Cambridge Prof: “Not Good Evidence That Mask Mandates Stop Covid”

Speaking to SKY News this morning, Cambridge epidemiologist Dr. Raghib Ali said that “there’s not very good evidence” to show that mask mandates help to reduce the spread of covid-19. He told Kay Burley:

“Given the experience of Wales and Scotland who have had a mask mandate since July, actually their rates are now in fact have been higher than England throughout that period.

And Wales now has the highest rates in the UK. So unfortunately, there’s not very good evidence that making masks mandatory is gonna really, is kind of the main factor here so, I would encourage people to wear masks in those settings, but a mask mandate…I don’t really think there’s good evidence that’s gonna be the key thing here.”

He sounded very nervous and Burley moved on quickly. She said that his comments were “interesting” and then asked him for his thoughts on what we should we be doing to reduce covid cases. He said we should have the jabs, the boosters and the flu jab too.

The government’s own data clearly demonstrates that wearing a mask to prevent infection is a nonsense. Sceptics called it an arbitrary measure when the government mandated wearing masks last year. It was far more sinister than arbitrary. We know that now.

Raghib Ali was very, very careful when choosing his words in his conversation with Burley. He clearly believes that masks have no effect on transmission, but stopped short of saying just that. Maybe he felt that there would be consequences for saying it.

In any case, fair play to him for saying what he did.


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Hi, all of you lovely people on the site. refreshing to read your comments. I would like to share this, and I welcome all comments, and questions. God bless you all, may you all stay strong.


Firstly,        a sincere apology to the optimists amongst us who are now saying that the        Covid tyranny is almost over and that when just a few more sheople take        the jab our constitutional freedoms stolen from us, will be returned.
They        will not. They are merely the thin edge of the wedge, and a vehicle for a        much more sinister application will result. .
We        spoke last week of vaccine passports and now something much more alarming        has been revealed.
It        is labelled the “Trusted Digtal Identity” and the Australian government is        currently canvassing the voting public for support to allow the        legislation to be passed through parliament.
On        1 October 2021, the Hon. Stuart Robert MP, Minister for Employment,        Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business released the exposure draft        of the Trusted Digital Identity Bill and related legislative instruments        for public consultation.
The        purposes of the legislation supposedly are to:

      comment image&t=1635115129&ymreqid=f8181ee7-e3e5-0f64-1c75-580001011a00&sig=DbjNt9WpFtctk5jEkxRG3Q–~D

⦁        Enable the expansion of the Australian Government Digital Identity System,        specifically to enable greater participation by state and territory        governments and the private sector
⦁        Enshrine in law various privacy and consumer protections, so that        Australians can have confidence in the System and know that their personal        information is safe and secure. [what could go wrong?]
⦁        Establish permanent governance arrangements and a strong regulatory        regime.
All        attempts to introduce identity cards in Australia have so far failed. This        time they look to succeed.
The        World Economic Forum’s head, a Klaus Scwab, [pictured above] foretold this        scenario in a French TV interview in 2016 when he stated that these        digital platforms would finally be inserted into the human body.
As        the injected fill up hospital beds around the word the unvaccinated will        continue to be blamed for any outbreak – nevertheless, it will become        increasingly obvious to anyone with a working brain cell that it is the        experimental mRNA Gene Therapy inoculations that are causing the death and        injury.
This        is a war that seems all but lost and yet, as we keep saying, behind it all        lies the prophecy given by the Apostle John in the Bible’s book of the        Revelation – where in chapter 13 just such a system is revealed to be in        operation for the last 7 years of Gentile history.
This        is a strong, urgent and truthful message to the unbelieving that the end        of the world as we know it is upon us, and a time of fearful judgement is        about to begin and will culminate in the return of Christ to end the final        battle of Armageddon before all human flesh perishes.
It        is past time for any thinking person to delve into the Biblical prophecies        and to call out to God to save them from the wrath soon to come.

Steven James

Kenny Everett a genius presenter !.

Steven James

Morning Mr Allen ,I’m tuned in live.
Just,few bevi’s last night 🥴 play the music softly.

fab nocivelli

What? They said they were so effective that we should wear two!


You guys are going to love this one, okay my son is 13 and attends High School (not for long as we are beyond done with their bullshit). The Head Teacher sends out a blog for parents each week and this week has to be the sickening one yet, ill copy and paste the paragraph…..

