Brazil Variant Spreads Easier & May Evade Immune System – Scientists

Altogether now….Surprise Surprise! UK and Brazilian scientists have claimed that the new Brazilian variant, known as P1, is 1.4 to 2.2 times more transmissible than previous versions of  coronavirus circulating in Manaus, the Amazon city where it allegedly originated.

Researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Sao Paulo claimed today that it’s also able to evade between 25% and 61% of protective immunity from previous infection. The study, which must have broken the existing Guinness world record for speed of publication, has not been peer reviewed. Of course it hasn’t.

It’s horse manure masquerading as science that’s why. Shame on the UK media for reporting on it. When I worked in commercial radio, we wouldn’t have touched it. It’s another Double Whopper with onion rings, extra-large fries and a gallon of banana milkshake.

The pandemic hoax is falling apart at the seams. The Daily Mail has exposed the fact that anyone who dies of anything these days, has covid put on the death cert. Hospitals are not under any more pressure this Winter than they have been over the last five years.

The virus barely brushes the young. Ask twenty random people you meet whether they know someone who died of it or was sent to hospital to be treated for it. 19 of them will shake their heads.

The bastards rewrote Wag The Dog. That’s what they have done to us. A perverted and wholly corrupted political class, aided and abetted by a bent media, has managed to sell the country on the notion that we are at war with an invisible enemy, a deadly virus.

Yeah, deadly. So deadly that they must keep testing you to see if you have it. So deadly that 99.8 per cent of its “victims” survive it. So deadly that you’ll be in your mid-80’s if it claims you.

As I’ve said already, it’s falling apart at the seams, so here come the deadly new mutant variants and the inevitable top-up vaccines too. There is seemingly no limit to what people will swallow. We deserve what we get.

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I may have a big knob.


A late night article just gone on MailOnline, stating NHS staff could be forced to have Covid Jab. I can’t lie, I’m shitting my pants a bit more as each day arrives. This feels like a bloody nightmare 😔.


Surely that can’t happen Jo? I didn’t think they could make it mandatory. Xx


I didn’t think so either, but it seems like they’re pushing it in the same way as they’re pushing for the vaccine passports. The vaccine doesn’t stop transmission. That’s what they keep saying. So what difference does it make if individuals don’t want it. The ‘you should have it to protect others’ is just total nonsense. I feel like I’m going mad xx

Wes Baker

“So what difference does it make if individuals don’t want it.[?]” Because they think they CAN, mate. I think it’s as simple as that.


I think you’re probably right. I swear my head is going to pop off. Any day now 😩😄.


If its anything at all its winter respiratory illness so you`d have to be pretty dim to take a vaccine {experimental gene therapy} in spring/summer.


I was talking to a man from Brazil 3 or 4 weeks ago who still has family there and he told me that in Brazil there is a big battle going on between those who want to have a relaxed attitude to this, which prevailed at first, and the left who want really strict measures. I think this might be the background to this variant.


As a student of the drum set I would hope that the Brazilian variant improves my Samba and enables me to play football like Pele.


So, what these scientists are claiming is that a respiratory virus can cause Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome?

Charlie Stevenson

I wondered this. And also if it evades your immune system no vaccine can help either. Perhaps interferon?


I have a autoimmune disorder and this is bollocks. I wish people would wake up soon before this goes even further. I don’t hold out much hope though. ☹️


They won’t because they are not looking ahead: they are taking things ‘one step at a time’ as per the government’s instructions.
Over the weekend I tòld my mum that, regardless of vaccines, we would be in lockdown again in the autumn. She simply could not see it happening.


They really are getting desperate now…


They’re certainly ‘ramping up’ the pressure and stretching an already shaky narrative to the maximum.


Shakey for anyone who questions. Perfectly reasonable for everyone who doesn’t.

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