. Think of governments as you would a relay team. The new government takes the baton from the outgoing government and nothing changes. Things get worse and life gets harder and harder.

As for what’s next? On Tuesday’s show, I predicted that Johnson would be gone this week. I said I believed that there would be a protracted Tory leadership contest followed by a general election in the Autumn.

I predict Labour will form the next government or a Labour/Liberal Democrat coalition. Of course, nothing will change. The agenda and the agendas to come will move forward. Things might even speed up.

As for the public? No change there either. They’ll eat it up.



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Antony Crilly

If you got to choose the colour of bullet you get shot with by your assassin….. That’s politics.


All we will get is another puppet as usual, time for the country to wake the fuck up!

Karen m

Brilliant article. Absolutely spot on.


I tend to view governments as monolithic institutions and businesses with the politicians as employees of those businesses. That is never more true than when governments embark on nationalisation programmes, effectively becoming a monopoly controller of resources, medical treatment, transport, and labour.

As to what Boris’ departure means: the pond doesn’t have an albino jellyfish in it.

I did notice that Nadim Zahawi – the man no one had heard of just over two years ago – has been elevated to Chancellor. That’s an impressive, and suspicious, career progression.


Poly Borus.

Anuzza Vun.png

At best our government is a local branch manager, similar to the internal hierarchy of your local natwest on the High Street.

The punch and Judy show conveyed by the manicured and curated mainstream is meant to keep as many people as possible from asking too many questions.

The game has never been more rigged, and those that rig it have never felt so brazen and untouchable.

Horrid times. I feel compulsion to say ‘in my opinion’…but I won’t. I think it’s as clear as day.

Caroline Fealy

There is no dignity, honor or compassion in this world of so called government electives !


That depends on perspective. Given that the politicans sit somewhere up on a hierarchical ladder, and given that hierarchical systems are predicated on serving those above, I suspect there is dignity and honour in what they do. It just doesn’t suit us.
But then that is the nature, in particular, of authoritarian systems of rule.

Caroline Fealy

Yes Craig i agree with you we all see/feel things in a different way depending on our upbring, environment ect ect .


My comment was not a criticism of what you wrote (so I am hoping that you did not take it as such). I detest Authoritarianism in all its forms, but I am very aware of the psychology of its nature.

Caroline Fealy

No not at all Craig 🙂 That is the trouble with text it does not show emotions unless i guess you use them things, typing from a laptop i have very little in the way of the icon things and i am not very savi when it comes to tech stuff I co like to use smiles 🙂 . Indeed i too am not one to toe the line.


It means the devil we know is gone and the Devil we don’t know is heading into the seat of power unelected.


At this point the public are the biggest danger to our freedoms and our future way of life, their go along to get along attitude and the fact that most people can’t discuss anything more complex than love island will bring us all down.


Meanwhile the poisoned continue to get ill, whilst the un-poisoned must continue to be vigilant. Who ever gets the job will push and push the vax. The media will go on ignoring the thousands poisoned by the vax, and the NHS will keep shtum too.
I’m a nurse and will never move on from the great crime of my lifetime. This fuckery of a political performance today is pure distraction.


The test Dummies accepted the CD-19 jabs, but there’s more experimental mRNA jabs to come, no doubt the vast majority will believe blindly that they are safe.


Just a quick note, the Georgia Guidestones appear to have been bombed.

Last edited 1 month ago by Aldo

Have they been destroyed because people are slowly waking up after seeing what damage the mRNA jabs are doing and joining the dots. Did The Georgia Guidestones give too much away. Just a thought.


Quite right Richie, it doesn’t matter in most countries who the leader is or which party is in power because they all serve the same masters.


In a Word NOTHING Because nothing will change 1 WEF puppet out And in with the next 1, I see NO SCUMedia Coverage on the Dutch farmers protests over the CLIMATE AGENDA LUNACY which is a threat to their livelihoods and the food supply NITROGEN which makes up 80% + of the earth’s atmosphere, But it’s suddenly the enemy when generated by fertilizer and live stock farming , it’s a INSANE CLOWN WORLD

Last edited 1 month ago by toney

Perfectly timed with the heatwave. Unsuspecting public out drinking this weekend..lapping up the scandal and the beer..what else will they slip in unnoticed I wonder?
I can hear laughter from a strange man with a cat on his lap.

chris and emma

Democracy is an illusion.
It keeps the great unwashed,sat on our hands, instead of reaching for the pitchforks and torches.
We need to be governing ourselves in smaller communities.


I’ve said that for years, centralised power and globalist organisations benefit the few not the many but they use lies and propaganda to persaude the mass of the population otherwise.