Mask Challenge – Here at GHS our pupils go through 2 full boxes of single use masks per day which is both expensive and wasteful. We’d like to challenge our pupils to come to school all week with washable cloth masks instead of single use masks. A quick survey will take place every day period 2 and results collated to reveal a year group winner of the initiative.

Sickening!!!!!!!!!! My kid does not wear a mask, never has, never will, but this made my blood boil, they are going to give a prize for a child wearing their muzzle, same one all day long, up to 7 hours, with fibres been breathed in to their lungs and reducing their oxygen levels to their brains, lovely, we are so done with this School, it’s not even a School anymore, not that it was that great to begin with, it’s a covid camp for kids.

Urban Fox

Hi Layla, We haven’t spoken for a while just thought id say hello. Its beyond words really, i dont know what to say. How people are still believing in this garbage 18 months into this scam is incredible. Hope you and your children are O.K.


Hi Fox, thank you so much for your kind message, I hope you are also doing good in this mad, mad World. Your right it is absolute garbage but yet they are still blindly following what ever they are told to follow. The School didn’t really get too involved before, only passing the buck to the NHS, but now it’s going full on with the covid agenda, it’s getting very creepy. Once I read this latest mask fiasco, I knew I better get it up on here to share with you guys. 🙂

Urban Fox

I normally watch strictly come dancing every year. This year i said i wasn’t going to watch. As they were going to ban the un jabbed from competing. But as they relented, i started watching recently. I cant believe the last two weeks, they have said ‘ __ Cant be with us this week as they tested positive for covid 19, we hope they have a speedy recovery.’ I’m sat here thinking, i bet they dont even have a sniffle. They are just testing them all the time with the test not testing for a virus. As David Icke rightfully says. And yet they are presenting it, as if they are in fear for there life. Once you see it, it is utter insanity.! This has become normalized now. Basically the only way they can make any TV programs is by following the propaganda and jumping through hoops. I like the way in Australia’s Home and away, they have totally ignored covid in the storylines. As if never existed. In stark contrast to our soaps. The producers said, they are not going to cover it, as people want to watch something they can enjoy. But they have gone to extreme lengths to make the program. They have been traveling round Australia to dodge the lockdowns. And the cast has all had to live together. But to watch it, there is no difference. They are all kissing and hugging like its 1999 New years eve. I had to check, as i thought they must be old repeats. Respect i say.


Hey fox would you go on strictly if they asked you lol. take care brother.

Urban Fox

Very tempting if i was fit enough at the moment which I’m not.. Some lovely looking Fox’s on there. Would have to say no i think, as its the BBC. And wouldn’t be up for the testing.




As I don’t have a TV I used to watch just the dances on YouTube but refuse to watch any BBC propaganda anymore.


many cannot see how the testing is keeping this going. The PCR tests are a forensic test, not a diagnostic tool- this would be like going for a full exploratory surgery because a bowel cancer test kit tested positive for blood!

Urban Fox

Hi J,I know its mad. Even if any of this was genuine, which its not. When in history have people without any symptoms of anything, been forced to take tests against there will.? Or be locked up for that matter? I said this from day one. Why now, what makes this special.? The only answer is because they aren’t doing any of it on health grounds. When people realize that, it all makes sense.


Fox you are the symbol of our resistance, demonized by the scum who hunt these lovely foxes, we are all foxes now, hunted by the same scum, not took the jab ?, isolate and hunt these vermin ?, and the masses will be in full compliance, but like the fox we will survive and prosper and return to nature and live a real life.

Urban Fox

God willing, En Shala, By his hand, Etc.


Brainwashing camps is what they are, fucking despise these teachers, meant to look out for the kids ?, heart breaking what these scumbags are doing to the young, stay strong, these people will fold, they are after all cowards to a man and woman. all the best to you and your child.


All tests and studies on mask wearing in the past 40 years have shown that masks do not prevent the spread of infection but are harmful to the wearer. Governments know this perfectly well. Good for you for taking your child out of that dreadful school. Schools are no longer about education but propaganda.


Morning Gerry.
Excellent image 👍👍


I thought you might like that one Jake!


Yes. Very good that is…


tony and shair-ee getting sworn in.




