California To Pay Reparations To Descendants Of Slaves

California will today become the first state in the US to officially document the harms it committed against slaves. A specially convened taskforce will also make recommendations on how to right those historic wrongs.

According to ABC News:

California’s first-in-the-nation task force on reparations for African Americans will release a report Wednesday documenting in detail the harms perpetuated by the state and recommending steps to address those wrongs, including expanded voter registration, making it easier to hold violent police accountable and improving Black neighborhoods.

It also recommends the creation of a special office that would, in part, help African Americans descended from free or enslaved Black people in the country at the end of the 19th century document their eligibility for financial restitution.

The report, which runs 500 pages, will be the first government-commissioned study on harms against the African American community since the 1968 Kerner Commission report ordered by then-President Lyndon Johnson, task force Chair Kamilah Moore said.

“I hope that this report is used not only as an educational tool, but an organizing tool for people not only in California but across the U.S. to educate their communities,” she said, adding that the report also highlights “contributions of the African American community and how they made the United States what it is despite ongoing oppression and degradation.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation creating the task force in 2020, making California the only state to move ahead with a study and plan.

Cities and universities are taking up the cause with the Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois, becoming the first U.S. city to make reparations available to Black residents last year.

The task force voted in March to limit reparations to descendants, overruling reparations advocates who want to expand compensation to all Black people in the U.S.

The report, to be released by the state Department of Justice, marks the halfway point for the two-year task force’s work. The draft report does not provide a comprehensive reparations plan, which is due to lawmakers next year.

The report is expected to lay out how California supported slavery before it was technically abolished and oppressed Black residents through discriminatory laws and practices in education, home ownership, employment and the courts.

Slavery was/is wrong. Lynching blacks simply for existing was unimaginably evil. Denying them access to education, jobs and civil rights was terrible.

However, it could be argued that compensating the descendants of slaves is foolish and dangerous. California would in effect be criminalising its taxpayers, who I am pretty sure had nothing to do with slavery and are as repulsed by it as you and me.

The state is also impressing upon black people that they are perpetual victims of history. It gives them a ready made excuse for failure in all its forms, doesn’t it?

Isn’t that a terrible lesson to teach young black kids?

Divide and conquer never gets old, does it?





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I’ve been thinking for awhile maybe so many years humanity needs to be killer off to stop the madness it develops. Press the reset button so to speak and see what happens on the next run because this run sure is getting fkd.


Music please, Richie…


What a horrid little troll


To see the article, I need to join and the following is a tracking link as is from the link provided “?fbclid=IwAR2P1kHMGbwVO_KYj8vLMQGmNmWRj3kQcuj6LkPrz88D2WgpUHKxx1MeN7A”
It would be fair to inform others as I am doing and it might be an over sight, so I might also be providing a learning. This “fbclid” looks like it could be (Faeces Book Content Library ID).

Just saying, no offence intended, thanks.

Robert Klinck

It’s the same old formula endlessly repeated, with financial rewards dangled in front of “victims” in order to entice them into cooperating with the agenda. We have a specialist in largely fictitious “blaming and shaming” in Canada, in the person of hokey actor Justin Trudeau. Every few months he comes up with a new group whom contemporary Canadians are being held responsible for abusing decades or centuries ago. The latest one is a thousand-or-so native children who are alleged to have been killed in residential schools. The bodies were purportedly detected by ground-penetrating radar about a year ago, yet since then there have been no disinterments or forensic investigations. The police and coroners shame themselves by playing along with this divide-and-conquer (dialectical) scam. But, hey, prostitution is inherent in the modern employment system; it captures even those, like Trudeau, who imagine themselves to be above it.


Right we in Ireland want some money for the potato famine which we weren’t around for and has not affected us personally in any way.

What if someone is mixed race as a lot of people in the US are, do they compensate themselves? As I’m a mixture of Irish, English and Welsh (and a bit of something else going back a bit) I would probably have to compensate myself for the potato famine as well.

Everyone has ancestors who suffered. What about all the people who died and were injured in wars leading to poverty for them and/or their families?

Of course slavery was wrong (and it’s still happening) but the only people who should ever be compensated for anything are those directly affected. The world just gets more crazy by the day.

Urban Fox

If my great grandfather was a landowner who abused his tenants. Does that mean i should pay compensation to all the living descendants of those tenants. Because of everything that has gone wrong for them in the following decades. Perhaps descendants of the Romans, should be paying out to the descendants of persecuted Christians. Where does all this end.