I am of the opinion that centralisation doesn’t benefit anyone including those at the centre because they all become slaves to it regardless of position, it is only illusion, a trick that stunts all in it’s engagement eventually, as many complain of loneliness at the top. The top of what, natural law shows quite clearly that all you do really is, eat, shit and die, from King to Wretch it is all we do. All of these systems fail, history is filled to the brim with systemic failure, dead Pharaohs, Kings and Queens. The one system that never fails is natural law because it can’t be beaten as none of it would exist if it ever was. The whole issue stems from trying to beat nature or some might call it common law or even Gods law. The struggle against the nature of things should really be called what it is, a war against life, nature or God, when really the answer is too simple to comprehend, all should embrace it and rejoice in it’s benefits. Any fool can complicate things so they always do.


The media have done their job and painted the Tories as incompetent sleazebags.
Next up a Tory light AKA Labour/greens government, followed by even more control

All for our planet’s salvation and our own safety of course.

The masses will swallow it because everything that has happened in the last three years is down to Boris and co who we know have played their soap opera parts like true professionals.


Very true but as you say how many people in Britain will see it. They even voted that dreadful woman in again in Scotland.

Urban Fox

Absolutely spot on the money as regards it doesn’t matter who becomes the next prime minister. Technically though Johnson has resigned as the Tory party leader and remains PM until a new leader is found. The queen then asks that person to form a goverment, and they may or may not call a general election. As the latest date according to what iv just read for an election is January 2025. { Apologies in advance if iv got that wrong.}

Interesting that Richie spoke about how people are given the illusion that they have a say, more than at any time ever before. As i was only thinking this myself recently. More and more iv seen at local goverment level, requests for members of the public to write in and have there say, or attend local council meetings. Many years ago i was sent such a letter through the post asking me to attend one such meeting in person. As i was unemployed at the time and they were actually offering to pay attendees, i went along. But i never once believed it would make any difference to the outcome of the proposed plans. Iv long believed that at National and local level they have their plans, their agenda, which coincides with the global agenda. They make a token gesture of getting people involved and pretending their interested in what the plebs have to say. Then unless they are stopped by force of numbers or their plans are disrupted, they go ahead with those plans. Basically if they can get away with it, they will go ahead and do it.

Though ultimately it doesn’t matter who the next Prime Minister is, i do believe that the puppet masters always have their chosen person picked out long in advance. Then everything possible is done to make that choice a reality. Whether someone occasionally slips through the net, who was never meant to, i really couldn’t say. But much better to have a willing participant, than someone who later has to be handled.

I’m not sure if there will be an early election, but i have a feeling that election or not. A Tory figurehead will remain in residence for at least the next couple of years. Though i could possibly be wrong. As opinionated as i am, I’m certainly not infallible.

So who could be the next Prime Minister, for however long or short a length of time.? Could it be the former UK poison Jab king Nadim himself, whos just risen to the position of chancellor of the exchequer, or one of the other dark entities waiting there turn. I certainly believe its possible, as it would be a fitting reward for his sterling contribution towards poisoning the nation.{ Allegedly, the Fox would never say such a thing himself.} Also for obvious reasons, he would be a good woke choice.

Nadhim Zahawi was born in Bagdad in Iraq. His mother was a solicitor and his father a business man. The BBC website states that he comes from an influential family, and his grandfather was the governor of the central bank of Iraq. As such his signature appeared on their bank notes. The story go’s that they then had to flee as refugees, after falling foul of the Iraq regime. The young Jab prince seems to have set up various businesses including one to do with the Teletubbies. He has also worked for at least one oil company, and according to sources is reputed to be worth around 100 million. According to the BBC he stated that he considers himself to one of the luckiest human beings alive. To rise to where he has so quickly from such humble beginnings.

What none of the MSM sources will tell you. Is that humble background Nadhim with the influential family, was also a former chairman of the elite secret society ”le circle”. Le circle, also known as ”the circle” and ”the circle elite”. Are so secret that until relatively recently, few knew of there existence. They are thought to be connected to the Bilderbergers, and to have been set up between 1952 and 1954. Both had a specific remit, which was to act as ‘think tanks’ and to spread so called right wing ideologies around the globe. They are believed to have funded the apartheid movement in south Africa.

If i was forced to place a bet on the next PM, i would put Jeromy Hunt slightly ahead. As the Queens fifth cousin, Hunt is another well connected individual. Who would be following in the footsteps of David Cameron her fourth cousin, and Boris Johnson himself a descendent of King George the second. But as the expression go’s, ” Nothing to see here.”

Last edited 1 month ago by Urban Fox

Just checked the possible BoJo replacements, 5 of them were at the WEF young global leader programm, so it does not matter the next will be a worse puppet than BoJo was, global WEF puppet like Macron, Trudeau etc

Jeananne Crowley

Spot on pal. Vaudeville. Next step from the NWO ‘destroy the middle man’ as in politicians ’cause they won’t be needed going forward the muppets only get in the way! The masks are coming off (not the ones they want us wearing of course) thus the more anger n confusion they create the better, and we ain’t seen nothing yet. Exciting times ahead though not in an entirely good way…..