Says it all that one!!


gives me nightmares that 🤢 nice image though, explains the point perfectly.


Yes Patrice. I thought it might serve as a clue to what is in the video… Apologies for causing any distress, but Gates deserves this particular accolade.


A fourteen minute video featuring Professor Dolores Cahill mentioning potential upcoming new scamdemic threats with ‘Marburg’ being but one.

At the end, she makes a quick reference to the injections as a ‘medical device’ and clearly states that graphene oxide is a constituent, something I’ve not heard her mention before, so one might be wise to take notes.. 🤔


Sky news (And Kay!) strikes again!

You couldn’t make this next one up..

You just couldn’t!!

Listen closely:



Wonder how long it will be till Sky disappear that bit of news?


Good point!

Here it is on Odysee..

There’s a good site called get video at…..

It lets you download these little gems and save them for prosperity!!


i do feel the UK is at a perilous juncture where anything could now be made law, after the amess incident you get the feeling politicians are rattled to such an extent they may agree to any law being put forward, afterall the whole passing of another 6 months of the emergency powers showed politicians are willing to abdicate any responsibility and not vote for powers.


Guess that’s the last we will hear from him.


REMINDER: NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling.

Live tonight at 17.00 hrs UK time.
Friday 22nd October.


Know he is a friend of Richies and has for the most part a good heart and intentions but he talks a load of shite, and the muppet he has on martin ( not me ) where to start with that halfwit, look mate he should stick to what he knows, not calling him shill or that but he is full of shite, nonsense.

Urban Fox

In the early days of this covid era. When face coverings were first being discussed. Wanting to be prepared i tried putting a bandana on my face. This was one of the suggestions at the time being discussed. Within only a few minutes my nose was streaming because of the irritation. I found myself touching my face as a result of this. And knew immediately that at the very least, people wearing face coverings were going to be spreading germs and filth.

Since then the evidence that has been made available, of the uselessness of masks in preventing infections, and the great harm that they do, has been overwhelming. Dr Vernon Colemans book on masks, go’s into this in great detail.

Damage includes, Hypercapnia,( to much carbon dioxide being breathed in) Hypoxia,( not enough oxygen intake) and Bacterial Pneumonia. Many dangerous results can stem from these conditions, including the growth of cancerous cells and death.

If i was able to realize this in the early days, by using my critical reasoning faculty. Something that people used to call common sense. Why can so many others still not see the truth, regarding face masks, fake vaccines and fake viruses.? It seems that the masses have become so conditioned, that they are no longer able to think rationally. Instead acting on a purely stimulus response basis. All the authorities need to do, is push the right buttons. Much like mice dropped into a maze, are conditioned to look for the cheese. Or a dog can be trained to hold out its paw for a treat. The treats being offered now being excess to a pub or concert. Or the way things are heading, the right to be able to see our loved ones or work for a living.

People need to start thinking for themselves again, and stop living in fear by having there buttons pushed. Only then can we have any chance of coming out of this living nightmare.

Stephen Hardy

I agree with you, but the vast majority of people have been so overwhelmingly brain-washed, it’s as if they are under a spell of mass hypnosis and trauma-based mind control, no doubt the intended outcome of 18 months of relentless propaganda by the lame stream media. Glad you gave Dr Vernon Coleman a mention, it’d be great to hear him back on the Richie Allen Show!

Urban Fox

Thanks Stephen, good to hear from you. Not sure if we spoke before. Yeh something has gone on there. R and V never mention each other now, it is noticeable.


The way I see it, the variants that were introduced last year to explain the slight rise in respiratory infections during lockdown, were to cover up people getting ill from wearing the masks and breathing it all that extra bacteria and other contaminants. Those people then got a dodgy test and because they were labelled with Covid wouldn’t have been prescribed antibiotics – because they are not for viral infections.
Pneumonia usually arises from untreated bacterial chest infections, and low and behold, we see an increase in hospitalisations due to pneumonia.

It doesn’t take a genius to work this out. Just a bit of independent thinking and reading.
Unfortunately, I’ve heard excuses ranging from ‘I don’t have time’ to ‘I can’t be bothered’, to ‘I see things differently’ (which meant ‘I just listen to the MSM’).
Finally, though, quite a few people that I know are starting to cotton on that something is badly wrong. But it might well be a bit late.