Meanwhile over the last two years, the worlds population en mass has been under the worst tyranny in history. When taking into account the scale of what has happened worldwide i dont believe this is an exaggeration. This tyrannical agenda is still unfolding and has not gone away, but picking up speed daily. With those who are white ( regular, average general members of the public white), male, heterosexuals’, anti poison Jab, anti any official narrative and free thinkers. More likely to be signaled out and discriminated against than anyone else.

It matters not whether the justification is plague, pestilence, climate change, war or famine. Tyranny, fascism and slavery should never be justified for any reason.

Today i was told by a council plumber, who was sent out to investigate the flooding that several property’s have been having. That the reason they are not sending out letters in the post. Is because they have been told that everything has to be paperless to help the planet. I also received a letter recently, telling me to go online to the council website to read a letter that was on there for me. Thats the kind of madness we are all experiencing. Sending letters , to tell people to go online to read a letter. What’s this got to do with anything you pesky fox, i hear you screaming.

The reason i mention the above, is because it occurred to me, that we are being stopped from doing even the most basic of things. This whole agenda is about stopping us doing things under any pretense possible that makes our lives easier or more pleasant. Dont eat meat, dont go outdoors unless you have to, see friends or sick relatives, dont travel, fly, use your car, express ‘inappropriate views’, use your heating or washing machine even if you can afford to. And whatever you do, dont use paper. Whilst simultaneously making us do things we dont want to do, that will make our lives harder. Including covering our faces, taking fake medical tests, and injecting ourselves with poison, whilst being tracked and traced.

These self elected representatives over our lives, dont want us to have any lives. Thats the long and short of it. Regarding the depopulation agenda, i mean that in a literal sense. However there is a difference between living and having a life. For without any quality of life, without any freedom at all, what’s the point of living. This is real life, present day slavery we are all experiencing right now. It does not discriminate because of color or gender. Under the new system the plan is for us all to be slaves, and this is only the beginning.

Last edited 27 days ago by Urban Fox

Everything you say is absolutely true, I just wish more people could understand what’s happening and why.

Urban Fox

Thanks J, I’m concerned that most are on board with all this. And that the young ones who have grown up with it, just see it as normal. The article link about the WEF meeting is pretty informative. I didn’t see mention of the plans for the climate change treaty, along the exact same lines as the pandemic one. But its definitely on the agenda, the documents have been published.


I agree with most everything you say here but I have done a little thinking about slavery myself on occasion. First is, I did not ask to come to this place I am here because of others. When I first came here I was completely dependent on others because I was not able to look after myself as nobody is when being a new born baby. For the first 3 years of life I am dependent on others and it carries on to a lesser degree until at least 6 years old by which time I have been conditioned by those people and the foundation stones for my further life have been set in place. I always need to breath, eat, drink, keep warm and feel the company of others. All this makes me highly dependent and thus makes me a slave to my own life at least, are we not all born into slavery, regardless?


I have to wonder how much uptake there will be given that people will have to fully register with the state authorities to see a cent.


Dr David duke suggested that only 2% of whites owned a slave in America. I personally don’t know what the percentage was but i do believe it was lower than what most people think.

But Backs here in the UK are not indigenous. They’ve only been here since the 50s & 60s.

I’m personally sick to fucking death of hearing about “racism” “no blacks no dogs no Irish” and all the other shit.

I wouldn’t deny ethnic minorities access to healthcare, housing & jobs but I do believe that white British people should come first. We are the indigenous population after all.


Luckily arse soles like yourself are rare amongst indigenous populations in all countries all over the globe 😉

‘White British people’ 🤣🤣


We are the indigenous population and anyone who says otherwise is being intellectually dishonest.


Do you count the many Irish, Italians, Polish, Scandinavian etc half breeds living in ‘your’ country as Indigenous Joshy old bean ?


No I don’t


You better better pray your indigenous government doesn’t start another war then Joshy old bean, then declare only indigenous people like yourself can defend your country. 😂


And the black kids who don’t receive anything will riot. Just another way to get us to destroy our own zoo so the bastards can rebuild a stronger one.


Thank God for politicians who are willing to spend other people’s money to solve non-existent problems…where would we be without such virtuous paragons?

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