Caroline McHale

It’s all to play for now on that Chess board!
Next move, UK to rejoin the EU 😭
Did folk honestly believe that the UK would be allowed to leave the EU
The same scenario that took place in Ireland with The Lisbon Treaty IS about to unfold over the next couple of months in UK..
Giving that LITTLE illusion of IMPORTANCE back to UK citizens in VOTING, PRETENDING you really MATTER in the SAY of your Country!

What MATTERS most to me & to folk that are fully switched on here,, Is that Boris Johnson & his Government SHOULD not be allowed to resign BUT should STAND in A COURT of LAW charged with DECEPTION of LIES with a DESTRUCTION of a COUNTRY and MASS MURDER of INNOCENT PEOPLE!
But NO HOPE of this ever HAPPENING as FUCK WITS of UK(globally) people are allowing this to happen for ever more!


Someone on the local weekly market told me this afternoon that Boris had resigned and straight away I said just what you’ve said that I bet Britain will be looking to rejoin the EU.


Agreed with you Miss/Mrs Caroline McHale.

Here is my opinion there are many like it but this one is mine.

This nonsense of choosing a slave master every four years because he/she wears tie of a certain colour has got to stop. (Coining the phrase Dumbocracy)
But the masses, mask-holes and guinea pigs still believe in the farce that is identity politics aka government.
Divide and conquer via political ideology. In signo hoc vinces (in this sign we conquer) or by crown or cross we shall rule you – if people aren’t being duped by political parties then they are just as equally brainwashed or indoctrinated by religion.

This farce of crime minister Johnson resigning is just a very elaborate ruse to reinvigorate the masses interest and obsession with politics. CDC, WHO and the SAGE group sock puppets for democider Bill Gates, Great Reset and WEF honchos (Soros and Schwab) and inductees screwing the 99.99% every minute of every day, Rothschilds and Rockefellers banking cartels that play monopoly with the masses (reducing them to indentured slaves to the banks) in the global chess game where the true puppet masters go unpunished for all their wrongdoings.

All the MP’s that made millions, wasted billions and harmed countless masses (via lockdowns, the destruction of businesses, restrictions and toxic jabs) from the convid psy op (eg Track & Trace, PPE, PCR “tests”, LFTs and the MIDAZOLAM (cough Matt Hancock couch) murders of the elderly and vulnerable – Aktion T4 looks positively amateurish in comparison) why aren’t the poLIEticians being held to account for their crimes against humanity is because the system is utterly and irrevocably corrupt by design.

The UK has enough problems on a domestic level.
Plenty of children (hundreds if not thousands go missing every year take of that what you will) that are unable to afford a school meal let alone get one for free, the native homeless can’t get hotels like the asylum seekers/dinghy divers do (don’t get me started on the migrant problem thanks EU), the NHS has been sabotaged for decades (hospital closures, bed reductions on a massive scale), we have collieries that can provide energy for a century (source via Tony Gosling) but were shut down during Thatcher’s era, few if any people can buy a home as the housing market (another “legal” cartel with the construction industry and banks) is beyond inflated.
Yet, still the UK can funnel arms, ambulances and airtime for the Ukrainian/USA proxy war against Russia. Unlimited money for the agenda, effe all for the most deprived in the UK.

Typical, plenty of money for war, vaccines and MPs expenses yet the UK can’t take care of it’s own problems. Wonder if the penny has dropped for the masses?

Additionally, the MPs that voted for lockdowns (compliance testing for tyranny) should be jailed and tried for crimes against humanity but when you try to explain that to the average Joe on the street their frustrations seemed to have been quelled by Johnson’s resignation. I could be wrong as perhaps the masses may be starting to question the very nature of politics as well as the very dark side of the convid psy op. Very unlikely that will happen but one can dream. (Sorry if I sounded like the qe2)

TLDR: Bojo resigning is merely a scapegoat tactic to quell the masses ire temporarily.
VOTING never changed a damn thing as the agenda marches on behind the circus (world’s most expensive soap opera) that is the political theatre to continually fool the general public.

Identity politics will be the death of us all.

Sic semper tyrannis.


So the clown’s left the circus, who is going to be the next ringmaster? It could be the Human Cannonball Sajid Javid or Rishi Sunak the money Juggler but my money’s on the Lion Tamer Liz Truss.

Last edited 1 month ago by Abdel

Both are WEF puppet, its an illusion of choice when both serve the same master and narratives.


Absolutely spot on as always Richie. I told my MP many moons ago that BoJo was an apex owned fuckwit, and that is why he was made Prime Minister. I think she agreed, but she still voted for him as leader – although the competition was appalling – just like the so-called opposition – how could anyone for vote anyone nowadays? I certainly don’t. As I dropped him off at the train station today, I told my 16 year old son, never, ever trust a politician and don’t ever believe a word they say. Fortunately he knows this to be true already and isn’t going to be fooled by them in future. We just need the rest of the population to stop believing in the circus.

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