I’ve been through every test and study I could find from the last 40 years into mask wearing and not one of them shows that they prevent the transmission of infection. Governments know this perfectly well, the mask is about control and to have a visible symbol of a pandemic which in reality does not exist. Where I live it is total maskamania particularly among the young many of whom are now totally brainwashed sadly.


It’s a clever bit of marketing that makes people feel closer/more connected to their leaders – among other things.


“I’m not too sure about the masks but I would urge everybody to get jabbed”. Yeah, fair play to the fucker…

‘1550s, from Latin urgere “to press hard, push forward, force, drive, compel, stimulate,” perhaps [de Vaan] from a PIE root *urgh- “to tie, bind” (source also of Lithuanian veržti “tie, fasten, squeeze,” vargas “need, distress,” vergas “slave;” Old Church Slavonic vragu “enemy;” Gothic wrikan “persecute,” Old English wrecan “drive, hunt, pursue”), via a notion of “to weigh down on,” hence “to insist, impel.”‘

Says it all really.

Tim in Brazil

I carry on my mobile a list of 33 scientific papers that DO NOT support mask wearing and I offer to send it to anyone who talks to me and says “they are not sure” about whether it is OK or not to wear masks. I never wear a mask outside and only put one on if specifically asked to do so to enter commercial premises. (Twice in the last few weeks) Right now they don’t seem bothered even in supermarkets.And there is no checking by “the authorities”
Last week a girl insisted that I wear a mask. I said I didn’t have one but there was one in my car. She aksed me fetch it. On my return, there were 2 employees wearing masks and two not wearing them. Immediately the guy who was dealing with me couldn’t understand my accented Portuguese and I pulled my mask aside where it stayed fror the duration of the visit. Nobody said anything. Just stupid, ignorant, habitual insistence in the first place.
Last night I went to a restaurant with a takeaway counter. The two policeman at the counter were wearing their unforms and guns but no masks, We weren’t either. There was no mention or tension about masks. It has just gone away. Brazilians have been used to changing laws and inconvenient laws being quickly forgotten. It is part of the culture.

Mama Ibeji (Linda)

The narrative continues to be tailored to fit, thus furthering their aims – as it has been since the outset. Have the courage
of your conviction, keep your wits about you and hold the line.

Alex Romero

As an ex military man I can tell you any face covering that does not form an airtight seal around your face including eye protection is a complete waste of time and money.


I’ve worked in nursing and a little in construction. I’ve worked in machine shops and around paint sprayers. The point you make applies to all of them.

Beyond that, all people have to do is see how the professionals approach genuinely deadly infectious diseases: they wear fully enclosed suits with their own air supply.

But the irrational thinking and responses keep on coming.


Even if masks had any efficacy (which they don’t) you only have to stand for a few minutes and watch how people use them to see that any usefulness would very quickly disappear. I notice that in the leaflets we have had delivered door to door there has never been any mention of what kind of mask to use or how to use them. This is because the authorities know that they are totally useless and it doesn’t matter how people use them because they are just about control.

Ronald Templeman

I am no medical man but have said from day 1 that masks will stop nothing, they will harbour germs and make things worse for people and as most are stuffed in and out of peoples pockets they will be filthier then a public toilet seat.

Caroline Fealy

I wonder if Wales has a higher uptake of the jibba jab?
Yes fare play for saying that.
There is a video of Dr Shillary from last year going around saying mask are not effect for viruses.
They all change what they say to backup the ball that come from the gov.

Ronald Templeman

Plus the money they will pocket from big pharmer


Puppet Doctor Shillary was following his script going around discouraging masks when there was the great PPE shortage of March 2020 and the Government was getting in in the neck. Friends of the Conservative party were making a financial killing as middlemen getting supplies of this medical junk for the NHS at grossly inflated cost (anybody remember the licensee of Matt Hancock’s local pub getting a nice little earner).
The narrative then changed as it was realised the wearing of masks was a great way of upping the fear factor and keeping the sense of crises going as summer arrived, the flu season ended and cases fell. Dr Shillary was then reprogrammed with new instructions, given his 30 pieces of silver and sent back to GMTV to spread the word about how essential it was to wear a mask. The gullible public willingly sucked it all up.

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